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Beyond Solitude by Kit Rocha ~ Pre-Release Review

beyond solitude

Title: Beyond Solitude (Book #4.5, Beyond Series)

Author: Kit Rocha

Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance

Release Date: May 1 2014

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When a motorcycle accident leaves Derek Ford riding a desk at the O’Kane compound, the last thing he needs is a sexy new assistant upending his office and his life. But Mia isn’t scared of her domineering boss. The friction between them generates an undeniable heat—but Mia will not be kept, and Ford will do anything to protect what’s his.

A few notes:
Unlike Beyond Temptation, this story stands separate from the main series plotline, with a tight focus on the hero and heroine as they travel through some parts of the Sectors we don't usually get to show


While the official release date is May 1st, Beyond Solitude will be available during April for $0.99 as part of the Alphas After Dark anthology. Every novella in this collection is a never-before-published story in a popular series. The regular retail price for Beyond Solitude will be $2.99

☆ 99c AMAZON US |  ☆49p AMAZON UK

Lisa’s Review


4.5 “Derek Ford” Stars!

“Strength. Tenderness. Holding her close without holding her down. That was the promise of Dallas O’Kane, of all the O’Kanes.”



Beyond Solitude is a novella (#4.5) in Kit Rocha’s Beyond series. This book takes place in and around the same time as Beyond Jealousy (the Ace/Cruz/Rachel story, #4). The main focus of this short novella are the hero and heroine themselves, vastly different from the main series with complex and intricate plotlines that encompass so much more than the romance focused on in each book. I am a huge fan of this series and of this pair of authors. Every time I pick up a new book in this series I am giddy with anticipation and every time these authors deliver. Every. Single. Time. I loved Ford and Mia’s story. This was definitely a treat while we all eagerly await the next book in the series about Trix.




Mia has escaped her “patron” in Sector Two and has come to Sector Four to start a new life, one where she can stand on her own two feet. Being trained and molded by Cerys gave Mia a life of silken sheets, luxurious treats and a comfortable way of life; however, it also provided Mia with a life of servitude and cages. She needs to be able to live life on her own terms no matter how far from her once lavish surroundings she has fallen. She is willing to work hard and prove herself, something she knows she can do in Sector Four. Mia may be having a hard time understanding the bonds that the O’Kane family share and how they look out for one another, something so unfathomable from where she comes from; however, this does not mean she does not desire it all the same.




“Some fucking hero he was.”

Derek (a.k.a Ford) is now having to deal with a more sedentary lifestyle as he is recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident. Unlike most of the O’Kane’s, the stoic and broody Ford prefers to live on the outer-edges of the O’Kane family, never fully immersing himself in the abundance of carnal pleasures available or the bonds of brotherhood being extended to him. When Lex sends a sexy temptation his way to assist him in his office, Ford wants to turn her away. But, their undeniable heat-filled first encounter has him asking her back the next day to start work.

“You don’t want to flirt with me, Mia.”

“Because you don’t want a whore?”

She sounded so sad, resigned. “Because you don’t want me,” he corrected gently. “Old and busted, that’s what I am.”


Derek Ford could be as hopeless as he wanted. She’d fucking well hope enough for both of them.

I loved how snarky and prickly Ford was but underneath his aloof demeanor was a man with a generous and over-protective heart. Mia manages to sneak past his erected defenses and becomes someone that Ford truly cares about. With this being said, Ford had to learn how to stand back enough and let Mia find her own strength and way. There are a couple bumps on the path to togetherness but no doubt Mia and Ford will come out on the side of a happy forever…O’Kane style!

This novella was very sweet compared to many of the books in this series. However, this is a Kit Rocha book so you do indeed get the fuck-hot sexy times that we have all come to love and crave in this series. Mia and Ford most definitely burn up the sheets and share some super passionate scenes. Further, we get some quick snippets of other O’Kane couples that we have come to know and love and that also adds to the heat factor in this book. All I have to say is Lex, Dallas, Jas and Noelle. Enough said!

I loved the look into Sector Four from different sets of eyes that this novella offers. We get to see how King Dallas and the O’Kanes are revered and respected. One of my favorite parts of this book were the exchanges that Dallas and Ford shared. An example being:

“Where do I start?”

“In my experience. I’m sorry. And sometimes presents. Lex likes knives.” Dallas grinned and lifted his glass. “I’m know I’m forgiven if she only cuts me a little.”


All in all, Beyond Solitude was a treat for fans of this series. This was a short, sexy and sweet look into two people who are O’Kane family but not completely part of Dallas’ inner circle. I loved it! Essentially this book left me wanting more of the O’Kanes. Damn, it is going to be an excruciating wait until the next book makes an appearance. Sigh!








Kit Rocha is actually two people—Bree & Donna, best friends who are living the dream. They get paid to work in their pajamas, talk on the phone, and write down all the stories they used to make up in their heads.

Beyond Shame was their first dystopian erotic romance. They also write paranormal romance as Moira Rogers. You can find them on the web at the following places:


Kit Rocha

Moira Rogers:



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