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Heaven Can't Wait by Eli Easton ~ Review & Giveaway


Title ~ Heaven Can’t Wait

Author ~ Eli Easton

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Published ~ 1st June 2014



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When Brian Matheson dies at nineteen, his soul is in limbo. He has one chance to redeem himself before he’s thrown into a nasty pit. All Brian has to do is save the life of Kevin Anderson, a boy he and his friends tormented for being gay.
Kevin thought he’d finally escaped bullying. But his college roommate, Chuck, and his homophobic pals, prove him wrong. Now he can only wait for another room to open up—and try to keep his eyes off sexy, uber-straight Chuck.
Chuck is struggling to keep up the tough-guy fa├žade everyone expects, but being trapped in a dorm room with the prettiest twink he’s ever seen isn’t helping him keep his feelings hidden.
If Brian can untangle this mess, he’ll deserve his wings.

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2014 Daily Dose package "Mended".


Macky’s Review

Eli Easton88

I've read every book by Eli Easton and each one has been a 5 star read for me except one, and that was still a 4.5 so I suppose you can tell by now that I'm a huge fan! I knew from the time that I picked up 'SuperHero', the first book I ever read by Eli, that she was going to be one of those authors who just 'fits'...if you know what I mean? And I haven't been wrong up to now. So I get really excited when I know anything by her is coming out. No way does one of hers get lost in the sea of a books still waiting to be read on my kindle — when I get one, it gets read ASAP!

Heaven Can't Wait is another short from Dreamspinners Daily Dose anthology, 'Mended'. It's the third I've reviewed from the series up to now and it was a real treat! The basic plot is something I've seen before in films, TV programmes and other books so unless you've been living as a Buddhist monk for years I'm pretty sure you'll recognise the general plot:

1: Young guy dies in accident

2: Young guy arrives in 'Heaven'

3:Young guy's 'not always as good as he could have been's' life history gets weighed, measured and found slightly wanting.

4:Young guy is given chance of redemption by going back to do a good deed for another troubled soul

5:Young guy goes back, starts to see himself in a not so good light, tries hard to right some wrongs, breaks the rules he's been given, fucks it all up but in a twisty turny way ends up getting the job done.

6:Everyone gets a second chance and young guy gets his redemption plus his 'reward' in heaven, whatever form that might take.......

The End!

But what I loved so much was how Eli joined all the dots together in this. Obviously the main theme is hurt/comfort like all the rest of the stories so there's a lot of poignant and emotional aspects to the storyline but there was are also moments of humour. The sort of slightly self deprecating snarky, deadpan humour that always tickles my funny bone.

Brian, the young guy who ends up shuffling off his mortal coil,( RIP Brian) is sent back to his college where when he was alive he was one of those guys who might not have been the type to physically bully the gay guy, the dork or the geek but who wouldn't think twice about doing his bit of cruel teasing...making their lives a misery by constantly making fun of them. In an ironic twist of fate, it turns out that the object of his AND his dickhead friends constant teasing; sweet, gay, twinky Kevin (who rooms with Brian's former BFF Chuck), is actually the guy he's been sent back to help...or is he?

As for Brian..well Brian was...Brian! But I still couldn't help liking the guy, and come on who doesn't love seeing the 'bad boy' redeem himself in a fun yet tender way that gives you the warm and fuzzies. One of my favourite parts though, was watching the gentle relationship develop between poor sweet, twinky Kevin who was adoreable and macho Chuck, who was a yummy surprise in more ways than one.

'Day by day, Chuck started to open up to Kevin. And day by day Kevin inched a little closer toward a tentative friendship with the big guy. It was like worming your way into a warm sleeping bag on a frigid night—and doing it slowly enough to not wake up the grizzly bear that was sleeping next to it.'

Three loveable guys with a cast of (literally) divine characters bringing up the rear!

Sad, sweet, funny, tender and of course in the long run romantic; I smiled, laughed and yes, once again I actually cried. Proper running down the cheek tears! Sometimes I cry at things other people don't, I'm strange like that, Lol, but parts of this really got to me emotionally and I honestly wasn't really expecting it. There's also a bit of a philosophy lesson thrown in there too, in a conversation between Brian and 'Pearly Gates' Peter, that I liked because it actually raised some real, thoughtful observations, but at the same time it never really felt too somber because mixed in was that touch of banter that runs through the story that stops it from being too 'worthy'. It also ties in with an important decision that Brian has to make.....

Another story where sex scenes really aren't the main focus (not that Eli doesn't write a great one) but once again it never even crossed my mind because there's still some tangible chemistry going on, a nice touch of slow burning sexual tension and a lovely, sweet romance building up throughout the book that all mixed together culminates into a very enjoyable and satisfying little supernatural love story. Big thumbs up from me and another Eli keeper.

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About the Author

Having been, at various times and under different names, a minister’s daughter, a computer programmer, a game designer, the author of paranormal mysteries, a fan fiction writer, an organic farmer and a profound sleeper, Eli is happily embarking on yet another incarnation as a m/m romance author. 

As an avid reader of such, she is tinkled pink when an author manages to combine literary merit, vast stores of humor, melting hotness and eye-dabbing sweetness into one story.  She promises to strive to achieve most of that most of the time.  She currently lives on a farm in Pennsylvania with her husband, three bulldogs, three cows and six chickens.  All of them (except for the husband) are female, hence explaining the naked men that have taken up residence in her latest fiction writing.

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