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Running Wild by SE Jakes ~ Virtual Blog Tour with Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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WooHoo! *Does a little happy dance* We have the lovely and very talented SE Jakes with us here at SSBR as part of her Running Wild Blog tour and today it’s all about the music behind her totally fabulous and amazing new Novel, with two deliciously hot, sexy and downright dirty bad boys, Ryker and Sean.

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A Word From SE Jakes

Thanks so much to Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews for hosting me on the tour for Running Wild: Havoc Book 1. This is the start of a brand new series, with different heroes for each book and HEAs at the end of each book. Sean Rush and Ryker stole my heart a long time ago, and I’m excited for you guys to meet all of them.

Music’s obviously a big part of my process—I mean, you only have to look at the titles of most of my books to realize that. It’s almost become a game for sharp-eyed readers to notice the foreshadowing of certain songs (and upcoming titles) in each new book. And some of that is pretty unconscious on the first writing, and then I’ll reread my draft and go, ‘ohhhh.’ It’s nice that I’m still able to surprise myself.

The thing with music is that it invokes such startling sharp memories for me. That’s why I create soundtracks for each book I write—not only does it help pull me back into that certain world (especially helpful since I’m typically working on 2-3 books at a time) but because writing to music helps me turn off the editing / self-censoring part of my brain. There’s something about the pounding beat of AC/DC or the soft lull of the Dead to really make my characters (and me!) happy.

Some readers have already noticed that all the chapter headings in Running Wild are Grateful Dead song titles. Obviously, the Grateful Dead plays a big role in this book, but I didn’t list all those songs below, since you already have them. I’ve included the GD favs that I played over and over while writing Sean’s and Ryker’s book, plus the other songs that hung out with me during the writing process.

Running Wild Playlist

1. Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2

2. Box of Rain - The Grateful Dead

3. Uncle John’s Band - The Grateful Dead

4. Why Can’t This Be Love - Van Halen

5. Running on Empty - Jackson Browne

6. The Long Run - The Eagles

7. Bertha - The Grateful Dead

8. The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) - The Grateful Dead

9. Let Me Take You Home Tonight – Boston

10. You Shook Me (All Night Long) – AC/DC




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Running Wild (Havoc #1) by SE Jakes

SE Jakes Bestselling

Title ~ Running Wild

Author ~ SE Jakes

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 30th June 2014

Genre ~ M/M Romance



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Embrace the danger…

Sean Rush is an adrenaline junkie. That’s why he was in the Army, why he steals and races classic muscle cars . . . and why he can’t stay away from bad boy Ryker, a Havoc Motorcycle Club lieutenant. Fortunately, Ryker can’t seem to stay away from Sean—he’s spent the last eight months breaking into Sean’s apartment and stealing into his bed, leaving Sean physically satisfied but increasingly restless.

Sean has always avoided relationships. He likes to come and go without being controlled. And Ryker is possibly the most controlling man he’s ever known. Still, he finds that he wants more from Ryker than their silent nighttime encounters.

Then one of Sean’s thefts goes bad, and Ryker’s protective instincts kick into overdrive. He takes Sean to the Havoc compound, determined to keep him safe. But Sean’s past threatens the safety of Havoc—and everything Ryker holds dear. Worse, Ryker’s hiding secrets of his own. Soon it’s obvious that the adrenaline rush can’t keep them together anymore. But maybe love can.

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Monique’s Review

Runnong Wild Teaser

Sons of Anarchy meets Fast and Furious… SE Jakes style, meaning you get the full alpha male testosterone infused ride of your life! A high octane, adrenaline rush, emotionally and sexually charged, with strong characters, pulling on your heart strings and getting your blood racing. It’s engaging, captivating and steeped in emotion, not the kissy face kind, it’s subtle, yet raw and the sex! Oh. My. God… it’s just downright dirty, kinky and hot! Tummy tingling perfection that left me weak at the knees! What more could a girl ask for…I loved this book!

I am a huge fan of SE Jakes, and strangely enough back when I was still reading hetero romance I was also a fan of Stephanie Tyler. So no surprise to me, that when I started reading M/M romance I gravitated to SE Jakes and her Men of Honor series! Personally I feel she has grown, both within herself as an author and within the genre and Running Wild is a perfect example of that… This book has a different feel to her previous work. With only having Sean’s point of view, it’s a journey we embark on with him, it somehow felt more intimate being inside his head, trying to get a grip on his life and Ryker’s impact on what had always been his status quo. SE Jakes also makes us work for our story, the layers are peeled away slowly, picking holes in the characters psyche and drawing you in with reveals that by the end I found myself analysing in wonderment.

Of course, it would not be SE Jakes if we didn’t have strong alpha males, calm, cool and powerful with that underlying edge of bad ass that suggests ‘don’t fuck with me’ …throw in fast cars and loud bikes and… Oh.  Yes, I’m in readers heaven! …and believe me, Sean and Ryker more that fit the bill, you just can’t help but love these two men. Ryker is definitely all bad ass, a scary, intimidating biker with tattoos and piercings, and a presence that just had me all of a fluster. But there is a loving and tender side to him that belies that hard image. Sean is also a bad boy, more of the cheeky chappie kind, but beneath that easy going smile, lies a man with no fear… Only where Ryker is concerned… and with all that emotional entanglement… he’s scared shitless!

These two men are no strangers to the authorities, violence or danger. They court it, skirting on the edge between good and bad, playing with fire, but never quite getting burnt… but they’re definitely not saints! Neither are they the nefarious kind of criminals, involved in drugs, guns or human trafficking. They are men with wounded souls and a vulnerability they use to draw strength from, flawed, complex characters, broken men that don’t know their limitations. Men that have been looking but never found that one something in life… love!

