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Cherise Sinclair ~ A Good Dom Is Hard To Find ~ BDSM Week at Sinfully Sexy

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Today, it’s our very great pleasure to welcome the one and only Cherise Sinclair to Sinfully Sexy as part of our BDSM Week.  Cherise is the author of the highly popular Shadowlands and Doms of Dark Haven BDSM romance series.  We asked Cherise to expand on  ‘A Good Dom Is Hard To Find’ and she went above and beyond the call of duty and wrote a fantastic short story starring our very own Lisa who is fangirling hugely at this prospect!


We’re also looking ahead to her next novel from her Doms of Dark Haven series, Edge of the Enforcer with a sneak peak and, of course, a giveaway. Watch out for a release day review! So read own my Lovelies and enjoy!

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A Good Dom Is Hard To Find

I was asked to write about the truism that a good Dom is hard to find. And, being a storyteller, I somehow morphed my article into a tale...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
All Lisa wanted was to find the perfect Dom—a gorgeous, super-alpha of a Dom. Not that she was picky or anything.
As she moved through the BDSM club, she had a few misgivings. She’d already experienced the difficulties just weeding through normal—vanilla—men. After all, she had a few standards. She didn’t want the neighborhood serial killer. Or some man who still lived with his mother because, “Hey, she does my laundry. Why should I move out? Or the man divorced four years ago who started every sentence with, “My ex, the bitch, used to…”
Yes, the Dom she found would have to be a good man as well as superbly dominant.
She’d just have a search hard. Smiling, she sidestepped two men holding hands, then a man kneeling in front of a Domme. The volunteer DJ had jacked the grinding metal of Rammstein up to the almost-too-loud-to-speak point, and the bass high enough to impact her bones. Even so, the sounds of the floggers and paddles were still quite clear. A shiver ran through her.
Maybe she’d even get to do a scene tonight…
She was prepared. She’d read up on BDSM, attended the local group’s munches (the meet-and-greet in a public place), and taken the beginning classes. This was her very first club night.
“Hey, you’re new here.”
Lisa whirled, and her eyes widened. The Dom was tall, dark, and seriously hot. Oh yeah, she’d found the perfect Dom with her very first guy. “Hi.”
“Kneel. Now.”
Her mouth dropped open. “Uh…” Whatever happened to exchanging names? Negotiations. Small talk?
He didn’t even notice her shock as he stared at her corset-enhanced cleavage.
Uneasiness awoke. “Excuse me for a minute.”
“I said—“
She hurried away, heading straight for the font of all knowledge—as the women’s restroom. Once inside, she nodded at the two women freshening their makeup at the sinks. Thank goodness—these two had been part of the welcoming group at the munches. “Hi. Do either of you know that tall gorgeous Dom who wears a whip on his belt?”
Gretchen rolled her eyes. “Oh, girl, stay away from him. He won that fancy whip at a Christmas drawing—probably never had it off his belt. He just pretends to be a Dom so he can get an easy fuck with the wide-eyed beginners.”
Lisa sighed. Scratch one hot, whip-laden Dom. “’Kay. Thank you.” She eased out of the restroom and worked her way to the far side of the room, past a wax scene where the submissive was squeaking with every hot drop. Her Dom was humming with the music in-between low reassurances.
“Hey, you’re new here.”
Lisa turned and her smile brightened. The man was just the right age, and his leather shirt and pants molded a nice, lean body. He had an experienced manner with that powerful aura that all her romances mentioned. Her heart rate increased. She leaned against the wall, trying to appear casual. “I am new. Have you been a member very long?”
