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Angel’s Hero (Angel #1) by Liz Borino ~ Review and Giveaway


Title: Angel’s Hero

Author: Liz Borino

Publisher: Lazy Days

Released: 26th February 2014

Genre: M/M (military-thriller)

Rating: 3 Stars

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CIA Agent Aaron “Angel” Collins doesn’t take many things on faith. He trusts his gut, his eyes, and his husband, Jordan, an Army Captain. When his commanding officers deliver news of Jordan’s death, Aaron needs proof. The facts don’t add up, and Aaron must decide if he can trust Major General Troy Hart to assist in his quest to discover the truth.
Captain Jordan Collins is battered and disheartened in an Afghanistan prison, but definitely not dead, though he learns his own government believes he is. His only mission now is to stay alive and make it home to Angel, if he can find an ally among the enemy. But someone in the US government will stop at nothing to make sure he never leaves that prison, And Jordan must reevaluate the lines between friend and foe if he is ever to return to his Angel.


Mark’s Review

I just love my military guys and here we get them two for the price of one, who could wish for more? Aaron and Jordan, two guys who are happily married and madly in love.

Now this is what I really liked about this book, rather than the usual two strangers meeting and falling in love we start with two guys in a stable loving relationship and due to their circumstances are torn apart and the fight for their love begins.

Aaron is in the CIA and Jordan is a captain in the army. We are now past DADT and they feel happy in their relationship and have no real worries about the prejudices of others at home, or should they? Jordan is sent to Afghanistan on a mission to free American POW and ends up being taken hostage. This was to be his last deployment before deciding to leave the army, but the mission would prove to be a tougher one than he bargained for. Meanwhile, back in the USA, Aaron is informed by military officers that Jordan’s tags and burnt clothing were discovered at the old prison where he was and had died in the fire. Aaron, is devastated but never believes his Jordan can really be dead. Tags and burnt clothing are no evidence that Jordan is dead in his eyes and he starts his own crusade to try and find him using his contacts in the CIA.

This is where the book for me really began. It was heart-breaking to see how everyone treated Aaron, not believing him, putting it down to the grief process. He refuses to go to Jordan’s funeral, upsetting everyone around him, but strongly believes that with no evidence of a body Jordan can’t be dead. The poor guy must have been heartbroken, but on the other hand the hope he keeps with him, spurning himself on and believing that Jordan is out there somewhere, was probably even more heart-breaking. In Afghanistan Jordan thankfully finds an ally who helps him to escape. Again this was a really nice touch, showing us that nothing is ever truly black or white. Good people exist on both sides and this enables him to plan an escape.

While Jordan is in prison he receives some information that immediately makes him suspicious that everything is not what it seems. Someone on the US side appears to want him dead, but why? I loved this twist in the plot. First you are thinking that he is just being kept as a hostage by extremists for political purposes and gains, but then find out that his own people want him out the way. This increases the tension back home and kept thinking WTF why and who would want this.

The book is one which is based on flashbacks. So we get the goings on of the present day and current situation, but constantly go back and learn how Aaron and Jordan meet. How they propose to each other, which I thought was really imaginative even though it would have scared the shit out of me – lol! How Aaron got his name Angel from Jordan. So we learn about their background and love for each other in the past, their history and what they have been through whilst events in the present press ahead. This is obviously a format whether film or book that not everyone feels comfortable with, but personally I have no problem with it and when well done which it is here for me can add to the intensity of the present. Letting you know about their pasts bit by bit. There is no doubt these guys are made for each other and will do absolutely anything for each other.

“Angel….I help you fly, push you to do new things, feel deeper, believe in things you wouldn’t consider. And you always bring me back to Earth. You’ve taught me the allure of the comfortable. I am so, so lucky to be the man you let behind your walls. Will you make it forever?”

So wow – if that is not a proposal speech then I don’t know what is. I would have said yes immediately. I think I did, but there isn’t a cat in hell’s chance that you would have to got me to say yes in the place where they were!

The whole premise and idea of this book is great, is well written and constructed. However, I just felt it could have been padded out a little more to increase the angst and anticipation whilst enabling me to get a better feeling for the circumstances and the characters. The author does a nice job in keeping the tempo of the book at a fast pace and gives it a real action-thriller feel.

The first book ends on a real cliff hanger, which again some people like and some don’t. I myself don’t mind this; it’s just like any extended story or a film saga that’s in two or more parts. I’m now really looking forward to starting the second book right away, or as they say, to be continued………………….

I’m damned determined to find out what the hell is going on and get my answers. You guys will just have to wait for the next review!


About The Author

Liz Borino transcribes the world inside her head onto the page, and share it with the people who are stuck in the “real world” to makes their lives a little more interesting. Because in her world, heroes fall and stand up again with the help of their partners and friends. Liz’s world is littered with formidable obstacles, which her heroes overcome with a fire of courage and passion. The beauty of love between two men is celebrated. Who wouldn’t want to live there?
When not with her heroes, Liz enjoys exploring cities, working toward social justice, and editing for other authors. Liz is less than three months from obtaining her Masters’ degree in English and published nine books since 2010.

Liz will be here with us with a guest post when we reveal my review for the second book. Make sure you don’t miss out.


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