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With Chase (Chase #3) by J.J. Scotts ~ Release Day Review, Excerpt & Giveaway


Title ~ With Chase (Chase #3)

Author ~ J.J. Scotts

Genre ~ M/M Romance

Release Date ~ 28th April 2014



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When Liam Collins was hired to act as the face of hermit-author Chase Preston, he thought he had a good idea what to expect, but now, the situation has changed. Liam finds himself wanting to know more about the real Chase and not the Chase he has to portray to the public. Is the sexual tension between them real?
Liam wants answers and breaks his contract’s rules to follow Chase one night. Liam ends up in a strange underground club that doesn’t seem threatening until he meets a cryptic woman who claims to know who he really is.
Is Liam’s cover blown? And more importantly, is Liam’s time running out? After letting curiosity get the better of him, Liam Collins finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun and comes face to face with an unexpected savior.


Macky’s Review

Yay! Chase is back! And Liam of course… Can't forget our Liam, who was left in a bit of a 'OMG!!' Situation last time we saw him. Things ended on a real cliffhanger and I wasn't sure where J.J was going to go, with the way she ended it... there were lots of scenarios going through my head at the end, but did I expect it to be what it turned out to be! Not on your nelly!! You see that's what I really like about this series, it’s surprising. There are elements in it that we're all used to seeing in most romances, the sort of tried and tested plot bunnies that we all expect. The love/hate relationship, the misunderstandings, dancing around each other style sexual tension, will they/won't they? Done well, all those work anyway but then Ms Scotts just turns it around a bit by throwing these little odd shocks and surprises in that keep all of us who've got hooked on Chase and Liam's story, coming back for more.

Not saying what happened, but once Liam is rescued from his predicament this instalment does what we've all been waiting for and turns up the heat with a proper sizzling sexual encounter between the two of them that's been simmering and steaming since the first time they set eyes on each other, and WOW it had me turning the air con down to freeze! Oh. My, Goodness.... When Liam and Chase finally do the horizontal mambo, it’s like "AYE CARAMBA!!!!" It certainly got my maracas shaking!


OH MY! Yes you did Liam! Now that's what I call worth waiting for...

But, she does it again doesn't she? There's yet another surprise ending but this time the plot twist takes the story in another direction that I didn't see coming. Not so much a nail biting cliffy this time, more an emotional one and once more I'm left desperately hoping that number four won't be that far away.

This isn't a long review because these books are pretty shortish so it’s getting now that too much info will just reveal far too much. But if you're following it, you'll be glad to see there's a visit from everyone who we've got to know up to now ... including Eli and Mr 'Snobby' Landon, who was a bit more subdued in this, and Nicole (like her) and Josh (love him)...the Preston siblings, although I'd say that all their involvements are more fleeting this time because after the reveal and rescue at the beginning, this episode is more focused on Liam and Mr 'sex on a stick' Chase, who, I will say, does show a different side of himself, in more ways than one! Is he actually starting to thaw? Well see for yourselves...

There's also a couple of new characters to stir it up a bit, and one happens to be Felix, yet another member of the Preston family. Will we meet them again or is that it? Hopefully one of them now is getting what they deserve but I think there might be more from Felix. What his part will be I don't know, he's another not so loveable persona, so is he going to be trouble? Who knows, he might well have played his part now. Hmmmm, it’s all about the waiting with this serial series, but that's another reason I'm enjoying it so much. Keeps you on your toes does that JJ!

So that's it really until next time. Another short but fun, sexy read. Are tides changing? Find out when you tune in next time....same place, same channel! For more Chase...and Liam... filled adventures!

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Chase stalked forward another step, continuing to roll up his sleeves until they rested in the crease of his elbows. I couldn’t help but remember the feel of the dark, springy hair dusting his forearms. It had been crinkly and rough against my fingers. I licked my lips. Chase’s jaw tensed as if he was chewing on words. The sick feeling in my stomach said we were going to argue again. It wasn’t going to end well.

He shoved a hand through his hair, breathed out harshly through his nose, and rubbed his hand on his jaw. It rasped over the dark stubble, the noise loud in the silent room. I braced myself for his outburst. When the words fell from his lips, they dropped like bombs from a clear blue sky. I jerked back against the pillows.

“I’m sorry.”

It took nearly a full minute for my brain to process that Chase wasn’t yelling. He was apologizing. To me. The words were rough, but soft.

“W-what?” The word was all I could stutter out of my mouth.

He sighed, dropping heavily onto the bed. The movement jarred me a little, making the wound in my arm twinge. I winced and Chase grimaced.

“Shit, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I let you get hurt.”

I stared at his gorgeous, scarred face and didn’t know what the fuck to say. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out so I closed it again. Really, like I’d said at the hospital, the whole situation was my fault. Well, the part that wasn’t crazy Julia’s fault. But it was true that if I hadn’t been where I shouldn’t have been, it wouldn’t have mattered how nuts she was, she wouldn’t have been able to get her hands on me.

