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The Lonely Drop by Vanessa North ~ M/M Romance Group Love’s Landscapes Event.


This story was written as a part of the Goodreads M/M Romance Group's "Love’s Landscapes" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

This is a fabulous event that gives M/M readers a chance to catch up with some of their favourite authors, experience new authors, and also gives those readers that have yet to dip their toes into the genre a chance to find out why so many of us are huge fans of Gay Romance… all for free!!! AMAZING!!!

The M/M team will be following the Love’s Landscapes releases and bringing you our take on some of these fabulous gems. We would also like to thank the Goodreads M/M Romance group who organise this yearly event and those authors that give their time freely for the fans enjoyment… Free eBooks from amazing authors is a gift we are all immensely grateful for.


The Lonely Drop by Vanessa North


Title: The Lonely Drop

Author: Vanessa North

Genre: contemporary

Tags: culinary/bartenders, reunited, second chance, long distance, businessmen, masturbation, switch/versatile

Word Count:

goodreads add to

Dear Author,

Ten years ago, I turned him down.
One night stands were his norm, and not because he couldn’t have had a relationship if he’d wanted one. He could pretty much have any man he wanted. I walked away because I deserved better.
Now our paths have crossed again. He has the world at his feet. It’s a tempting thought to throw away my lifetime of ideals for a single night with him.
Do I still have the strength to walk away?
Do I even want to?
Take the story where you want it to go.
My only request is for a contemporary story with a HEA.
Thank you!
~ Pamela Su ~

Photo Description:

Two men lie naked in bed. One is on his stomach, with his head out of the frame, the other strokes a hesitant hand down his lover’s back.


Monique’s Review

Falling in love with your best friend is never easy, especially when said friend is more into one night stands than commitment. Nick believes sex should be more than that, he wants an emotional as well as physical connection and if that means he needs to cut Kevin out of his life to save his sanity, then so be it…

Ten years later and a chance meeting turns Nicks life upside down once more, when all those emotions come flooding back.

Vanessa North has delivered a book that was just fabulous, great characters, superb writing. A friends to lovers story that will grab you from the start in more ways than one, made all the more potent through their lack of communication and misunderstandings. The sexual tension had me on pins …and the act itself was scorching, throw in some angst for added frustration and a bond of love and friendship that transcends time and we have an excellent romance that will melt your heart… yes, I cried!!!



Macky’s Review

Wow! Just wow! That was a truly sublime read for me. From the very first word to the very last, I was drawn into this emotionally charged love story to the point where I was dreading it finishing. I just didn't want it to end. There were times when I wanted to shout and rail at the two of them because it was so bloody obvious to the world and his mother that they were sooooo meant to be together but like all stubborn men who choose not to look beyond the end of their noses at what’s staring them in the face, these two dance around each other in that familiar (yet in Vanessa's hands mouth-watering) push and pull routine that we get a lot in these friends to lovers stories. Although at times it was frustrating as hell, I'm mainly talking to you Nick! *sighs* It was still utterly and unashamedly delicious! Beautifully written, sensuously sexy, heartstoppingly romantic, seductively moreish, I was in freebie heaven. I would happily pay money for this and if it had been my prompt and I had been delivered this gem, I'd have been like a pig in shit...wallowing in my happy place! Thank you Vanessa, I'm honestly awed!



Tina’s Review

What if….? What if you have loved your friend your entire life and you are afraid to say anything? What if you are sure you’d ruin what you have with your best friend because of your feelings? What if you suddenly seem to loose the love of your life because you don’t have the guts to talk to him? What if…?

Even though it’s been a few days since I read Vanessa’s contribution to the Love’s Landscapes event, I write this short review smiling through my tears… The story was mesmerizing, bittersweet, intriguing, and sublime. Looooooved every single moment of the book, I just couldn't get enough!

It’s fascinating to watch how Vanessa manages to put all these feelings together in the limited space of a short story. She told me on Facebook she loves writing short length works, because it really helps her pare down and see the meat of the story she’s trying to tell. What can I say? Girl, you are a rock star!

The Lonely Drop is definitely the best short story I’ve read in a while. Highly recommended! And it’s freeeeeee!



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