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Sierra Cartwright ~ Secrets of the Mail Bag ~ BDSM Week at Sinfully Sexy

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We’ve got another fantastic BDSM author in the house today – please join us in welcoming Sierra Cartwright, author of the Mastered Series, to Sinfully Sexy today. 


We thought it would be fascinating to hear about the kind of fan mail that a BDSM author receives so we asked Sierra to talk a little about this to us and we’ve got a sneak peak at her upcoming novel, Crave, first in her new Bonds series, which we are eagerly anticipating and will be bringing you a release day review.


bdsm week sierra cartwright


Secrets of the Mail Bag

One of the best things about being a writer is connecting with fans, fans who sometimes become friends. And, ah, some interactions are definitely interesting!

My earliest novels were published by Harlequin/Silhouette. Even then, I had the reputation of writing books that were emotionally evocative and “spicy.”

A number of years ago, one of my neighbors, a retired woman, asked if she could read one of my books. Though I warned her it was a bit explicit, she pried it out of my hands. I told her she shouldn’t feel obligated to read it.

But her knock on my door a couple of days later took me aback.

“I read your book.”

I never ask if someone liked one of my books. If they didn’t, I don’t want to put them in an awkward spot. And if they hated it and tell me so, well, that’s hard to take, too. (And I don’t always have a margarita handy to drown the tears.)

So, unsure what to say, I stood there, mouth open, nothing coming out.

She says, “Been there. Done that.”

Well you go, Joan!

Mostly, my interaction with readers is astoundingly positive, and most times unbelievably honest, often emotional. I’m honored by those e-mails and private messages.

People are willing to open themselves and be vulnerable, and I am always touched. One of my new friends told me about the loss of her Dom/lover/husband. She said she found solace in my heroes. You can bet I cried along with her.

I’ve had discussions about the lifestyle and about relationship issues. I’m sometimes asked for advice on how to approach things, and some interesting discussions have ensued on my Facebook page.

And it’s cool when I hear from men, too. One of my favorite couples read to each other, and they tell me about some of their experiences. It’s beyond fabulous to connect like that.

Then there’s the fun, lighthearted side. I hear about people’s pets and their antics. I received a number of cool notes after Mastered: Over The Line came out. The hero had a pet goat named Chewie. Chewie was quite the character in his own rights. And so readers shared stories about the funny things their pets do. Even better? I got to see pet pictures!

And then there are the thank you notes, like the one from my CPA. No, not because I am a client, but because his wife read one of my books and he was the lucky recipient of a…hmm…how shall I say this delicately…an adventurous, amorous evening.

Catch this, some people even send cards! I received a holiday card from overseas with a pen in it. And, zow, the Cadbury stash at Easter was sinful and delightful. (All things should be.) I have even been the lucky recipient of a Monkey Bread recipe. Oh. The incessant Red Solo Cup posting on my Facebook is a hoot, and so is the “innocent” fan who posts it. The “lime in the coconut” song cheered me one day.

No matter how one of my books touches someone, I’m thrilled when they take time from their busy lives to reach out. I print out notes. I keep every card. I value them and the men and women who write them (especially the ones I can’t shock!). I love to laugh with my fans, I cherish when we cry together.

And the writers of these notes become dear to my heart. Honestly, some of them have become an intrinsic part of my life.

If I haven’t heard from you, I’d love to connect. Come sit down and tell me about you.

XXOO Sierra

Coming Soon………

We’re very much looking forward to Sierra’s upcoming new Bonds series, kicking off with the release of Crave on May 30th.  We’ve read Sierra’s books before and we know that they’re supernova HOT so we can’t wait for this one and we’ll be bringing you a release day review.  Add it to your TBR right now!


Title: Crave (Bonds, #1)

Author: Sierra Cartwright

Genre: BDSM Romance

Release Date: May 30 2014

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She still craved him… The sight of a collar in her boyfriend’s drawer had stunned Sarah. Panicking, she had fled. But no other man has ever been his equal.

Two years ago, the woman he’d hoped to collar and marry disappeared. So Reece McRae is stunned to find his former girlfriend on her knees, behaving as the submissive he’d always wanted.

Is it too late? He should refuse her, but an undeniable sexual attraction consumes him.
Sarah had been under Reece’s spell from the moment she met him. When she found a steel collar in his drawer, she panicked. The idea of a lifetime of his relentless demands, sensual and otherwise, suffocated her.

In the years they’ve been apart, she hasn’t met his equal. Now, convinced one last night will vanquish his memory, she sets out to seduce him.

The Reece she returns to is even more determined to have his way. Is she now strong enough, brave enough, to surrender to his love?


About Sierra

Sierra Cartwright is the international best-selling author of the Mastered series from Totally Bound Publishing.

Her recent release, Over the Line was named Best Book of the Year by BDSM Book Reviews.

The UK’s Daily Mail says Cartwright is “Even racier than 50 Shades.” The Amazon Kindle UK #1 bestselling author hails from Manchester, England though she was raised in the US and now calls Texas “home.” She is the acclaimed author of more than twenty erotic romance novels, including the bestselling Mastered series from Total-E-Bound Publishing.

She was previously published with Harlequin/Silhouette under a different pseudonym, and won numerous awards as well as a coveted spot on the USA Today bestseller list.

Sierra has been interviewed by, the Daily Mail, USA Today, Female First UK, Marie Claire Brazil, and she did a segment for the Orlando Fox affiliate with Chase Cain.

She is a multiple CAPA-nominated author. | |




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