Conversating ensued.
He was charming, definitely. And smart. And… “Yes, I’m looking for someone,” he told her. “I had to uncollar one of my slaves last week, so I’m looking for a new one. You’re a nice age. Look strong.”
One of his slaves? Wait… “What exactly are you looking for?” she asked carefully.
Apparently, Master All-in-Leather had two slaves at home and wanted a third. He started to run through some of his rules: kneel at the front door when he was due home, keep his house spotless, certain days were allotted to each woman for bedtime…
Breaking into his spiel, Lisa shook her head and wished him much success in his endeavors. Don’t run. Walk away with dignity. She stopped to breathe for a moment. A slave. Soooo not her kink. Some people liked being slaves, but her? She totally wanted to be able to pick up her marbles and leave the game when she wanted to.
Once composed, she looked around and spotted a man who’d raise any girl’s temperature. Tanned. Chiseled features. Broad shoulders. His black skin-tight vinyl shirt showed off every rippling muscle. And he was smiling at her…or…she glanced over her shoulder. No, he was smiling at the cute guy behind her.
She started walking around the room. A St. Andrew’s cross had a lightweight flogging going on. The middle of the room held a mat for rough takedowns. At the corner, she stopped to see what the small group was observing. A needle play scene on a bondage table. Owie.
A massive Dom with shoulder-length blond hair moved aside for her. Muscles in his arms caught the light. He looked her up and down, his gaze lingering on her bare shoulders and arms. He smiled.
A quiver worked outward from her core. “Uh. Hi.”
He held his hand out. “I’m Bennett. Good to meet you.” His gaze drifted to the bondage table, then her. “I see you’re interested in needles. Happens that I could use someone to help with a demo—but I don’t need a lightweight. How do you feel about blood play?”
Muffling her first inclination—run!—she shook her head. “Sorry. I’m…no, thank you. But I hope you find someone.”
She was still backing when she bumped into someone. Spinning, she finished off her I’m-a-klutz show, hit his drink, and gave the guy a nice wet blotch on his black T-shirt. She closed her eyes, humiliated. What a crummy evening. She’d come with such high hopes and…nothing.
“It’s only a drink, sweetheart.” The man smiled reassuringly. “Not worth tears.”
She gave him a careful look, and didn’t it just figure? The nicest person in the place was only an inch taller than she was. And he had a few muscles, but nothing like those of the whip-carrying hunk or the sadist. “Thanks. And I’m sorry about your shirt.” She patted her pocket where she had her locker key. Time to quit. Trying to conceal her unhappiness, she met his eyes.
And realized he was actually looking at…her. Not at her body, not at her potential service, not at her intact skin, but her.
“I’m Garrett. I must say, you’re looking a bit frazzled. Want to sit over there and talk about it?” He held his hand out.
When she gave him her fingers, his grip was warm and firm.
And so it began…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
My dears, the world is loaded with gorgeous Doms. Pushy Doms. Demanding Doms. At the end of the day, remember that the one you want to be with is the one who sees you. Who takes the time to know you, who you are, what you want. Who will give you time to know him.
And if he’s the right one? At some point in the future, it will dawn on you—he’s absolutely the most gorgeous Dom in the room.
Thanks to Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews for inviting me here today! And thank you, Lisa, for letting me use you as a victim…uh, volunteer…in this scenario. It’s been a pleasure!

