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Scoring Wilder by RS Grey ~ New Review

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Title: Scoring Wilder

Author: R.S. Grey

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 19th

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Lisa’s Review

4.5 “She Shoots, She Scores!” Stars

“He’s my coach. My off-limits coach. He’s like chocolate and I’m like pickles. They shouldn’t be mixed…

Unless…chocolate-covered pickles?





Once again R.S. Grey has impressed me with her writing skills! Scoring Wilder is a sweet and funny romantic tale about two individuals who decide that the forbidden is worth the risk. With a background setting in the college soccer world, this book had me sighing as much as it had me laughing out loud. Consequences be damned when it comes to scoring the hot and sexy Coach Wilder!




Nineteen-year-old Kinsley Bryant may have shit luck when it comes to the love department; however, she is one rock star of a soccer player. Now a freshman in college, Kinsley has a bright future ahead of her in the soccer world as well as a shot at trying out for the Olympics. Her life is right on track and she is focused. Nothing is going to stop her from accomplishing her goals, even the bitchy seniors who seem to have it out for her. That is until Liam Wilder walks into the picture. The tattooed bad-boy soccer star has Kinsley thinking about the forbidden, something that is throwing her way of course.




Twenty-five-year-old Liam Wilder is a walking talking ad for all that is sexy deliciousness. As a professional soccer player, he has definitely lived in the fast lane for a few years. His womanizing and bad-boy ways have caught up to him and no one will touch him with a ten foot pole for publicity ads. He has to clean up his act and a great way to do that is to help coach the ULA girls soccer team. At least this was a great idea until he meets Kinsley. With so much at stake, why does she have to be so tempting?

"In the big picture of life, Liam was a dot on the timeline, yet he was capable of wiping away everything that could have come after him."




“I’m not afraid of a little competition, Kinsley. I play to win.”

A relationship between Kinsley and Liam is strictly forbidden but that doesn’t stop the pair from sharing some sizzling hot chemistry. Their innate attraction for one another soon becomes impossible to ignore so things progress from ignoring and denying what is between them to stolen moments and the beginnings of a prohibited romance. Both Kinsley and Liam have much to lose if they are discovered. Is it worth the risk especially when their attractions turns into something more profound?

This book is a low-angst sweet and fun romance. I loved every word. Both Liam and Kinsley were highly likable characters and I loved watching how their relationship developed. They have a lot going against them diving into such an off-limits relationship especially being in the public eye due to soccer. I simply loved the fact that you have two characters who fall for one another and even though things are not easy, nothing gets to over-the-top with the conflict. No crazy bull-shit that is present in most books in the new adult genre.

This book was also genuinely funny. I loved all the banter between the characters and Ms. Grey introduces some memorable secondary characters that add to all the hilarity in the book. With this being stated, I will admit that what made this book stand out for me was Kinsley. She was such a great heroine – funny, strong, confident and a little bit quirky. I loved her! This book is written solely in Kinsley POV so we get a lot of her inner dialogue. But damn was this awesome! She had me in stiches with all the ramblings that went through that head of hers.

“Dear Mr. Klein or should I call you Calv,

It’s me again, Kinsley. Thanks so much for designing your underwear line. If you ever need a focus group for future designs, I’d like to be included. I’m a very good package inspector with excellent attention to detail. Attached you will find my list of references.”


“His hand had to be resting two inches above my shorts. This was about five inches above my vagina. So…yeah, he was basically touching my vagina.”

See what I mean? Hilarious!

All in all, Scoring Wilder was an absolutely fantastic read about finding the courage to go after what your heart desires. Taking a chance on love is not always easy; however, sometimes the risk is worth it. R.S. Grey has written another winner in my opinion!




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