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Point Of Return by Stacey Lynn ~ Blog Tour and Giveaway

point of return

Title: Point of Return (Nordic Lords #1) 

Author: Stacey Lynn

Release Date: April 22, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Olivia Masters grew up familiar with all of them. The daughter of the President of the Nordic Lords Motorcycle Club, Olivia always knew she wanted nothing to do with any of it. Her plans were made to leave the town she grew up in as soon as she and her boyfriend, Daemon Knight, turned eighteen.

But then Olivia was shot. Her mother killed in front of her. Fleeing became her reality.

Forced to return to her hometown of Jasper Bay five years later, events beyond Olivia’s control put her directly back into the life she swore she’d never return to.

Her dad wants her back in the family. Daemon wants her in his bed.

But just as Olivia begins to accept her destiny, history finds a way to repeat itself.

This time, will Olivia be strong enough to fight for the family she once turned her back on? Or will she once again flee from the only life that has ever felt like home?

Lisa’s Review

3 “I Needed More” Stars




When it comes to biker books I will readily admit that I am like a crack whore looking to get that next fix. I am addicted to the MC world. Therefore, when given the opportunity to pick up a new MC series, I am all over that shit! Point of Return by Stacey Lynn is the first book in her Nordic Lords MC series. I was excited about this one. This book turned out to be a good read but, in the end, I did find it lacking in some areas.

Olivia Masters is the daughter of the President of the Nordic Lords MC. At one time, Olivia’s life was all about her biker family even though it was never a way of life she wanted to adopt permanently. Olivia may have always wanted to escape the MC way of life but it was one tragic event and the circumstances that followed that were the catalyst for her decision to finally flee and remove herself from all that she knew. Five years later, circumstances have forced Olivia to return to Jasper Bay. She may be back on the home turf of the family she wants nothing to do with but she is determined to stay away from them and carve out a different reality for herself in the same town. The problem is that her father wants her back and the ex-boyfriend she walked away from is determined to make her realize that her home is within the fold of the Nordic Lords MC and in his bed.

Daemon Knight’s world was tragically turned inside out when he lost his father and then had to watch his brother and Olivia turn away from their MC family. One event shattered his family and friendships. Now that Olivia is back in Jasper Bay, Daemon wants nothing more than to make Olivia admit that being with him and the Nordic Lords MC is exactly where she is destined to be. Daemon may have lost Olivia once but he will do everything in his power to prevent history from repeating itself.

However, when danger begins to lurk once again will Olivia retreat and flee for a second time? Will her connection to Daemon and the biker world that feels like home be enough to make her stand strong and fight? Olivia may feel safe in Daemon’s arms, but will that be enough?

The premise for this book was definitely well thought out and I did enjoy certain elements to the storyline. For instance, there is a gritty and raw feel to this book and there is a lot going on plot wise which kept my attention. The aspects of the book that did not focus on the romance between Daemon and Olivia were well written and captivating. It was a great suspense-filled ride right to the end. You definitely get the sense that the Nordic Lords MC truly are a family who may have scrupulous morals but are there for their brethren. Ms. Lynn does a wonderful job setting the back drop to this MC world and introducing all the characters.

Where this book falls short for me is the relationship between Daemon and Olivia. My biggest issue with the pair was not really them per se, but the other romantic entanglements that both Olivia and Daemon were involved in. I had a hard to buying into the believability of a strong connection between our hero and heroine. These two have a long history but it takes almost the entire book for them to get seriously involved with one another once again. As a reader, if you want me to get deeply invested in the hero and heroine please do not wait so long for them to connect (be it emotionally and physically). Further, considering this is a book with its share of sexy times, please do not proceed to give me sex scenes that involve the hero and/or heroine with other people. I can handle when there are previous or current romantic entanglements in the picture; however, when you give me steamy times involving said romantic entanglements…well….it is hard to become too emotionally invested in the hero and heroine. By the time the hero and heroine got around to having some hot and steamy down time of their own, it was almost the end of the book and I could not muster up enough emotions to care overly much. This all was not for me and it made the ending feel anti-climactic.

All in all, Point of Return was a book that had serious potential. Stacey Lynn is a great writer. I just could not get past the “love story” in this book. Will I read the next book in the series? I think so. Some great secondary characters were introduced and I’d love to see their happy forever play out.




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