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Burn by Callie Hart ~ New Review


Title: Burn (Blood & Roses, #3)

Author: Callie Hart

Genre:  Dark Erotic Romance

Release Date: May 23 2014


5 stars rating

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I’m not safe.
I haven’t been safe for a while now.
I ran to Zeth for protection, but Zeth is in danger himself. With Julio on one side, and the leader of the Widow Makers MC on the other, the smartest thing to do would be to run. I’ve been running long enough, though.
This is the closest I’ve come to finding my sister in two years.
I can’t back down now.
My right hand man’s being tortured in the basement.
The guy who tried to buy Sloane’s virginity is burning rubber in our direction.
My psychotic boss is on a mission to find me, and the girl I’m supposed to be keeping safe has landed herself right in the middle of all of this.
Just another breezy weekend in the Californian desert.
What could possibly go wrong in the next 48 hours?

Becs’ Review

Callie’s done it again – Burned is another thrilling addition to the thoroughly addictive Blood & roses series.  I absolutely adore this series and just can’t get enough the sexy, fucked-up badass, Zeth Mayfair.


We’re right back in the thick of it as Zeth & Sloane face up to threat of near discovery and, as Sloane plays her hand, Zeth is speechless.  A first, I think.  Not many people have the power to shock Zeth Mayfair but Sloane sure does and it’s that which makes her so special and so different to him.


The story romps along at a rip-roaring pace with more twists and turns, more shocks than you ever thought possible in a novella.  Callie sure knows how to pack in a high quality and very sexy story into a short piece that makes it feel like you’re reading a full-length novel and, by the end, this has taken a direction that I never would have guessed as more players enter the game and more hidden hands are revealed.  It’s steeped in intrigue and it’s definitely keeping me guessing from one instalment to the next,


I so love the dynamics of the relationship between Zeth and Sloane.  Not only is it sexy as hell, it’s also becoming obvious just how much Zeth has come to care for Sloane even if he can’t say the words and she is far too obstinate to see it for herself.  Both are keepin secrets that will no doubt explode in their faces like an undetonated bomb in later books in the series – can’t wait!!


Burn is fraught with danger as the stakes are raised ever higher, especially a Zeth is slowly beginning to realise just how much he has to lose as his feelings and protectiveness for Sloane reach new heights.  This is a high-octane, sexy, suspenseful and highly edgy series.  If you like romantic suspense on the darker, sexier side than this series will definitely work for you.


Highly recommended

5 stars

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  2. Fracture
  3. Burn

  4. Rebel  - coming son


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