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Target This by Lily White ~ New Review

target this

Title: Target This

Author: Lily White

Genre: Dark Erotica

Release Date: June 12 2014


4.5 stars rating

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I’m not sure what I was thinking that day.
It was a normal Thursday, nothing new or exciting had occurred in the morning.
I’d risen from bed, taken a shower and brushed my teeth. I’d then jumped on the 8:05 bus that ran a short distance between my house and the county library where I worked.
The ride took its usual 15 minutes before it left me standing fresh faced in front of a building of gothic construction that was my favorite place in the world.
After straightening my knee length skirt, I pushed open the door that led into the interior of the library.
It was at that moment that my world would change – impossibly and forever. It was a fateful movement of wood that collided with the shoulder of a man that would alter my very existence.
It wasn’t fear that I felt at that moment – more like the feeling of being watched. It was the feeling of knowing that danger lurks - the sensation of the hair standing on end at the back of your neck.
Looking back on a moment that happened so many months ago, I now realize that I should have listened to that feeling.
As I would later find out, the man standing in front of me referred to himself as Master Lucas…
…and I was his next target.


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Well, I do love me some dark erotica and Lily White is undeniably one of the Queens of the genre.  So be prepared – this is absolutely not a romance novel.  If you’re looking for hearts and flowers, a white knight to ride in at the eleventh hour and rescue the damsel in distress or possibly just plain old erotic romance, you won’t find it here.  What you will find is a twisted, darkly erotic and disturbing tale of lust, control, manipulation and absolute dominion.  It’s an edgy and darker walk on the wilder side of erotica.


To really excel in the field of dark erotica, a book should scare and shock the bejesus out of you while turning you on all at the same time.  Dark erotica is, undeniably, a guilty pleasure and this book is a fine example and there’s really no better way to describe it than a total mind-fuck.


target this castng


Our unfortunate heroine is Autumn Clearly, local librarian, spinster of this parish and really rather a prude.  Her life is turned upside down when Lucas Bates walks into her library.  Lucas is a renowned author of dark erotica and Autumn considers his work to be absolute filth.  She shares opinions with many I have seen about dark erotica – that it promotes rape and she is not prepared to give it a chance.  Her mind is very closed off and she’s 100% prude. 


Lucas relishes the challenge she poses and quickly sets about manipulating her into a position where she feels she has no choices left. Despite her puritanical opinions, I actually found Autumn to be really very likable and felt incredibly sorry for her as Lucas forced her into a corner she couldn’t get out of.  And she went there willingly. Lucas, who needs inspiration and a muse for his next heroine, has Autumn directly in his crosshairs and he’s like a modern day Moriarty as he moves his chess  pieces with deadly precision and forces our hapless heroine into a checkmate situation.  She now has no choice but to submit to him and kneel at his feet and call him master.


Lucas is a tour de force as a dark erotic hero, and I use that term lightly – most of the time I didn’t know whether I was jut plain terrified of him or just wanted him to take control of me in his dungeons.  He’s really rather deliciously evil and tantalisingly hot all at once and never once did I trust this man – it’s not clear, really until the final chapters, just what his end game really is but, please believe me, this man is not a romantic hero.  He’s divinely sadistic and dominant but love and romance really do not make up part of this man’s vocabulary.  He’s singular, determined and commanding – just the way a sadist dom should be.


His assistant Sarah and local Detective Adam Marx also have a big part to play in this story, and at the end of the story, you will have to make up your mind who actually is the arch-manipulator in all of this and who is actually being manipulated.  I did mention twisted, right?


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I actually got a weird kind of Salem’s Lot vibe going on when I read this – Lucas buys a big, old house in a small town.  The house has an infamous reputation amongst the locals for harbouring sex slavery dungeons in the basement in the past and Lucas moves in as a Master and starts to work his evil magic on the local girls – really rather like the vampires in Stephen King’s novel!  Bit of a bizarre observation, I know, but I definitely felt it!


Target This was a real edge of your seat read as the plot twists and turns as it takes the reader down a very dark path – I was completely enthralled and consumed as I submerged myself in Lily white’s dark world and just let the horror of the story wash over me.  It’s at once shocking and arousing – frightening yet oh so hot.  Just the way dark erotica should be.


Lily White, who as we all know has had problems with Amazon pulling her books from sale in the past, masterfully walks a fine line here between absolute non-con and dubious forced consent – I think this was magnificently done.  It’s an incredibly well crafted story which will keep you guessing as a reader – you never know quite which direction she’s going to take you in next.  You only know that it won’t be a happy one!


4.5 darkly disturbing stars


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Hands ran along the length of my body, fingers burning trails over my delicate skin. My back arched, the tips of my breasts coming alive beneath the material of my shirt. His mouth was hot and heavy pressed against my stomach, the heat of his breath against me, forcing my own air from my lungs.

“Oh God.”

My legs fall apart and his hand slides down over my panties, the muscles of my core rippling inside me, desperate to be filled. With his thumb rolling over my clit, he slips the length of his middle finger down, pushing against my opening to drench the cloth between our skin.

His head moves away from me suddenly, his formidable size moving to cover mine, his mouth hot and wet as he kisses along my neck. Every part of my body is hypersensitive to his touch, sparking and alive, the smallest brush against me sending waves of anticipation and need rolling along my spine. In a move of dominance, of ownership, his large hand grips my breast, rolling the tip between his fingers before taking it into his mouth.

“Please…” I beg. He always moves slowly, teasing my body into such a frenzied storm that every soft touch becomes unbearable. Never giving me control, never surrendering to a need as powerful as the one he builds in me, he takes his time savoring the driving bite of my desire.

My lips are overtaken, his teeth nipping at my lower lip before he fills my mouth with his taste, his kiss. Whimpers escape me as he pulls away, slowing down his attack, allowing my boiling blood to simmer once more.


A finger over my swollen lips, his mouth against my ear. “Shhhhhhh…you have no power in this. You’re exposed and susceptible to my complete control. Your hands are bound where I tied them, your mouth can be silenced anytime I wish. If I want pain, you’ll experience pain; and once I have you screaming, it’ll only be a moment before you’re once again singing my name.”


About the Author


Melissa photoLily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. Most of the time she can be found wandering around aimlessly while her mind is stuck in some twisted power play between two  characters in her head. You may recognize her in public by the confused expression, random mumbling, and occasional giggle while thinking up a scene. Lily’s favorite things in life are reading, thinking about reading, buying books for reading....and writing. Her other secret pleasure is meeting with her plot editor in public to discuss her books and watching the shocked expressions of the people around her that don’t realize she’s talking about a book. When Lily is not reading, writing, wandering or freaking out innocent bystanders, she’s sleeping.

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