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Maybe Matt’s Miracle by Tammy Falkner ~ New Review

maybe matt's miracle

Title: Maybe Matt’s Miracle (Reed Brothers, #4)

Author: Tammy Falkner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 1 2014


4.5 stars

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What he needed was a miracle…

Matthew Reed has seen his share of problems. But he’s a Reed and Reeds can overcome anything. Matt is content working in his family’s tattoo parlor with his brothers surrounding him. The only thing he’s lacking is the ability to have a family of his own. Then his battle with cancer leads him to meet a woman who just might need him as much as he needs her.

She didn’t need anything...

Skylar Morgan is happy. She has a boyfriend. Sure, he doesn’t make her heart pound faster and he really doesn’t support her when she needs it. But she doesn’t need much. Does she? She’s happy to be self-sufficient and she’s happy that she doesn’t have a tremendous amount of responsibility. She’s educated, has a great job, and she has enough money for a lifetime. But what she lacks, she doesn’t even realize until she meets him. And them. The ones who change her life forever.

Lisa’s Review

4.5 “Life Is Too Short To Waste” Stars

“You in love with me yet?” ~Matt


Maybe Matt’s Miracle is book four in Tammy Falkner’s The Reed Brothers series. I love this series and have fallen hard for the sexy Reed Brothers. With Logan and Pete living their happy forever with the women they love, it is time to see Matt finally get his turn at taking a chance on a forever kind of love. Filled with sweetness and tender-hearted moments, this book sure did not disappoint. I loved it!


Matthew Reed has had to endure the fight of his life. With his brothers at his side, he was one of the lucky ones that has beaten cancer. Matt also knows and understands the pain of betrayal and losing someone you love. The only woman he has ever loved abandoned him for his best friend during his greatest time of need. When fate leads him to a woman who just may have everything he could ever want, Matt is determined to not waste any time and go after his heart’s desire. Life is fragile and Matt doesn’t want to waste a second of it.


Skylar Morgan’s life has been turned inside-out. Giving into her father’s desperate pleading, she suddenly finds herself becoming a mother to Seth (sixteen), Joey (five) and Mellie (3), her deceased’s half-sister’s children. Skylar doesn’t know the first thing about motherhood, but upon meeting her sister’s children, she can help but fall in love with them. She wants to do right by the three who have just lost their entire world. Matt comes into her life as a knight-in-shining-armor, wanting to help her with the children. After all, their mother was a friend to Matt and someone who was not as lucky as him when it came to the fight against cancer. Skylar slowly begins to realize that she may have been living a soemwhat happy existence but Matt and the children are providing her with something she never even knew she was missing...a sense of family and acceptance.

“I’m going to make you fall in love with me,” I warn.

As Matt and Skylar begin to spend some time together, their connection and bond only grows stronger. They are exactly what the other needs. Matt is a determined man when it comes to his pursuit of Skylar. He is a man on a mission, determined to make her fall in love with him. Can Skylar let go of her skewed views about herself and family and allow Matt in completely? Will Matt’s dreams of having his own family finally come true?

Like all the books in this series, Maybe Matt’s Miracle is sugary sweet with a huge dollop of gushy moments. Is it a little over-the-top? Perhaps. But, I sure love being transported into a love story that is nothing but sweetness and sunshine. Sometimes it is nice to read a book with little to no angst where you simply want to see the hero and heroine fall in love and proceed to dance with the unicorns in the rainbows all the way into a happily ever after. It also helps that Ms. Falkner adds in some seriously sexy moments between Matt and Skylar that will leave you fanning your girlie parts.

All in all, this book is a wonderful addition to this series. One of the best things about this series is simply seeing how much love the Reed brothers have for one another and how they embody a true sense of family. Their banter and antics make them these seriously hot and lovable band of brothers that you will fall in love with more and more with each book. I am highly anticipating Paul’s book which is up next. I am sure he will have his hands full. I can’t wait to see if any of the boys will ge their chance to ask Paul is he used a condom. LOL! ;)


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About The Author

Tammy Falkner lives on a farm in a lovely, sprawling little town in rural NC with her beekeeper husband and a house full of boys, a few dogs, and a cat or two (or five – who has time to count?). As half of the Lydia Dare team, she has co-written ten books, including the Westfield Wolves series and the Gentlemen Vampyre series. A huge fan of Regency England, she often wonders what other kinds of magical, mythical and strange creatures might live and interact within the ton. Exploring the theory that the fae can walk between Regency England and their own land, Tammy spends as much time as possible with the lords and ladies of society, horse-drawn carriages, and elegant balls. Now add to that some faeries, a little murder, a bit of mayhem, and a troublesome garden gnome, and you have her exciting new series. She hopes you enjoys her world as much as she does.

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