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Wolf in Gucci Loafer (Tales of the Harker Pack #2) by Tara Lain ~ Review, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway


Title ~ Wolf in Gucci Loafer (Tales of the Harker Pack #2)

Author ~ Tara Lain

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press

Genre ~ M/M Paranormal Romance

Published ~ 16th April 2014

Rating ~ 4.5 Stars

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Socialite Lindsey Vanessen wants someone to love who will love him back — an impossibility for a gay, half-human, half-werewolf. Too aggressive for humans, too gay for wolves, and needing to protect the pack from human discovery, Lindsey tries to content himself with life as a successful businessman. But when someone starts kidnapping members of wealthy families, Lindsey meets tough cop Seth Zakowsy—the hunky embodiment of everything Lindsey wants but can't have.
Seth has never been attracted to flamboyant men. What would the guys in the department think of Lindsey? But intrigue turns to lust when he discovers Lindsey’s biting, snarling passion more than matches his dominant side. It might mean a chance at love for a cop in black leather and a wolf in Gucci loafers.


Macky’s Review


At last I managed to get my hands on Tara Lains second book in her Harker Pack series and it was so worth the wait. This series is turning out to be a really enjoyable, fun shifter ride with some really likeable, and loveable characters who help make it the engaging read it is. Lindsey, the half human/half Werewolf was one of the supporting characters we met in the first book, The Pack & The Panther, and I loved the teasers we got about his slightly camp personality then. I was dying to see where Tara was going to take him and who she was going to pair him up with romantically and was hoping it would be somebody who would give him a bit of a challenge! Woohoo! I got my wish granted with hot cop Seth Zakowsky... Complete opposite and sexaaay as hell! Yum thanks Tara, you nailed it again!

Lindsey Vanessen is everything I love about this type of character. He's über rich, stunning, vivacious, stylish, exuberant and dryly witty. Everyone is "Darling" and his clothes are expensive and swish... but all that hides a male who, even though he may look effeminate and 'soft' on the surface, is actually all man,"Grrr"and growl beneath it, because Lindsey's secret is that he's human  BUT also half wolf. Perhaps not quite as strong as his full wolf pack mates and friends, and lacking in some of the enhanced Wolfy attributes, he still isn't someone you'd want to mess with on a dark night! But then there's the fact that however confident and Diva'ish he appears to be on the surface, he's also carrying secrets around that if found out could cause him trouble with a capitol T! Poor Lindsey, is caught between worlds, on his shifter side, he's coping with the fact that being gay and part human he's never really been fully accepted by his wolf peers who until his best friend Cole (their Alphanta) came out, never accepted anyone being gay in their community. Apart from Cole, who's married now to Paris the sexy pole dancing panther ( OMG!!! still drooling over Paris! Rawr!), finding another gay shifter is practically nil. Plus he's also unable to tell any humans, including his family, about his wolf half for fear of retribution from the wolf community, whose laws prohibit humans from ever finding out they exist! Not easy, yet he juggles the two sides of himself pretty well. Another problem he has, is finding a lover who can match him between the sheets! Lindsey is a top through and through, he might look effeminate, but in bed his wolfiness wants out and he has to fight his dominant animal side with most of his human lovers in case he goes too far. The only one he thinks he could truly let himself go with would be another wolf but he knows that finding love amongst the pack will probably never happen. Until he meets an equally dominant lover, he's just coasting along.

Then one day he smells something pretty delish, and it turns out that enticing aroma belongs to the most gorgeous guy he's set eyes on for a long time. His complete opposite, all dressed up in leather and denim and leaning against a motorbike, he's all man! Dangerous looking, rugged, tall dark and handsome and, as it turns out, a cop to boot! But once again he's human!!! SO unfair for our poor horny, half wolf. As far as he's concerned that's another chance up the swanny. ** sigh! **  However fate intervenes and a couple of days later they meet in person when a dear friend of Lindsey's calls him for help after his daughter has been kidnapped.His mystery guy swaggers in just as Lindsey is promising his friend that nothing bad will happen to his daughter, and before they're even introduced the sexy cop challenges him...

"And how exactly do you plan to keep that promise?"

Lindsey proceeds to tell him exactly how, then in his own camp way, introduces himself...

.......He extended his hand. "By the way darling, I'm Lindsey Vanessen." The guy clicked half a smile, kind of like the one he'd delivered in the parking lot the other night. Lindsey still hadn't recovered from that one. The second might be lethal. The man took Lindsey's hand. His was hard, hot, calloused as hell. "Did you work all that out in your pretty little head?"

Cue the mouth-watering sexual tension....

Because Lindsey is a prime target for the kidnappings and Seth is on the task force looking into them, it means that the two of them are constantly thrown together. Not only is Lindsey trying to fight his attraction to human Seth, his hunky cop, who is also fighting his own inner attraction to a ultra flamboyant, feminine man who is everything he normally wouldn't even look twice at, but there's also a vigilante granny going around saving the kidnapped victims and giving all the really bad guys on the street a run for their money. Then there's a sub plot with a really loveable, young foster kid, Jazz, who worms his way into both our guys affections complicating things even further. Let's just say all is not as it seems in this story in more ways than one and even though I guessed most of the outcomes, it was still entertaining watching it all unfold. This story was just as much fun as the last one.

The sex sizzles, the tension crackles and the plot snaps! I read it all it in one sitting, just like I did Cole and Paris' story and I reckon I'll be doing exactly the same with the next in the series. I just had one little pout, and that was because I kinda missed my slinky sexy pussy cat Paris.

