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Blurred Lines by Jennifer K Brand ~ Release Day Review and Giveaway

Blurred Lines Front Cover

Title: Blurred Lines

Author: Jennifer K Brand

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: May 28, 2014

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The moment I met Davide Valenti, I wanted him.

He was alluring in the kind of way that makes good girls like me want to break all the rules.
So I did. I broke my rules for him, and in turn, he gave me what I craved.

Hearts and Flowers.

Yet I wanted more. I wanted to know him, claim him the same way he had claimed me. But you can't claim that which doesn't exist. A mirage. A man who showed me one face while showing the world another. A complicated man. A dangerous man.

Now I'm caught up in his world. Trapped under all that is dark and dangerous. From hearts and flowers to guns and knives.

I want out. But I fear it's too late.




Lisa’s Review


3.5 “Blurry” Stars!


Blurred Lines by Jennifer K. Brand is a suspense-filled and action-packed romance that held my attention from beginning to end. Filled with intrigued and a passionate romance, this book was a wonderful debut novel.

Lori Brinkley is a twenty-six year old up and coming lawyer for the New York law firm Miller and Miller Advocates. When a high profile and wealthy client rewards his legal team with a week-long vacation in Barcelona, Spain, Lori is among the lucky few that get to spend a few days basking in the Spanish sun. There she meets a gorgeous hotel owner, Davide Valenti, and is immediately drawn to him. His charming mannerisms and his intense focus on her have Lori breaking all her own rules and whole-heartedly pursuing a short-lived but sex-filled fervent romance. Even after only spending a few days with Davide, Lori knows she wants so much more but when Davide clearly draws the lines in the sand and adamantly states that what they shared was only a vacation fling, Lori returns to New York a little heart-broken.

Unable to forget the man who gave her all she craved, Lori returns to Barcelona to look for Davide and perhaps pick up where they left off. She soon discovers that the Davide she met was all a fa├žade and Lori is thrust into a dark and treacherous world that she did not see coming altering her life irrevocably. Davide is a complicated and dangerous man who lives outside the confines of the law. Lori should have stayed away. But, she didn’t. Lori is not the only one who was impacted by the few days in Barcelona. Davide has never been able to forget the beautiful American woman who broke through his cold demeanor and his hardened heart. He sent her away with no hope of a future between them for her protection. By coming back to Barcelona to find him, Lori has placed herself right in the middle of a pack of wolves. Can Davide save her? Is what they shared enough for him to chance all that he is working towards?

The suspense and the intrigue are very well done in this book. There is a lot going on and a lot of players to take into account but this author does a wonderful job of setting the stage, keeping her reader on the edge and throwing in some twists and turns that kept things interesting. There are quite a number of action-packed scenes, particularly nearing the end. I couldn’t read fast enough to find out what was going to happen.

While I did truly enjoy reading this book, there were a few things that prevented me from giving a higher rating. The romance in the book fell a little short for me for a few reasons. For one, the few days that Davide and Lori spend in Barcelona are lovely, romantic and sensual; but, I just did not feel a strong connection between the pair particularly given the fact that Davide was willing to let Lori go. And, the fact that Lori returned to Barcelona for Davide. I did not get it. I kept wondering how a level-headed and smart heroine like Lori could jump into the situations that she found herself in. Matters get even worse when Lori is immersed in Davide’s dangerous illegal world. He is not exactly very nice to her, nor is he happy to see her. It simply seemed like Lori was a sucker for punishment and I did not understand why. It is not like Davide proved himself worthy of such loyalty on Lori’s part, at least not at the beginning. Yes, I did fall head over heels for Davide by the end but, admittedly, it did take me a while. I simply did not get how Lori could feel so strongly for someone who really gave her nothing in return except some really great orgasms. This is just my opinion though. As the storyline progresses I did begin to buy into the believability of their relationship. But, like my feelings for Davide, it did take me a while.

All in all, Blurred Lines is a great read for all romantic suspense lovers. With the odds stacked up against them, can Lori and Davide give into their deepest desires and make what they have together a reality? Read the book and find out.


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Excerpt One - Davide

When he got home, he headed straight to the bar for the whiskey. He downed a shot in one go and poured a second one. He’d thought long and hard on the drive home and he had to try to get her out of this. She was right, he’d regret not doing anything to help her. So he’d try. As much as he could without exposing himself that is.

He went to his room, gearing up for what he was about to do. This would not be pretty.

Picking up the unregistered, untraceable cellphone he kept hidden, he dialed the number he’d used so rarely in the past two years. He knew the person on the opposite end would pick up immediately. He only called in case of emergencies and for some reason this seemed like one.

“It’s me. Got a favor to ask.”

“I’m listening.” The calm voice on the other end said.

Davide had called this number only twice in two years, and both times had been for emergencies of unimaginable proportions. Both times people had died. Yet the voice picked up with the same calm tone. It was downright unnerving.

“There’s a girl…” he started but was interrupted by harsh laughter.

“You’ve got to be kidding me! You’ve called me because of a girl? This better be good.” The voice said. And yet still, that unnerving calmness of a person whose time was rarely wasted, and those who tried, died for it.

“I met her at The Q about a year ago. She’s back”

“I know you’d never waste my time to tell me you’re about to fuck, so get on with it. What does the girl know?”

“She doesn’t know anything… but me.”

“Ok, I still don’t see the problem.”

“Hector has her.” Davide finished the remaining whiskey as the voice on the other end drew in a harsh breath.

“Tell me this, and spare no details, why would Hector be interested in a girl you fucked a year ago?”

“I never said…”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. You wouldn’t mention a girl unless you’d fucked her. Now save us some time and tell me why he thinks she’s valuable.”

“Well, she actually isn’t. Not really. She only knows my name and face but the problem is that she worked for Miller and Miller.”


Ok, this was not good. This guy never swore.

“Jesus, you can’t be trusted to keep it in your pants, even though the only instruction I gave you was to lay low. You know what you have to do. Kill her before Hector gets to her.”

Shit. This was not going well.


About The Author

Jennifer K. Brand writes erotic romances with witty curves and dangerous edges. She loves travelling and therefore her stories are set in exotic locales or have exotic male leads. Her stories are those with an element of intrigue or suspense, but wrapped in hot steamy romance.
Her favorite kind of hero is possessive and talks dirty, but has a heart waiting to be claimed. Her heroines are strong and witty and can't wait to tame their men. She loves Gin and Tonics, Spain, Monopoly and kittens :)
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