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Son of a Fish by Kenzie Cade ~ Review & Giveaway


Title ~ Son of a Fish

Author ~ Kenzie Cade

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 1st June 2014

Genre ~ M/M Romance



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Sam Crowe lives a quiet life. He's a freelance journalist and sometimes fiction writer. His world is turned upside down when love lands on his doorstep—literally, while cursing up a G-rated storm. Son of a fish, indeed. Casey Sanders doesn't know whether it’s good luck or bad when he slips and falls on the icy steps of his apartment building, but the hero who comes to his rescue is worth the discomfort.
Their attraction is instant, but Sam is certain Casey's flirtation and kind words are a result of the pain medication. But Casey is persistent and won't give up until he has what he wants. And what he wants is Sam.


Macky’s Review

Son of a Fish

"Son of a fish, mother clucker, cripes on a cracker, dadgumit!"

When Sam Crowe meets Casey Sanders, he can't help laughing because Casey is cursing up a storm but the expletives are more G rated than X rated! However the reason for the cursing isn't so funny because Casey has slipped on some ice outside Sam's door and done some pretty serious damage to his ankle! He actually lives in the same building as Sam, but on the third floor, so the only option really is to try and get him into Sams apartment so they can check out what damage has been done to his ankle. What they think might be a sprain turns out to be a break so a trip to ER is on the cards, then back to Sams for some smexy TLC!

Self-effacing Sam is instantly attracted to this gorgeous guy and ditto for Casey, who (although Sam isn't his usual type normally) finds his endearing blushing rescuer adorable. We see both guys POV's as they begin to bond over the accident and we also learn about a recent sad loss in Casey's life that explains why he never uses swear words anymore, as well as a cheating ex boyfriend who's left him feeling disappointed in love, so its this that gives it the hurt/comfort background that ties it into the anthology.

Being naturally shy, Sam can't really see why someone as hot as Casey would want him so at one point there's a tiny touch of trepidation but ultimately this is what it is...a feel good, comfort read and it was short, sweet and satisfying.

'"I know where I am, Sam. I know what I'm doing," Casey whispered against his ear while wrapping an arm around Sam's waist, closing the distance between their bodies...

I really liked Sam and Casey. I felt the connection between them and that's why I think I managed to overlook just how fast their getting together was. In quickie reads it either works or doesn't but in this case I reckon Kenzie pulls it off. The tension was there and the chemistry was evident. It just boiled down to the length for me...a little longer, a little more fleshed out and this would have been 4 stars.

Of all the stories I've read from the Daily Dose 'Mended' anthology from Dreamspinner, 'Son Of A Fish' is probably the shortest one, I read it well under the hour and it was a cute, sexy read. The hurt/comfort theme isn't quite as prominent in this one, more alluded to than shown, so balancing it against the others I've read from the anthology, I have to be honest and say the emotional grab wasn't quite as strong for me, but that didn't take away the enjoyment I got from seeing two gorgeous guys get together over the course of it. It delivers what most m/m romance readers want in their romances and does it very nicely. Because of its length this was more like a taster from Kenzie Cade so I'm really looking forward to seeing what she can do when given the chance to write a longer novella or hopefully a novel because with stories this short I always want more.

A new author to keep an eye open for and I wish Kenzie loads of luck with her debut short and future career as a writer.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I hope you're happy when I tell you that I do plan on adding to Sam and Casey's story. Eventually. Hopefully soon.

    2. Yes! Great! I am looking forward to it! Thank you, Kenzie ;)

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