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Last Line by Harper Fox ~ Re-Release Cover Reveal and Excerpt

LastLine cover final

Title: Last Line

Author: Harper Fox

Genre: M/M


John Griffin has fallen hopelessly in love. He's trying to hide it, because the man he loves is also his partner in a renegade counterterrorism agency, and John loves the job too. Michael, the most loyal of friends and partners, doesn't return John's passion. Nor that of anyone else, as far as John can see. Sexy and handsome as hell, Mike is a chained-up man, haunted by memories of a mission gone wrong during his time in Russia for MI5. Their one sexual encounter only drives them apart: Mike's guilt has left him needing a violence John isn't prepared to deliver.

Enter Anzhel Mattvei, a charismatic secret-service agent who held Mike captive in Russia and has now apparently changed sides. The psychological programming he instilled soon has Mike in sexual thraldom, fighting for possession of his will and his soul. Only John's love can call him back from the brink. The Russian war criminal Anzhel serves has hidden a nuclear device in London, and Anzhel has set Mike up to detonate it. John must find a way to help Mike overcome his programming, or millions of lives will be the price.

Harper Fox is planning to re-release Last Line once her fourth Tyack & Frayne book Kitto has been safely unleashed on the world. She's hoping to have Last Line ready for mid-to-late July. The cover has been revamped and Mark just can’t stop staring at it – LOVE IT!

Mark will be reviewing the book once it is released here on Sinfully Sexy and he can’t wait to get started, but first he’ll be getting his teeth into the fourth Tyack and Frayne book. As always we’ll keep you all informed.



“So. This guy’s credentials were how big exactly?”

Negotiating traffic on Holland Road, John shot Michael a sidelong glance of amusement. He sometimes suspected his quiet, clean-living partner not just of putting up with his off-duty ventures but trying to take an interest in them, like a parent tolerating a kid with a weird hobby. John was touched, if puzzled. “You don’t really want to know.”

“Not at all. But it takes my mind off the pileup you’re about to cause. Slow down, Griff. The Met have got the place surrounded.”

Griff. John smiled. He wasn’t sure why that soft voice scraping over the first part of his surname was such a knee melter. “Bugger the Met,” he suggested cheerfully, balancing the little Jaguar XKR deftly over chevrons and into the bus lane. The May wind was whipping his hair dry. His drop-top dream car was purring beneath him, and Mike was in the passenger seat. All was well with his world. “You know we’re London’s last line of defence.”

“Webb said it was one guy they’ve got pinned down in there, not an army.”

“Yeah, I know. Not sure why we got the call-out. This is small-time, isn’t it?”

“Webb must reckon it’s got links to something bigger. Anyway, he’s keen to bring this guy in, so… ” Michael leaned forward, stuck one arm out the passenger window, and gestured for permission for the move John was about to make anyway, a scything sweep across two lines of traffic and onto the Westway ramp. “So let’s live long enough, eh?”

That was fair enough by John. Once out on the main road, away from the keen pleasures of carving up rush-hour traffic, he was content to let the Jag settle at a comfy eighty-five. Such mornings didn’t come too often—open road and the prospect, for once, of an easy, police-assisted hunt. Usually he and Mike were hurtling into action with no other resources than their own wits and their deep-laid faith in one another. That was the point of Last Line—the freedom it granted its agents. Limitless investigative powers in return for their willingness to deny all links with government and police when things went wrong. Liberty with no safety net… A weird, heady mix, and only a handful of men could live with it.

It suited John down to the ground. He and Mike had had three years of it now, sailing through the London streets, the luck of the devil attendant on them. Serving up plausible deniability to ministers, politicians, even the MIs 5 and 6. They were the secret agents’ secret agents. Even Sir James—especially Sir James—would wash his hands of them if they screwed up. John grinned, tapping a button on the XKR’s stereo so that Sigur Rós swept from the high-end speakers, completing the effect of the joyride. He could cope with any amount of high-wire work if Mike’s hands were ready to catch him.


About The Author



Bestselling British author Harper Fox has established herself as a firm favourite with readers of M/M romance. Over the past three years, she’s delivered thirteen critically acclaimed novels, novellas and short stories, including Scrap Metal (Rainbow Awards Honourable Mention),The Salisbury Key (CAPA nominated) and Life After Joe (Band of Thebes Best LGBT Book, 2011).

Harper takes her inspiration from a wide range of British settings – wild countryside, edgy urban and most things in between – and loves to use these backdrops for stories about sexy gay men sharing passion, adventure and happy endings. She also runs her own publishing imprint, FoxTales.

Harper is enjoying life in Cornwall after her move from Northumberland, and soaking up ideas and inspiration from the wildly lovely Cornish coasts.

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Also by Harper Fox…….


Art work by Lou Harper

Under a prickly, cynical surface Lou Harper is an incorrigible romantic. Her love affair with the written word started at a tender age. There was never a time when stories weren't romping around in her head. She is currently embroiled in a ruinous romance with adjectives. In her free time Lou stalks deviant words and feral narratives.

Lou's favorite animal is the hedgehog. She likes nature, books, movies, photography, and good food. She has a temper and mood swings.

Lou has misspent most of her life in parts of Europe and the US, but is now firmly settled in Los Angeles and worships the sun. However, she thinks the ocean smells funny. Lou is a loner, a misfit, and a happy drunk.

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