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Kiss A Stranger by RJ Lewis ~ New Review

kiss with a stranger

Title: Kiss A Stranger

Author: RJ lewis

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 18 2014


3.5 stars

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I loved him.
I loathed him.
I knew he had secrets.
I knew he had darkness in him.
And yet I took all of him. Accepted all his ugly the way he embraced all of mine.
But sometimes loving someone isn't enough. Sometimes it breaks you apart and moulds you into somebody else entirely.
And sometimes the person you loved the most can be the one to hurt you worst of all.
(Kiss a Stranger is a new adult/contemporary romance.
There is a whole lot of sex, and a whole lot of swearing. If that is not your cup of tea, then this is not for you.)

Lorie’s Review


What an amazing ride! I literally read this in one sitting and that never happens…. ever. I just couldn’t keep from flipping the pages. RJ Lewis has written an engrossing page-turner! Secrets, lies, truths….. how can you be sure which is which??? Secrets and lies can protect, but they can also destroy.

“Control was an illusion. None of us had it. We pretended we did, but the choices that were made were based on the circumstances we were put in. A circumstance like a stupid dare card that gave you an act to follow – an act that had its own domino effect.”

Claire and her best friend, Emily, have a deck of dare cards they created. Every month, they each choose a card and have to perform whatever is listed on the card; there’s no passing on a dare and no re-drawing of a card, you take what you draw. Claire’s card happens to read ‘Kiss A Stranger’. She chooses the attractive man sitting next to her on the train. And, wow, is he attractive. He’s the kind of attractive that makes you nervous and puts butterflies in your stomach. Claire is smitten with her mysterious stranger; he’s intelligent, interesting, and oh so sexy. She and the stranger have an interesting chat for a good portion of the train ride, the dare all but forgotten until he stands to exit the train at his stop. Claire rushes off to complete her dare right before the train doors close. With the closing of the doors, the dare is complete and he remains a stranger until an entire year later…..

“What the hell have I gotten myself into? “

But when Claire’s stranger reappears, she is not the same beautiful, flirtatious, and carefree girl he met on the train. She’s suffered a terrible tragedy that has forever changed her. The once confident and bold young woman is now broken and hiding from the world. It’s been a long time since Claire has let anyone in and maybe, just maybe, the stranger is exactly what she needs. He’s just too sexy and irresistible. Slowly, the old Claire starts to emerge. She’s the happiest she’s been in a long time, but there’s still a lot she doesn’t know about her stranger. Claire knew he had a past filled with secrets, but at his insistence she chose to be ignorant about it and not ask questions. Secrets can protect, but they can also destroy. Will the secrets her stranger harbors protect or destroy Claire?

“I feel like I’m dreaming. I feel like you’re too good to be true. Like any second someone’s going to shake me awake…”

Kiss A Stranger is a book you read for the excitement and the need to know. After that strong and ominous prologue, I was more than curious to find out who we got to that point. Something happened, and I was dying to know. I was praying it was big and interesting because after the blurb and prologue my expectations were really high.

“…just one act of betrayal will turn your lover into your enemy. And let me tell you this from the sincerest part of my rotten heart, never make Ben your enemy.”

This is one of those stories where I didn’t really think about much while I was reading. My mind was just focused on absorbing everything that happened. There was an uneasiness that camped out in the pit of my stomach until the very end. We know he has secrets, but how bad are they? Are they dangerous bad or just embarrassing bad? He appears to be a powerful man, but in what sense? He's vague and mercurial. He may be sexy and alluring but something about him screams run... as fast as you the opposite direction…now!

RJ Lewis did a great job at keeping me guessing. My feelings kept going back and forth about everything. At times, I’d believe the secrets were negligible and that I was just overthinking things – there has to be a simple and logical explanation, right? – then I’d turn the page only to be sent back to thinking the worst. Watching their relationship evolve was exciting and terrifying at the same time. It was certainly a rollercoaster ride to the truth! (Oh, aaaaaaand there are some pretty hot and sexy scenes along the way, too.)

In the end were all of my curiosities put to rest? No, not really. Does it bother me? A little. I still really enjoyed the story, but I would have liked to know more about his background to fill in some holes. The parts I’m still in the dark about don’t necessarily impact the story, but curiosity and wanting to know are just part of human nature. Was the ending predictable? Maybe, but a book doesn't always need a big surprise ending to be satisfying. I can say this book definitely surprised me, and it's certainly not what I expected from the outset. Kiss A Stranger is a sexy and exciting ride that turned in to a quick read since I was more than caught up in the anticipation and secrecy of it all.


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Author Bio

R.J. Lewis was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. She did a bit of travelling before settling down in Perth, Australia.
In her spare time her hobbies include travelling and reading. She has been writing all her life and looks forward to sharing her stories with readers who are interested in character growth and romance of the unconventional kind.
She absolutely LOVES chatting with readers. Come say hello:

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