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Straight Shooter (Rear Entrance Video #3) by Heidi Belleau Blog Tour & Giveaway


Hello hello! I’m Heidi Belleau, and welcome to the Riptide Books “Straight Shooter” blog tour! Straight Shooter is the third (and final?) novel in my Rear Entrance Video series, and is the story of roommate Austin, a homophobic hockey player with a kinky secret . . . and the Dominant porn star who helps him get his act together. For the next two weeks, I’ll be hopping blog to blog giving you an inside look at the novel . . . and also giving away a prize! Read on for details! Thanks to Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews and to all of you for tuning in!

Today, I’m talking about a topic near and dear to me: bisexual representation!

“Aw, bless. Only gay guys do gay porn? You are adorable, Austin. A perfect unspoiled flower of straightness in a vast wilderness of cocksucking weeds.”

“So . . . what, you’re straight? Straight but pretending to be gay?” Not like the poor saps in your videos, straight but tricked into doing gay stuff and loving it.

“We in the biz call that ‘Gay for Pay,’ but no, I’m not straight.” Liam’s explanation was mostly patient, though judging by his expression the guy was obviously feeling pretty smug about his superior gay porn knowledge.

“Except I’m not gay, either.” Austin’s first reaction must have been a look of blank confusion, because Liam added, “Bisexual. You know, like ’em different from me, like ’em the same as me.”

As a bisexual woman, writing bisexual characters is important for me. When it comes to the already scant amount of authentic, respectful representation of LGBT people in media, us Bisexuals are second only to the T when it comes to getting the least amount and quality of screen time.

Sure, bisexuals do get featured every so often, but a lot of the time we’re portrayed using offensive stereotypes (even in queer-created media!) or are there only for the sexual titillation of straight men. We’re portrayed as cheaters, as fence-sitters, as being secretly gay (if we’re men) or secretly straight (if we’re women). These stereotypes affect our self-esteem and quality of life, our relationships, and our treatment by straight and queer people alike.

Luckily, as a writer, I’ve got a platform to try and make that better.

Rear Entrance Video has three major bisexual characters: Max from Apple Polisher, Auntie Beverly, and now Liam, Austin’s Dominant love interest. For all three of them, I wanted to write about bisexual people with meaningful, fulfilling relationships, who are secure in their sexualities and the nature of their attraction. Liam, however, is the first one of the three who really states his bisexuality, which is something I made a point of doing because often in media, even when we do get what seems like a bisexual character, they never actually use “the B word”, instead dancing around it or outright denying it. Liam’s not that person. He’s an out and proud bisexual. He happily claims the label, and he doesn’t demean his attraction to or his relationship with people of any gender.

And you’ll notice how I say any gender, not “either”, because despite outdated beliefs, there are more than two binary genders, and the “bi” in “bisexual” doesn’t refer to “both genders” as some might have you believe, but both “homo” and “hetero”-sexual: both same and different . . . just as Liam explains it in the book.

As for Austin, he’s pretty insistent on calling himself straight—and he’s definitely attracted to women, no question—but will he still claim the label once Liam starts giving him the sexual gratification he can’t admit he needs?


Straight Shooter (Rear Entrance Video #3) by Heidi Belleau


Title ~ Straight Shooter

Author ~ Heidi Belleau

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Published ~ 7th April 2014

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This macho jock has a crooked little secret.

College hockey player Austin Puett is in trouble. Unless he starts treating his flamboyantly gay roommate with respect, he’ll lose his room and his job at Rear Entrance Video. But Austin’s got a not-so-straight secret of his own: nothing turns him on more than insults implying he’s gay—even though he’s definitely not!—and all his old coping methods have stopped working.

Pure desperation drives him to rent a Mischievous Pictures porn flick about straight men tricked into servicing Puck, a male dominant. Instead of letting off steam, though, it just leaves him craving more, more, more, and suddenly, Austin finds himself at Mischievous Pictures Studios for an audition. After all, you can be Gay For Pay and still be straight . . . right?

But meeting Liam Williams, the real person behind Puck, confuses Austin even more. Liam really seems to like him as a person, and Austin likes him back. And while Gay For Pay’s okay, what does it make Austin if he still wants Liam when the cameras aren’t rolling?

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About Heidi

Heidi Belleau was born and raised in small town New Brunswick, Canada. She now lives in the rugged oil-patch frontier of Northern BC with her husband, an Irish ex-pat whose long work hours in the trades leave her plenty of quiet time to write.

Her writing reflects everything she loves: diverse casts of characters, a sense of history and place, equal parts witty and filthy dialogue, the occasional mythological twist, and most of all, love—in all its weird and wonderful forms.

When not writing, you might catch her trying to explain British television to her daughter or sipping a drink at her favourite coffee shop… email: heidi.heloise.belleau@gmail.com

She also writes queer-flavoured  M/F as Heloise Belleau… HeloiseBelleau.com.

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