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Closer by Sarah Greyson ~ Book Blitz and Giveaway

closer sarah greyson

Title: Closer (The Unit, #1)

Author: Sarah Greyson

Genre:  Romantic Suspense

Release Date: June 1, 2014

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The terrorists want her alive. The CIA wants her dead, and Michael just wants to love her.
Emma, an ingenious female engineer, finds a protector in an unlikely source.
Michael is a warrior, a Green Beret, fresh out of the military. He suffers from PTSD and recurrent nightmares of his five tours in Afghanistan. Something in him fundamentally changes when he meets Emma.
Emma has top-secret clearance for her work on a governmental prototype to help fight the war on terror. She has spent her entire life pursuing her career and developing her brain child labeled Project Hummingbird. She lives in her intellectually driven mind...that is, until Michael awakens something buried deep inside her: something she didn't even know existed.
Michael needs to prove to Emma that he is not who she thinks he is. He must work to win her trust and her heart. Will he be able to persuade her to trust him? Will he be able to save her from the dangers that await her? Will he win her heart?


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They had been driving for three hours when he sat up and took notice of a car following close behind them. His erect posture alerted her to danger. He started driving more aggressively, weaving in and out of traffic. She looked behind her and spotted an SUV trying to keep up with them. “What’s going on,” she asked breathlessly as she gripped the grab handle above her head.

“Hang on tight. We’re being followed. I’m gonna try and lose ‘em,” he explained.

She sat up straighter herself, turning to stare behind them. All of the sudden, the driver’s side mirror exploded as she heard a pop. “They’re shooting at us!” she screamed.

“Calm down. I will get us out of this,” he chided. If ever there was a time he needed her to trust him, it was now. He couldn’t be worried about her and this clown chasing them at the same time. “Just close your eyes,” he suggested as he overtook a Toyota and squeezed between two cars.

She couldn’t. The man was still on their tail and was gaining speed. Michael took the next exit off of I95 onto a two-lane road. The man kept up and took the same exit. “Damn it,” he exclaimed.

The SUV behind them started shooting again. This time Michael had to swerve or the bullet would have busted the rear window. “Turn off the music. I need to concentrate,” he demanded. She complied and pressed the button. Michael sped away into a small town and turned down an alley. The SUV followed. Michael wasn’t giving the car behind them any time to fire shots. He banked hard to the right and ended up on the road headed out of town. He made another quick left onto a back country road. Just when she thought they had lost the SUV, here it came again, even faster.

“Whoever this fucker is, he’s trained,” Michael commented as he barreled, white knuckled, down the road.

The SUV plowed into the right-hand corner of the Jeep causing Michael to swerve in order to keep the car on the road. The SUV rammed them again, same spot, but this time Michael lost control of the Jeep and crashed it head-on into a tree.

Michael wasted no time going for his gun. He had it out of its holster before she could even lift her head. “Stay down,” he commanded. She tried to tuck her head between her knees and curl up into a tight ball, but the airbags were in her way.

“Thank god for air bags,” she thought.

Michael took out his knife from his hip holster and slit the airbags causing them to deflate. Just then her door jerked open and a man appeared. He reached in and began pulling at her arm, but she was still safely belted into the seat. Michael raised his gun and pointed it directly at the man’s face. “Let her go,” Michael growled.

The man raised his gun and pointed it at her head. “I suggest she come with me, or I will just have to kill her here. You don’t really want to see that, do you?” he asked Michael as he reached in and undid her seatbelt. Michael kept his gun pointed at the man’s head.

“Drop your weapon, or I will shoot her,” the man demanded.

Michael couldn’t risk losing her. But if this bastard took her, how would he get her back? His car was totaled. He couldn’t follow them. He was at least five miles from the nearest town.

“Drop it,” the man mocked.

Michael found himself laying down his weapon. He got out of his Jeep and walked to the other side to see the man forcing Emma into the passenger side of a SUV. Michael mentally catalogued everything he could about the situation. The kidnapper was American, he could tell by his lack of accent and his three-piece, designer suit. Who would be after Emma besides the GIA? He forced himself to think. The CIA could be out for information; weren’t they always? That would explain the expensive suit and shoes and the standard issued GMC Terrain SUV Emma was currently being belted in to. Still, why would the CIA want her dead? She worked for the DOD. They had to know that. If he was going to go after Emma, he couldn’t call the CIA. They would tie him up in paperwork for the next year, not to mention the circumstances under which he and Emma had met. No, Michael would need help, but his own particular brand of help.

Emma stared at him as the car slowly pulled away from the crash site. Michael mouthed, “I’m coming for you. Stay safe.” When she left, she took his breath with him. He realized he had failed to protect her.

He made a mental note of the license plate, definitely government issued: Government Fleet DC2368. The man that had taken Emma no longer worked undercover, that much was clear from his plate. Someone high up the chain of the CIA wanted her. But why? What kind of information did they want? Maybe they wanted her to lead them to the GIA, but he was the only one who knew about the kidnapping. Only he and Rob he thought in disgust. He had to talk to Rob. That was his first step in finding his breath again.


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