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If It Drives Virtual Blog Tour with Review, a Word from the Authors and Giveaway!

If It Drives Blog Tour

Welcome to the Riptide Publishing/Aleksandr Voinov/L. A. Witt blog tour for the newest Market Garden story, If It Drives!

Every comment on this blog tour enters you in a drawing for a choice of two eBooks off our backlists (excluding If It Drives) and a $10 Riptide Publishing store credit. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on April 7th, and winners will be announced on April 9th. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries.


What started If It Drives

I’ve told the story a few times how If It Flies, If It Fornicates and If It Drives got started (and with it, Market Garden, because If It Flies was the first story we wrote). A senior banker stated in in my evening newspaper how the best advice he’d ever got was “If it flies, drives or fornicates, it’s cheaper to rent it.” We quickly wrote If It Flies and If It Fornicates, but it was clear that there was a part missing, though Nick’s and Spencer’s story was told.

The rescue came from If It Fornicates, pages 45-46. The scene is this: Nick has picked up a John called “Red Tie” and they head to Red Tie’s house in Red Tie’s chauffeured car. I quite liked Red Tie from the start – he was a bit of a handful and quite interesting in his kinks that Nick was starting to draw out. And then we wrote this bit:

Trousers secured (and tenting), the john rapped the privacy screen once. Nick heard the driver’s side door open, followed by sharp footsteps on the pavement. A moment later, their door opened. Nick stepped out first, which lifted the driver’s eyebrow briefly before the man schooled his face again. Nick gave him an up-and-down glance. Short dark hair, athletic build, mid to late twenties, and a clear face that was halfway between attractive and bland.

But not so bland when the man’s attention returned to his boss. Nick could almost feel the current shift there. What did these guys have going on?

“Will you require me again tonight, sir?” the driver asked.

Red Tie shook his head and made a dismissive gesture. “Take the evening off. We’re not to be disturbed.”

The driver nodded and remained with the car while Red Tie made his way to the door, and Nick followed.

The operative line is, of course: “What did these guys have going on?” And it struck me when we were writing it. I really wanted to know. It was clear it was an unrequited thing, but since I really wanted to know whether the two guys would eventually overcome the gap between them, If It Drives was born – and in a way that completed the original phrase from the banker. Ideas rarely come together so smoothly, but this was compelling, simple and looked like it had been planned like that from the start. Perfect.


If It Drives (Market Garden #7) by  Aleksander Voinov & L.A. Witt

71KgC8T9ppL._SL1500_Title ~ If It Drives (Market Garden #7)

Author ~ Aleksander Voinov & L.A. Witt

Publisher ~ Riptide Publishing

Genre ~ M/M Romance

Rating ~ 4.5 Stars



If it flies, drives, or fornicates, it's cheaper to rent it.
After driving James Harcourt, his wealthy banker boss, around for a year and a half, Cal isn’t surprised by much anymore. Not even James’s regular trips to Market Garden, London’s most elite gay brothel.
But when James leaves the Garden alone one night and turns to Cal instead, Cal’s floored. After crushing on his boss for ages, it’s his wet dream come true . . . until the awkward morning after. Cal still has a job to do, but he wants to offer more. Yet James doesn’t take him up on it; he keeps Cal at arm’s length and continues his chauffeured jaunts to Market Garden.
As Cal learns what James needs from the rentboys, he tries to fill that need himself. But there’s more to James’s penchant for rentboys than Cal realizes, and it may be one role that Cal can’t fill without overstepping his duty.

Tina’s Review


Market Garden is one of my favourite Riptide reads, not one story in this series has been a disappointment so far. If It Drives is the 7th instalment in the series and we finally get the chance to meet Red Tie from Nick and Spencer’s story.

For 18 months Cal has been driving the wealthy banker James around. He’s secretly attracted to his boss and nothing surprises him anymore, not even his weekly trips to Market Garden. But there’s something he’s longing to do. He wants to be the man James needs, he wants to satisfy his kinks.

So he contacts ex-rentboy Nick, who knows for sure what makes James ‘Red Tie’ tick.

Cal is an amazing, lovable character. Holy hell, he’s even a writer! How awesome is that? Especially If he’s familiar with a cute author living not too far from him? ;) That would be sheer coincidence, wouldn’t it?

Cal cares deeply for James and after 18 months he finally has the guts to reach out and do something about it. Their situation isn’t ideal though. Callum is only the driver, how can he be the ‘one’ for James?

James on the other hand doesn’t do relationships. After a nasty divorce he’s used to satisfying his urges with anonymous prostitutes, with men he can keep at arm’s length. He doesn't pay them to top him, he pays them to leave afterward. But when one night he leaves Market Garden without a rentboy, he allows Callum to get closer to him…

I liked both characters. Callum, first so insecure and unaware of his own dominant desires, James, all wealthy business man but with submissive tendencies in the bedroom - it all plays together nicely. Bring the sexual sadist Nick into play and… holy hotness Batman!… the story becomes a scorching hot, kinky, breath-taking read. I will never look at black leather gloves and billiard tables the same way as before… *blushes*


It was so great to see Nick again… and it’s not only a little glimpse we get… he’s game to help Callum to satisfy James’ needs. And of course we meet cute Spencer again, it was wonderful to see them so happy together.

I liked the depth of the story and the well elaborated characters. Their dynamics are interesting to read and hot as hell! Once again, the writing is exceptional. It's crisp and pointed, explicit and subtle at the same time. There are no wasted words, no wasted situations. Even the sexual scenes all serve their purpose to further the plot and the relationship.

I just love the way the authors write BDSM scenes, they complement each other perfectly and their contribution always leaves me wanting more. From the range in emotions to the sex scenes, everything comes together… wonderfully elaborated to bring yet another great instalment to the Market Garden series.

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Series Reading Order


Book 1 ~ Quid Pro Quo

Book 2 ~ Take It Off

Book 3 ~ If It Flies

Book 4 ~ If It Fornicates

Book 5 ~ Capture & Surrender

Book 6 ~ PayOff

Book 7 ~ If It Drives


About Aleksandr Voinov

Aleksandr has been published for twenty years, both in print and ebook. He has ten years’ experience as a writing coach, book doctor, and writing teacher, and he works as a financial editor in the research department of a pan-European investment bank.

After co-authoring the M/M military cult classic Special Forces, Aleksandr embarked on a quest to write edgy, dark, sometimes literary M/M and gay fiction (much of which is romance/erotica)—the only way he can use his American Literature degree these days.

He’s been published with Heyne/Random House, Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, Loose Id, Dreamspinner, Storm Moon Press, and others.

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About L.A. Witt

L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer currently living in the glamorous and ultra-futuristic metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, two cats, and a disembodied penguin brain that communicates with her telepathically. In addition to writing smut and disturbing the locals, L.A. is said to be working with the US government to perfect a genetic modification that will allow humans to survive indefinitely on Corn Pops and beef jerky. This is all a cover, though, as her primary leisure activity is hunting down her arch nemesis, erotica author Lauren Gallagher, who is also said to be lurking somewhere in Omaha.

L. A.’s backlist is available on her website, and updates (as well as random thoughts and the odd snarky comment) can be found on her blog or on Twitter (@GallagherWitt).

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Every comment on this blog tour enters you in a drawing for a choice of two eBooks off our backlists (excluding If It Drives) and a $10 Riptide Publishing store credit. Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on April 7th, and winners will be announced on April 9th. Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries.


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