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Road of no Return (Sex & Mayhem #1) by K.A. Merikan ~ ARC Giveaway, Excerpt & A Word from the Authors


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19th of July 2014

If you are a huge fan of bad boys, bikers, tattoos and hot dirty sex, then do we have a treat for you… K.A. Merikan are gifting an ARC of Road of no Return, the first book in the Sex & Mayhem series due for release on the 19th July. The lucky winner will receive their copy of the book on the 16th July, three days before the official release date! For your chance to win, all you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.

I’m excited about this series!

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Road of no Return (Sex & Mayhem #1)

by K.A. Merikan


Title ~ Road of no Return (Sex & Mayhem #1)

Author ~ K.A. Merikan

Publisher ~ Acerbi & Villani ltd.

Genre ~ contemporary homoerotic dark romance

Release Date ~ 19th July 2014

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--- Don’t talk to strangers. ---

Zak. Tattoo artist. Independent. Doesn’t do relationships.

Stitch. Outlaw biker. Deep in the closet. Doesn’t share his property.

On the day of Stitch’s divorce, lust personified enters the biker bar he’s celebrating at. Tattooed all over, pierced, confident, and hot as hellfire, Zak is the bone Stitch has waited for life to throw him. All Stitch wants is a sniff, a taste, a lick. What follows instead is gluttony of the most carnal sort, and nothing will ever be the same. Forced to hide his new love affair from the whole world, Stitch juggles family, club life, and crime, but it’s only a matter of time until it becomes too hard.

Zak moves to Lake Valley in search of peace and quiet, but when he puts his hand into the jaws of a Hound of Valhalla, life gets all but simple. In order to be with Stitch, Zak’s biker wet dream, he has to crawl right back into the closet. As heated as the relationship is, the secrets, the hiding, the violence, jealousy, and conservative attitudes in the town rub Zak in all the wrong ways. When pretending he doesn't know what his man does becomes impossible, Zak needs to decide if life with an outlaw biker is really what he wants.

As club life and the love affair collide, all that’s left in Zak and Stitch’s life is mayhem.

WARNING Contains adult content: a gritty storyline, sex, explicit language, violence and torture


Themes: Outlaw Motorcycle Club, organized crime, homophobia, family issues, coming out, first gay relationship, tattoo, piercing

Length:  ~ 100,000 words (Standalone novel, no cliffhanger.)


A Word from K. A. Merikan

“Road of No Return” is the first in a series of outlaw biker books. The series is called Sex & Mayhem and will include both longer and shorter stories. Most will focus on gay relationships, but we do have a straight book planned in the series that will be published under our future M/F pen name. The books in the Sex & Mayhem series will generally be standalones, tied only loosely by cameos and mentions of clubs.

We already have plans for future books which include an amputee fetishist, a male prostitute, and a biker called ‘Tooth Fairy’ for his gruesome technique of ripping out people’s teeth.

We have a snippet from a scene where Zak and Stitch are seeing each other for the second time and Zak is tattooing over a tattoo low on Stitch’s hip. By the end of the inking, things get steamy ;).






Zak could swear the guy’s dick was getting a bit of a chub, but he didn’t want to stare. “Yeah, but I’m not sure yet if I like the small-town atmosphere, you know.” He switched off his machine and rolled back on his chair to grab the sanitizer and all the other supplies he needed. “You like how it turned out?”

Stitch looked down at his hip and spread his thighs a bit wider, only triggering a sea of filthy fantasies in Zak’s mind. Oh, how he wished Stitch spread his thighs this way for a whole other reason. His mind went blank though when he sat back and got to assess the state of Stitch’s cock. It was getting all darker and was stiffening before Zak’s very eyes.

“Yeah, good,” Stitch muttered without looking up.

“See me in a month to do some touch-ups, yeah?” Zak moved like a sleepwalker, glancing at the cock as he sanitized the tattoo with gauze, and then quickly fastened the dressing with tape. His eyes zeroed on the dark head, but he stopped mid-move as blood drained from his brain, rushing to his crotch when he noticed that the gorgeous, fat prick was slowly arching up like a shy snail peeking out of its shell.

“Sorry, inking gets me horny,” Stitch muttered in the most raspy voice Zak had ever heard. It was a throat definitely used to cigarettes and alcohol, but for a short moment, Zak also imagined it could have gotten this way through a lot of deepthroating.

Zak let out a shuddery breath. Yeah, right. The guy was soft throughout the whole process, and now he was getting into the mood? He would not believe that, but he still said, “Yeah, happens to some guys. Myself included,” he rasped, surprised at the sound of his own voice. He raised his eyes to look into the deep, dark irises that seemed like twin black holes in the squarish face. The temptation was simply too great, and he started languidly sliding his gloved hand up the meaty thigh, toward its goal. “Have you considered getting it inked?”

There was a tiny twitch on Stitch’s face, followed by a deep exhale. “Considered,” he said, and Zak felt all that glorious muscle tense up under the golden skin. Stitch’s cockhead kept arching up in a never-ending demand for petting. A tiny glint of precome appeared at the dark tip. The smell of Stitch’s cologne intensified, as if luring Zak in as well.

One brief move, and he had Stitch’s dick in his hand. The warm girth left him lightheaded, with a sudden pulsating sensation in his gums and a cock so hard that the confinement of his skinny jeans was getting painful. He couldn’t feel the softness of the skin through the latex glove, but the heat was so intense it seemed to burn through. “Hurts like a bitch, but it’s worth it,” whispered Zak, breathless. So the big bad biker was into guys.

Stitch exhaled so deeply, his breath seemed to ripple through the air. “Holy fuck,” he whispered and didn’t move a muscle, as if he were glued to the seat. A drop of precome slid down the rock hard shaft and onto Zak’s hand, as if in slow motion.

Zak bit his lip, pushed forward by an unstoppable urge, a hunger that seemed to open up his throat and make his mouth salivate. He yanked the glove off his other hand with his teeth and put the now bare palm on Stitch's stomach. Pure muscle. There were some blond hairs below the navel, leading him right back to the stiffening dick. “I’d have lots of space to work with on this one.”



About K.A. Merikan

K.A. Merikan is a joint project of Kat and Agnes Merikan, who jokingly claim to share one mind. They finish each other's sentences and simultaneously come up with the same ideas. Kat and Agnes enjoy writing various kinds of stories, from light-hearted romance to thrillers. They love creating characters that are not easy to classify as good or evil, and firmly believe that even some villains deserve their happy endings. It is easiest to find them in galleries, restaurants and historical sites, always with a computer or notebook, because for Kat and Agnes, every day is a writing day. Future plans include lots of travel, and a villa on the coast of Italy or a flat in Paris where they could retire after yet another crazy venture, only to write more hot homoerotic stories.

As K.A. Merikan, Kat and Agnes have published a number of books, which cross genres while always staying homoerotic.

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More information about ongoing projects, works in progress and publishing at:




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