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The Heart Knows What The Heart Wants by Lori L. Clark ~ Release Blitz and Giveaway

the heart knows what the hert wants

Title: The Heart Knows What The Heart Wants

Author: Lori L. Clark

Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: March 6, 2014

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Estelle "Star" Falconé, a thirty-year-old tattooed bartender, was once a free-spirited dreamer who dabbled in astrology for fun and secretly dreamed of becoming a rock-star some day.

Twenty-one-year-old Shane Harper was once the star of his high school basketball team. With a full ride scholarship, his dream was to play college basketball and study planetary science. When a tragic car accident permanently sidelines his basketball career, college is out of the question.

Sparks fly when their two worlds collide.

Can a relationship survive between a thirty-year-old starry-eyed woman who's on the run from an extremely dangerous man, and a twenty-one-year-old science geek who's hell-bent on protecting her at all cost?

***Caution*** for mature readers. Contains graphic violence including rape. This is a complete, standalone novel.




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Lisa’s Review

3 “Neptune Girl & Saturn Boy” Stars


The Heart Knows What The Heart Wants by Lori L. Clark is a book about second chances at life and following your heart. Sometimes life takes you in a direction that you were not expecting. And sometimes you simply have to walk that new path and take a chance. You may just find the happiness, love and acceptance you were seeking.

Thirty-year-old Estelle Falcone is on the run from her abusive boyfriend. She has finally managed to escape the clutches of the man who has shattered her dreams and broken her down. Desperate to escape and never end up in the violent hands of her ex again, Estelle changes her name to Star Lambert and runs. She finds herself in a small town when her car breaks down. Fate has obviously intervened seeing that the town folk immediately take her in and help her out. With a new job and a new lease on life, Star begins to put the pieces of herself back together. When she meets the nephew of her new employer, Star can’t help but be attracted to the younger man. Maybe the stars are aligning for her after all.

Twenty-one-year-old Shane Harper is attempting to get his life back on track after a tragic accident caused his basketball playing and college dreams to go up in smoke. His personal aspirations have been ripped away from him due to stupid judgment on his part and he finds himself at some cross-roads trying to decipher where to take his life. When Star shows up in town and begins to work for his aunt, Shane can’t help but feel a connection to her. Shane sees himself in Star, someone who is haunted by a tragic past.

Can Star and Shane somehow move past their personal demons and give a relationship a fair chance? Has Star truly escaped from her abusive past? Will Shane be the one to break through her defenses and protect her?

While this book was an enjoyable read, I found myself not really connecting with the writing. Some of the phrases this author chose to use did not work for me. For instance, Star’s use of “Saturn, Pluto and Mars” rather than “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” was a little strange to me. Perhaps it is simply because I am not really fascinated by astronomy, astrology or anything of the like. I had a hard time buying into Shane and Star’s relationship and the multiple POVs kind of threw me off as well. Further, the way the book evolved and reached its end was anti-climactic for me. Star made a stupid choice, Shane let her, something bad happens and they live happily ever after. No…just no. Things did not add up and I found myself wanting more. Perhaps more intensity was necessary given the nature of what Star had gone through. I am not sure. I want to state that this is not a badly written book. I think it all boils down to the fact that this author’s style of writing was not for me. I am positive that many will enjoy this book.

All in all, The Heart Knows What The Heart Wants was a good read for me but not a great one. My thoughts about this book are my opinion. You may decide to give this book a try and absolutely love it. That is the beauty of reading after all.






Finally giving up on sleep, she climbed from bed and gathered her clothes to take into the bathroom for a long hot shower, hopeful the hot water would dislodge the myriad of inappropriate thoughts that had started to march through her sleep-deprived brain.

Star knew Shane was too young for her. He'd barely begun to live his life and in her thirty years she'd already lived enough for both of them combined. There was an undeniable attraction, she couldn't dispute that. Holding him, comforting him, as she had just a few short hours ago left her craving more of his touch.

She gritted her teeth and turned up the water temperature as she scrubbed her body. "Why is it the men I'm attracted to are always wrong for me? For once, why can't I like the nerdy, science geek with a big brain instead of a big…ego," she huffed.

After her shower, she wiped the fog from the mirror and studied the lines in her face. Time had not been kind to her, especially the time spent with Derek. She smoothed the skin around her eyes, suddenly wondering how much a face-lift would set her back. A more close-up inspection advised her that more than a couple new gray hairs had sprouted, seemingly overnight, as well.

"Are you going to be much longer?" Shane's muffled voice asked from the other side of the bathroom door causing her to jump.

"Just a few more minutes, sorry," she answered. She hurriedly dried off and scrambled into her clothes. When she opened the door, he sat on the floor facing her, his back against the wall. He beamed mischievously up at her, and something warm pooled inside of her. She smiled back and said, "I guess I kind of lost track of time."

"No worries. As long as there's hot water left, I don't mind." He held his hand out to her. "Help me up, Blue," he asked.

She tugged him to his feet and he seemed reluctant to let go of her hand. He gave her fingers a quick squeeze. Holy hell I'm melting here. She thought. The tips of her ears started to burn and she withdrew her hand from his. "All yours," she whispered and turned to go to her room.

She couldn't be sure, it may have been her overactive imagination, or wishful thinking, but she could have sworn she heard him say "I wish," before he disappeared into the bathroom.

Star fanned herself and sat down on the corner of her bed. If he had remembered having the nightmare, or her rocking him back to sleep afterwards, it wasn't evident in the tundra-melting smile he'd given her. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. Was she disappointed that he hadn't remembered, or relieved?



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About the Author

authorLLCTen things about me: 

1. I'm an only child.  2. My only child is a Min Pin.  3. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa.  4. I worked as a professional psychic reader for 2 years.  5. I'm a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius rising.  6. I've written 7 books and am in the process of brainstorming the 8th.  7. I make my home near St. Louis, MO.  8. I ran my first 1/2 marathon at age 50.  9. I love 80's hair band music.  10. I'm a vegetarian.

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