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My First, My Last by Lacey Silks ~ Release Day Review and Giveaway

my first my last

Title: My First, My Last

Author: Lacey Silks

Release Date: July 21, 2014

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance


3 star rating

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Fate has kept them apart for twenty years.

Their roads hadn't crossed and the stars didn't align until now...

Matured, more experienced, pierced, tattooed and hot as hell, Adrian steps back into Mia's life to reclaim his first love.

And the moment she sees him she can't even remember her own name.

Adrian Reed had always remained in Mia's heart. After all, he was her first boyfriend and the man she'd lost her virginity to, but that was twenty years ago. His sudden appearance at a bar, on a girls night out, has Mia acting like the fifteen year old girl she was when they parted.

But life now is not as simple as it was twenty years ago. With two kids, a hopeful ex-husband and new insecurities, Mia finds opening up to a new relationship more challenging.

Will she give her first love another chance, or will she push him away, this time for good?


Lisa’s Review

3 Stars

My First, My Last by Lacey Silks is a sweet tale about a second chance at love. What would happen if your first love stepped back into your life once again? Would you be willing to take a chance on something that didn’t happen the first time around?

Mia and Adrian met twenty years ago and a profound love connection developed between the pair. They were everything to one another; however, living in two separate countries and being so young were odds too hard to beat. Despite the devastation it caused, Mia and Adrian eventually went their separate ways. Now a more matured, and a whole lot sexier, Adrian has reappeared in Mia’s life and he wants another chance at love with her. Except now Mia has a failed marriage behind her and two young children. As Mia and Adrian begin to spend more time with one another they both realize that the connection they once shared is still a strong one. But life is no longer as easy and carefree as it once was and the decision to be together is not one that either of them can take lightly. Will Adrian win over Mia and convince her to take the risk? Can Mia let go of all her inhibitions and finally focus on what makes her happy? Making it work with two children in the mix as well as an ex-husband who is still very much in the picture won’t be an easy task, but; Adrian is determined to make it work with the only woman who has ever held his heart.

While I did find the premise behind this story quite intriguing and appealing, the execution of the same fell a little short for me. I found there were times where the story dragged a little bit. Perhaps the reason for this was because there was very little drama/angst, issues were quickly resolved, etc. Essentially the entirety of the story revolved around the heroine wrapping her brain around the fact that her first love was back in her life and how she had to overcome some personal obstacles in order for her to be able to have the courage to take a chance on love once again. What irked me the most about this book, and what I had the hardest time with, was the relationship between the heroine and her ex-husband. I just hated the fact that she made excuses for him and allowed him to stay in her life at such an intimate level. I mean, the guy cheated on her and that is what ended their marriage. In her shoes, the only relationship I would have with a man like that is conversations about the children. That is it. I hated how much influence he still had on Mia and her decisions. I abhorred that his feelings were even take into consideration. Mia was a wonderful mother I did understand her need to put the children first; but, did she not think that the close relationship she maintained with her ex-husband would not confuse the children? I understand that divorce can be messy, particularly when children are involved. I just did not get how Mia was so forgiving of her ex-husband’s indiscretions. I sure as heck would have not been as understanding.

All in all, My First, My Last was a tender-hearted story about being courageous enough to step out and grab hold of that first love that got away. I love stories like this. A love lost suddenly begins to burn bright once again, setting the path to a beautiful and loving happy forever.




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Stepping over the threshold, within inches of his reach, I removed my shoes and waited. He simply pulled me inside, shutting the door, and set the wine bottle and my purse aside on the hall table.

His silence buzzed through me with pleasurable tingles.

He cupped my face, tilting my head to the side. I closed my eyes, breathing in his scent. Adrian’s mouth brushed mine and my hands fell to my sides. His lips traced along the bow of my upper lip before his tongue dipped inside. I opened wider. He slowly walked backward. My foot brushed against his every few steps. Keeping my eyes closed, I followed wherever he led me until a hard surface touched my back. By this point there was nothing innocent about the way his mouth was dominating me. I heard myself moan and whimper pure lust with each breath. My hand lowered to his jeans and curved around his arousal, stroking the hard length underneath. I wasn’t sure what came over me, but I was so desperate for him, for us, I could no longer control my body. His hips pressed in as he groaned inside my mouth.

When he pulled away, his gaze bored through me with penetrating heat. If he had wanted to, he could have melted those buttons right off my dress. Adrian took me by my waist and lifted me up to the kitchen counter. His fingers slowly trailed down my nose, over my lips and chin, and then along the middle of my neck and upper swell of my breasts until he reached the buttons on my dress. My chest swelled, and all I could think about was how fast he could get this dress off me. With each passing second I found it more difficult to breathe. The fabric was restraining me as if I were locked away in a coffin.

Unfasten these damned buttons! my mind screamed, but my mouth couldn’t form a coherent sentence.

But the eager fingers from our teens now had unbelievably arousing patience and experience. Adrian undid the top button open and I looked down, following the movement of his hands.

He stole a lingering kiss again, and then flicked open one button after another, trailing a downward path until he reached the hem. Parting the fabric to the sides, he took me in, slowly scanning my body.

“You wore white the first time we made love.”

“I know.”

Everything inside me turned and twisted into knots of nerves. As he watched me, my chest tightened inside yet swelled on the outside. The heat coming off his breath and skin was too much and not enough at the same time. My cleavage and stomach were partly exposed for him, and I couldn’t help but hold my breath.

The skim of his fingers down my arms as he admired every inch of my skin sent beautiful tingles through my body. Adrian seemed in no hurry. I grasped the hem of his shirt, lifted it up and off his torso, and then pushed my dress from underneath me and moved it to the side. It fluttered to the ground, freeing my hips and legs.

And as we stared at each other, I knew that there was no one else I had ever wanted more than him. He was the soulmate I’d once lost and been lucky enough to find again. That little piece of my heart I’d locked him away in had begun expanding the moment he reappeared in my life.

Looking at him now, I couldn’t believe how much his body had changed over the past twenty years. I held my breath, admiring the marvel of a man he’d become. His naturally toned torso and sun-kissed skin mesmerized me. The tattoo weaving up his upper arm hid beyond his shoulder and all I could think about was the need for my tongue to trace those dark lines and for my lips to kiss the new patterns inked over his skin. I wanted to throw myself at his hips, wrap my legs around him, and feel him dive into me. How in the world did he have so much control? Or did he do this on purpose? It was as if he compelled me to inspect his pecs and abs and that beautiful path, sprinkled with a shadow of hair, that led beyond the buckle of his pants, just to excite me. I devoured his taut body as he leaned forward, splaying his hands against the counter at the side of my thighs. His thumbs gently brushed against my hips. The flex of his arms and that sexy way he had of focusing just on me—really, really looking at me—made me hungry for more than just baked apples.

“There, that’s much better.” He leaned in and kissed me. “Hi, Thumbelina.”



Author Bio

Author of Erotic Romance, Lacey Silks writes her stories from life experiences, dreams and fantasies. She likes a pinkish shade on a woman’s cheeks, men with large feet and sexy lingerie, especially when it’s torn off the body. Her favorite piece of clothing is a birthday suit.

When she’s not thinking about writing steamy stories, which is a rare occasion, Lacey enjoys camping and skiing with her family (not at the same time of course). She’s a happily married wife blessed with two kids who adore going to the library. She’s an early bird by nature, but loves the nightly adventures with her hubby which provide good content for her books.

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