Coming Soon…………..

edge of the enforcer

Title: Edge of the Enforcer (Doms of Dark Haven, #4)

Author: Cherise Sinclair

Genre: BDSM Romance

Release Date: May 13 2014

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One sadist. One submissive
One extraordinary love

and may all your darkest wishes come true

Fleeing false murder charges, Lindsey lands in San Francisco. There she builds a satisfying life until, in the notorious Dark Haven BDSM club, she encounters deVries. Moth, meet flame.

A security specialist and occasional mercenary, deVries needs an adorable submissive like a knife to the gut. Hell, she’s not even a masochist. But here she is, all big brown eyes and sweet body and sassy mouth. Loyal. Tough-minded. Honest.

Or maybe not, considering her ID is forged. If she thinks to lie to him, she’ll learn better. He’s the Enforcer of Dark Haven—his discipline is absolute, his punishments harsh, and his heart untouched…until now.




Tilting her head, Lindsey studied deVries as he cleaned his equipment and stowed it away. His hair was military short, his face lean with a strong jaw and well-formed hard lips. A frown line showed between his eyebrows. No laugh lines; he didn’t often smile. He wasn’t quite as tall as Xavier, but God, his broad shoulders and muscular chest under a black T-shirt made saliva pool in her mouth.
And the way he walked was simply deadly…as if it wouldn’t bother him at all to turn someone into a pile of bones and blood. Knowing how much deVries enjoyed dispensing pain, Xavier often asked him to administer punishment to unruly submissives—who’d nicknamed him the Enforcer.
Lindsey bit her lip. Why the hell did she have to be attracted to a sadist?
Now he was done with the heavy scene, what would he do? She felt a smidgen of pity as she watched him pack his toy bag, leaving the submissive tied to the table for Rock to enjoy. No one was there for deVries.
However, though most of the observers had left, several still waited, attention focused so intently on deVries they reminded her of sheep at feeding time. As he slung his bag over his shoulder and picked up his wand case, the submissives—male and female—went to their knees. Offering themselves. In the very front was HurtMe—one of the masochists he often played with. When the blond touched his forehead to the ground, Lindsey snorted. Obviously deVries would have no problem scratching his itch after a scene.
She started to leave and paused, wondering who he’d choose. Sub gossip hadn’t made mention of a favorite, which might simply mean the Enforcer was exceedingly private in who he was screwing.
At least, since she wasn’t kneeling, he wouldn’t think she was one of the applicants for his favor. She couldn’t take another insult.
When he assessed the offerings indifferently, her mood lightened. It was reassuring to know she wasn’t the only sub he’d ever rejected.
Without picking anyone, he headed for the stairs. As he neared Lindsey, she caught his tantalizing scent, wild and musky with a hint of clean masculine sweat.
He stopped in front of her. His gaze was hotter than a Texas summer sun as it swept over her feline costume—cat ears, furry bra, and leopard-fur boy shorts. Violence lurked in his eyes.
And the growl in his voice was unyielding. “Changed my mind. I could use some sweet wildcat pussy, and you’re up. I’m calling in my debt.”
“Wh-what?” The explosion of air from her lungs made his lips tilt…slightly. She shook off the disbelief. “You said no.”
“I said when I wanted. Choose—do I fuck you here or at your house?”
Oh my effing God. Only a sneaky weasel-dog like him would pull such a stunt. She’d hankered after him forever, and yet the thought of being with him dried the spit in her mouth.
She jerked her gaze from his intent one and saw Sir Ethan behind him. Watching. As a dungeon monitor, he could tell deVries to go jump in a lake. He lifted one eyebrow.
But…she’d participated in the games last summer. And lost. There hadn’t been any time limit on collecting the prize.
DeVries stood silently, letting her think. His gray-green eyes showed no expression.
Under Dark Haven’s rules, she could safeword if she was really scared…only it would be a cheat. She wasn’t past her limit. He hadn’t done anything yet. But under his hard gaze, she sure felt like a newborn calf trapped by a wolf.
She shook her head at Sir Ethan and said to deVries, “Fine.”
Heavens. Let him take her here—where all those submissives would watch? Uh-uh. Home? Unease made her bite her lip. What could he learn about her there? Not much, actually. Thank goodness it wasn’t really her place. “Home.”
He looked a little surprised, then nodded.
Aw heck, she was going to have sex with the Enforcer. Maybe it was only for an hour or so, but…he wants me. A thrill shot through her and made her quiver.
And lit his eyes with amusement.


About Cherise

Authors often say their characters argue with them. Unfortunately, since Cherise Sinclair’s heroes are Doms, she never, ever wins.

A USA Today Bestselling Author, she’s renowned for writing heart-wrenching romances with laugh-out-loud dialogue, devastating Dominants, and absolutely sizzling sex. And did I mention the BDSM? Her awards include a National Leather Award, Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice nomination, and Best Author of the Year from the Goodreads BDSM group.

Fledglings having flown the nest, Cherise, her beloved husband, and one fussy feline are experimenting with apartment living. Suffering from gardening withdrawals, Cherise is filling their tiny, tiny balcony with plants. And more plants.

Her next book, Edge of the Enforcer, in the popular Dark Haven series, releases on May 13, 2014.

Search out Cherise in the following places:


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