Sean… I want to call him Sean and not Rush, because like Ryker, Sean is the person I see. The lost and lonely boy inside who wants to be more than the sum of his past. I could feel the war raging within him, not helped by his PSTD and the loyalties he feels for his friends that came home with him and the one they left behind. His voice is all that… cocky, self assured, confident, taking care of himself, just fine… thank you! But the undertones, what we read between the lines tells a completely different story.

His whole life Sean has been starved of love and affection… It’s replacement, the adrenaline rush from stealing cars, drag racing and living his life on the edge, seduced by the danger. The pull is like a siren he tries to resist, that is, until he finds himself in a position where that choice is taken away from him… And so begins, his fall back into the world of underground car thieves and the players and pawns within that world. Not helped in the least by his friend Nick, who I was never quite sure if I wanted to hug him or give him a kick in the shins! Throw in, MC’s, loyalties, secrets, lies, trust issues, lack of communication and yes, you guessed it, there is one unholy mess to unravel!

Sean doesn’t do romance, or commitment of any kind, neither does he do more than one night of anonymous sex, so with Ryker, his casual, non communicative, fuck and leave… should be perfect for him… yet he finds himself conflicted with Rykers contradicting gestures of fucking and romance, with the gaping void of a relationship and commitment in between. Ryker see’s Sean, knows what makes him tick, has loved him from afar, knowing that to get his man he needs to keep him wanting, give him the danger and excitement he craves, the unpredictability, manipulating their relationship in an astute way, to keep Sean interested. Creating an air of mystery, because as much as he wants to be controlled, Sean also wants to control.

For Ryker, It wasn't about control, yes, he was dominant and possessive, and Sean ate that shit up as much as it aggrieved him to admit it. What Ryker really wanted was to care for Sean, protect him and nurture the person behind the facade, to help him heal and move on from his past, forgive himself and learn to trust Ryker enough to let him in. Sean wants it all, is desperate for it, but is so afraid of the consequences, letting go of the familiarity of his past and moving into the unknown of the future.

As we see Sean’s walls slowly disappear with Ryker, he becomes lost to all the man is and what he gave him, a sense of freedom both emotionally and physically. For the first time in his life, being enveloped in Rykers arms he feels safe, it was like a comfort blanket he never realised he needed. I felt that love. It’s not sugar coated romance, but never-the-less, just as profound. Although, how Ryker can send roses and not make it soppy, well, that’s just Ryker! Big, hard, mean, tattooed biker… a man who sends roses as subliminal message in Sean’s case, yet given with the tender love and affection it’s intended. The fierce passion and down and dirty sex, well, there is absolutely nothing subliminal about that! …it was more than obvious… an erotic, carnal, hedonistic delight of pure pleasure, and it was all mine!

SE Jakes’s writing and characterisation is excellent, I just love her style and perfect blend of humour, intrigue, mystery, violence, dirty sex and not forgetting the romance. She makes me fall in love with her characters, whole heartedly, hook line and sinker… I’m a goner …and I see stars! What more could you possibly ask for from a book, it’s a gift, which to me is immeasurable, and I can’t thank her enough.


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Vipers Run (Skulls Creek #1) by Stephanie Tyler

FYI, I’m also writing a m/f MC series under the Steph Tyler name—the first book of that series, Vipers Run is out now as well. And there’s a very light crossover in that you’ll see names of MCs that are main characters in my Vipers series—namely Vipers MC, along with the Heathens. Havoc’s friendly with Vipers, not so much with Heathens (they seem to be everyone’s enemy at the moment).




The Vipers Motorcycle Club has strict rules for their brotherhood and the women who enter it. Now one Viper is about to find out how much trouble one woman can be……
Former Army Ranger Christian Cage Owens joined the Vipers Motorcycle Club for its sense of brotherhood. In return, he pledged to live outside the law, protecting club members and their families, as well as keeping other MCs out of Skulls Creek. But when Cage discovers that a rival MC—one Cage has an all too familiar past with—plans to push meth into his town, he calls an old Army buddy turned private investigator who’s helped the Vipers in the past. By doing so, Cage endangers both his friend and Calla, a woman who works in the PI’s office. Now he’s made it his mission to track Calla down and do whatever it takes to protect her.
Thanks to the phone call with Cage, Calla knows she’s formed a deep connection to a dangerous man.  She quickly discovers that although he may live by a different set of rules, Cage is an honorable man who wants to be more than her protector—if only she can accept his dangerous lifestyle.  But Calla comes to Skulls Creek with her own set of secrets…secrets that threaten to tear her and Cage—and the Vipers MC—apart.  As they put their newfound love to the ultimate test, Cage will risk everything he cares about to save her……


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Connect with SE Jakes

SE Jakes writes m/m romance. She believes in happy endings and fighting for what you want in both fiction and real life. She lives in New York with her family and most days, she can be found happily writing (in bed). No really…

You can contact her the following ways:

• You can email her at authorsejakes@gmail.com.

• You can post to her Facebook page: Facebook.com/SEJakes

• You can tweet her: Twitter.com/authorsejakes

• You can post on her Goodreads Group: Ask SE Jakes

• You can follow her Tumblr page: sejakes.tumblr.com

• You can follow her on Instagram: instagram.com/authorsejakes

• Truth be told, the best way to contact her is by email or in blog comments.

She spends most of her time writing but she loves to hear from readers!

SE Jakes is the pen-name of New York Times Bestselling author Stephanie Tyler (and half of Sydney Croft) — please go to my media kit to learn more!




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