“It’s not your fault, Chase. You didn’t let me get hurt. I got myself into this mess.” I reached up with my right hand and gingerly touched the bandage. “It doesn’t even hurt that bad. I’ve gotten hurt worse on other jobs.” I chuckled, though the sound was more than a little strained. My heart was still running quick and heavy, even more now that Chase was so close. The weight of his body made the mattress dip down at the corner. It felt like I was slowly, inescapably sliding toward him.

Or maybe that was just my imagination.

Chase ran his fingers over the smooth fabric of the comforter beside my knee, and just that small movement made my mouth go dry. When he raised those blue eyes to my face, I froze.

“Did you mean what you said? At the hospital?” His voice had gone even softer, like velvet.

I’d said a lot of things at the hospital. Which thing in particular did he mean? I didn’t bother asking, because…I knew. I could still pretend, though.

“That it was my fault Julia managed to grab me? Yeah. I never should’ve left the apartment. It wasn’t your fault that I completely ignored Landon’s rules.” I shrugged my uninjured shoulder, my gaze sliding sideways so I wasn’t actually meeting Chase’s eyes. We both knew that hadn’t been what he’d meant. I was hoping he’d let it go, though.

But of course he wouldn’t. Chase Preston liked to needle me. He slid forward just a little bit, bringing him from the spot by my feet to up by my knees.

I continued, hoping he’d let it slide. “I mean, Julia was kind of crazy, but–”

“Not that,” he interrupted. His hand was still resting on the comforter, his pinky just touching the edge of my thigh. I tried to ignore it. But he still wanted an answer. His eyes were intent on my face. 

I licked my lips, and tried for a lighthearted tone. “About your brother being an idiot? Oh, I definitely meant that.” 

Chase snorted, which made my lips quirk upward. He shook his head. When he lifted his hand, I froze for just a moment. I thought, by the glitter in his bright-eyed gaze, that he had noticed my body getting hotter, but he didn’t say anything. He slid closer again, dropping his hand on the other side of my legs so that his thumb was now touching the outer edge of my right thigh. His hip pressed against my left thigh, just as it had in my fantasy, caging me in.

I felt the heat building in my blood and tried to ignore it. This close, I could see the stubble on his jaw and the circles under his eyes – darker than usual. I could smell the warm spice of him, headier now than before, mixed with the salty tang of his sweat. I wondered suddenly if this is how he smelled first thing in the morning if you woke up beside him.

I hastily shoved the resulting mental image away.

He shook his head again and leaned closer. “No. Although you’re right about that. But that’s not what I meant either.” Chase’s breath, scented with the bite of alcohol, wafted across my nose and lips.

If he moved any closer, we’d be kissing. I leaned back, pressing as hard as I could against the pillows Eli had just fluffed. I wished I’d put on something more than just a pair of boxers before getting into bed. My skin felt hot and hypersensitive. Even just the movement of air in the room made every hair prickle. Goosebumps raced up my arms.

Chase was watching my face, eyes still unreadable, waiting for my answer. But for once, I didn’t feel like giving him what he wanted. Maybe it was because I was still so goddamned embarrassed.

I cleared my throat. “I don’t know what you mean then.”

Those dark gullwing brows rose as Chase tilted his head to the side. “Oh, I think you do.” The tone made my hands curl into fists at my side.

Jesus, he was close. My eyes scanned the tiny area around me, then met Chase’s blue stare. “C-could you move back a little?” 

“Answer the question.” He breathed the words against my lips.

I jerked back. “What question?” My voice strained on the ‘n,’ my throat tight. Chase’s right hand rose, hovering near the bandage before floating back down to rest on the bed. 

He shifted, pressing closer. “Do you…really know me that well, Liam?”

My breath tangled in my lungs. “I-I don’t know! I don’t know anything! Can you please just back up? You’re too fucking close!” My voice was nearly panicked, my heart pulsing against my ribs, pumping triple time, apparently intent on pushing every drop of blood southward. 

Chase backed up a little, lips twitching into a smile. “You’re so straightforward.” He shook his head, a lock of that black, silky hair sliding over his forehead. “How can you say what you’re thinking so easily?”

I squeezed the comforter between my fingers, unable to think of an answer. The truth was, I mostly just blurted things out around Chase because he overwhelmed me. 

But I’d be damned if I’d admit that.

“I don’t know! I just… B-because…” I dropped my gaze to my lap, where the bunched blankets were the only thing keeping Chase from realizing how affected I was by his nearness and why I wasn’t thinking straight. “Because…”

Chase’s fingers on my chin silenced me. I lifted my face, startled at the touch. I opened my mouth to say… I don’t know what.

The kiss silenced me.  1b

Series Reading Order

Book #1 ~ Being Chase 


Book #2 ~ Following Chase



About J.J. Scotts



J.J. Scotts began writing fiction as a hobby during college. She loves writing romance stories and has taken an interest in writing m/m romance.

Other than writing and having a rather dull job, J.J. likes to go hiking and rock climbing. She lives happily with her loving husband, friendly dogs, and lazy cat in sunny California.

email her at: 

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