I KNOW!!!!!... Its not his story any more but damn, that pole dancing pussy made a big impression on me last time and I was hoping we might see a bit more of him and Cole. If you haven't read book one yet then you're missing another treat! Mind you, that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm still feeling the steamy love for Lindsey and Seth. I had more than a few hot sweats with those two as well!

That Tara sure knows just how to tickle the taste buds with her beautiful boys!! Next please! 

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Who Are the Beautiful Boys?

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to be here celebrating my new release, Wolf in Gucci Loafers. I’m Tara Lain and I write The Beautiful Boys of Romance. I created that tagline way back as I was writing my first book. I didn’t yet know that I would be happiest writing gay romances and that all of my books but one would have a man as the central character, but I did know that all of my books would include a particular type of charismatic, unique, and slight quirky guy that I would think of as my beautiful boys. Ask my readers who those guys are and what they’re like and they’ll give you a lot of answers, but it boils down to “we know them when we see them.” How to describe them? Complex, slightly larger than life, unexpected. Men who look like beta males who are truly the most fearsome alphas and vice versa -- big hunks who would rather stop and smell the roses. They tend to be young -- I think my oldest hero is thirty. What I’ve discovered is that every one of them is striving to live a more authentic life. It’s a struggle that in one way or another speaks to the heart of the book. The hero of Wolf in Gucci Loafers, Lindsey Vanessen, is in every way one of my beautiful boys. Flamboyantly gay, Lindsey is like Zorro or Superman. He lives behind a persona -- which is his case is real. But cohabiting with that “drawing room comedy star” is a deliciously scary defender of the downtrodden and passionately aggressive lover. He is a mass of contradictions that make up one very beautiful hero.

Below is a nibble from Wolf in Gucci Loafers. I hope you enjoy it. And be sure to enter the drawing. Thanks so much for inviting me! *hugs*



Wolf In Gucci Loafers by Tara Lain


Lindsey laughed and walked over to the end table beside his couch, grabbed the remote, and pushed Play. Piano music filled the room. “Hmm, the Chopin Piano Concerto for striptease? Maybe not.” He clicked again to Cher lamenting gypsies, tramps and thieves. “Now my orientation is showing.” Another click and La Babs crooned her heart out. Perfect.

He strolled to the center of the room, grabbed his silk neck scarf, and slowly pulled it from around his neck. He fluttered it a couple of times, then gripped it in his teeth as he shrugged out of the green leather jacket and tossed it on top of Seth’s clothes. He’d worn a black form-fitting sweater underneath, which he gripped at the hem, and, as he ground his hips, he pulled it one tantalizing centimeter at a time up his body. For a moment the sweater covered his eyes, but when he peeked out below, Seth stared at him with a glassy gaze and parted lips. He threw the sweater on the pile and, still biting the scarf, ran its ends over his shoulders and pecs.

Seth’s stroking got serious. “Man, you are beautiful. Graceful and slim with all these cool muscles teasing under the surface.”

Lindsey drew his brows together. “Too far below the surface, if you ask me.”

“Nah. Just right.”

Lindsey rested his hands on his waistband and did a big hip roll. As he bumped forward, he unbuttoned the fly and slid the zipper of his black jeans just far enough to let the fat head of his penis peep over. “Peekaboo.”

Seth shook his head. “You are one mass of sexy contradictions.”

As Lindsey lowered the zipper farther over his briefs, Seth pumped harder. Lindsey shook a finger. “Uh-uh, don’t start without me.”

Seth tightened his grip but stopped pumping.

With the zipper down, Lindsey hooked his thumbs in the top of the pants and pulled them over his hips. No sliding—they were too tight. Still holding the scarf between his teeth like a rose, he slid the pants to his ankles, stepped out of his Gucci loafers, and then out of the pants.

His cock strained the elastic on the boxer briefs, and he slid the tip of his finger around and around the exposed head of his dick.

Seth smiled. “Can I do that for you?”

“Very soon.”

He turned his back to the hunk on his bed and looked over his shoulder with a flutter of lashes. Good, he was paying strict attention. Lindsey placed his hands on the small of his own back, slid them into the tight teal briefs, and dragged them over his butt. Two quick twerks, then he slipped them to his feet, kicked with one foot, and they flew through the air and landed on a floor lamp.

Seth laughed. “I’m dyin’ over here. This may be more of a dance than I bargained for.”

Lindsey gazed over his shoulder. “If you don’t like the floor show, sir, we’ll refund your cover charge.”

Seth held up one hand—the other still gripped his cock. “No complaints. Not one.”

Still with his back to Seth, Lindsey pulled the scarf from his teeth and tied a strategic bow. As Babs sang something about being a woman in love, Lindsey raised one arm above his head, twirled on one foot, and presented his cock forward tied in a lavender silk scarf.

Seth sputtered. “I don’t know whether to laugh or come!”


About Tara Lain


DSC02846Tara Lain writes the Beautiful Boys of Romance in LGBT erotic romance novels that star her unique, charismatic heroes. Her first novel was published in January of 2011 and she’s now somewhere around book 23. Her best-selling novels have garnered awards for Best Series, Best Contemporary Romance, Best Ménage, Best LGBT Romance, Best Gay Characters, and Tara has been named Best Writer of the Year in the LRC Awards. In her other job, Tara owns an advertising and public relations firm. She often does workshops on both author promotion and writing craft. She lives with her soul-mate husband and her soul-mate dog in Laguna Beach, California, a pretty seaside town where she sets a lot of her books. Passionate about diversity, justice, and new experiences, Tara says on her tombstone it will say “Yes”!





Tara will be gifting two eBooks, 1 of Wolf in Gucci Loafers and 1 from the first book The Pack or the Panther. All you need to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.

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