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Objects of His Obsession ~ Video Guest Post, Review and Giveaway.

banner1Egyptology, late Victorian England, big English country estates and love among the mummies and sphinxes, I mean seriously what more could I wish for? Well, there was one more thing and that was to hear Jae talk about her book, so we asked her and……. YEAH!!!!!

Jae comes and talks about her book for us her exclusively on SSBR. So please give her a warm welcome to the SSBR house……..

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Objects of His Obsession by Jae T. Jaggart


Title: Objects of His Obsession

Author: Jae T. Jaggart

Publisher: Amazon

Released: 7th March 2014

Genre: M/M (historical)


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London, 1898
Lord Benedict Yeats has two obsessions.
One of which has a definite pulse – the seductive and beautiful Evander St John, Duke of Casterwell. A man he has a certain history with.

A man who tells Benedict that he has spent too long amongst sand and dead things. He might not be wrong. Casterwell’s world is one of sexual sophistication and games that Benedict cannot hope to match.

But when Benedict returns from working on a famous dig in Cairo, Casterwell invites him to a country house party that will change his life. An Egyptologist of growing renown, Benedict will also catalogue the famous Casterwell collection of antiquities. And almost certainly, will become one of Casterwell’s string of lovers. But will he be the one to break through that glittering fa├žade? Or will the scars of Casterwell’s dark, bloody past and his complex and fiercely deceptive private life tear them apart?

Warning: Contains two men wildly obsessed, a lust too long denied, hot m/m sex between a naive Egyptologist and one very determined duke, and absolutely no cursed tombs.

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Mark’s Review

What I love about historical novels is the whole aspect about how people managed their lives all those years ago, with all the attitudes that existed when they knew they were gay. Well, Jae gives us an account of two guys who love each other very much and the struggle they have in order to find an acceptable future for themselves in this time.

Lord Benedict Yeats is an Egyptologist and is back in the UK, invited by a friend of his from his Oxford days and the attraction is still there. When they were at Oxford it was only a fleeting encounter, more eye contact than anything else, but now Casterwell is married and Yeats spends most of his life in Egypt on digs. These two MCs are sex on legs, both attracted to each other like bees to honey, but still playing the avoidance game for the sake of propriety. Casterwell has invited Yeats under the pretense that he would like him to catalogue the Egyptian collection of artifacts amassed by his grandfather. This was a time of Howard Carter, when Tutankhamen and Egyptology was in its heyday. However, the way things were organised in the beginning was more like treasure hunting than serious archeology, but Yeats is scholarly and things are changing. When Casterwell takes Yeats alone to show him his collection, which at least beats showing him his record or stamp collection, then Yeats is cornered by Casterwell and Yeat’s suspicions about him are confirmed and he can’t believe his luck. Sex among the mummies, but gawd was it hot, hot, hot!!!! You could feel the pent up energy, libido and sex-drive these two have for each other and once they started there was no going back at least for Yeats.

I often asked myself whether these country parties back then where guests would come to stay for prolonged periods was just a smoke screen for bedroom swapping – lol! Well, here it is again, but this time Evander (Casterwell) using his power to allure Benedict (Yeats) to his bedroom. He confesses to Yeats that his wife also has a lover and affair so everything is OK. I couldn’t help but think that maybe the prudishness in those days was only on the outside and once the lights went out and the servants were in bed then the nightly wonderings begin. It certainly was the case in the Casterwell household. When these two guys get together, O.M.G. the sex is off the heat scale. I suppose if you can only get what you want once in a while then there is a lot of sexual frustration to be let off. However, Benedict doesn’t feel comfortable with the situation at all, finds himself liking Evander’s wife, Juliana, more and more and therefore feeling guiltier by the minute. The whole idea of cheating on Juliana becomes a big burden. I can so totally understand this as I don’t condone cheating of any kind myself. So what is the deal with Evander and his wife?

Well, the relationship or marriage between Evander, his wife and children becomes a real bone of contention for Benedict which almost drives them apart. But Evander is a man who once he has set his sights on something then he gets it and that includes Benedict. I could so feel the internal struggle going on in Benedict, it was excruciating. Compounded by the fact that Benedict is only trying to protect his heart from being broken in a time and age where a HEA with another man would truly not have been a possibility. However, we later find out that the marriage is somewhat one of convenience and everyone is happy with the arrangement, mutually beneficial to all concerned and relieved to say that no one had to worry about cheating on someone else. This means that Evander and Benedict can find their appropriate HEA for that day and age.

I love books where the emotions are complicated, people misreading the other’s intentions and this book definitely has this between the two MCs big style. Constantly second guessing each other, misreading the signals, unable to put emotions into words. It was a long journey for the pair of them but well worth all the effort. The sexual tension and sex between these guys is hot, OMG I was reduced to a puddle of gooey hot desire on more than one occasion. If you like a smoldering hot erotic romance with an historical background then this book will definitely be one to add to your TBR list.

Video Guest Post

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About The Author


I’m a m/m romance author with a crazy hot love of tattoos, fast cars and film. I am also a history fiend and your best friend at the table for pub trivia nights!

I write across the genre, from historical to contemporary paranormal romance featuring angels of all flavours, vampires, demons, witches and anything else that comes calling to be mixed into the brew. I’ve even thrown the occasional rock star into the mix. In fact, gotta admit, the rock stars are probably the funnest of all!

Happy reading my lovelies…

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