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Following Chase (Chase #2) by J.J. Scotts ~ Cover Reveal, Exclusive Excerpt and Giveaway

Chase 2

Author ~ J.J. Scotts

Genre ~ M/M Romance

Expected Release Date ~ 17th March 2014



Liam Collins is in way over his head. He’s been hired to act as the face of the hermit author, Chase Preston, by attending events and interacting with the fans. At first, it doesn’t sound that bad at all.

But Chase can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. And Liam can’t stop himself from getting turned on. Is Liam merely Chase’s play thing? Is this the real reason he was hired?

The more Liam struggles to resist the sexy author, the more curious Liam becomes. Who is Chase, really?

A little harmless snooping is about to put Liam in a lot of danger.




Chase had slowed his pace to a leisurely stroll. I match his speed, staying about a block behind him. I still wanted to apologize and make things right, or as right as they could be, between us. But I desperately wanted to see where Chase went when he left so late at night.

Did he have friends? A girlfriend…or boyfriend, maybe? Or was he going to one of the ‘underground clubs’ Eli had hinted about when I’d questioned the late-night activities? The plump PR exec claimed Chase attended them as research for his books, but I wasn’t so sure.

The posh apartment buildings had lessened, and our surroundings mostly consisted of commercial space. I began to hear the low thud of heavy bass rumbling through the air. It vibrated through the rubber soles of my shoes all the way up to my shins.
Up ahead, past Chase, I could see several neon signs, advertising the names of the clubs from which the bass boomed. Occasionally, a door would open and music – hip hop, electronica, metal, or thrash, depending on the door – would pour out into the streets for a brief moment.

I heard the hum of voices and ducked my head a little, using the brim of the cap Josh had given me to shield my face. It hadn’t been that long since the award banquet had ended, but in today’s instant information age, there was the possibility that some of these club-goers had already seen pictures of ‘Chase Preston’ at his first public appearance.
I sincerely doubted I’d be recognized. The lounge pants and cap were a far cry from the tailored suit I’d worn earlier. I doubted anyone expected to see the famous Chase Preston strolling downtown in his pajamas at midnight, but, just in case, I kept my head bent enough to not lose sight of the real Chase Preston.

Lines of people waited to enter the various clubs – women in short flirty dresses and men in jeans paired with nice shirts. The noise level around me rose as they chatted and laughed, some of them obviously drunk already. Bouncers outside one of the clubs were breaking up a fight between two chicks in what looked like spandex jumpsuits.
The mixture of chatter from waiting patrons, the honking of taxis, the heavy thud of bass, and various types of competing music, turned the streets into a cacophony of messy noises.

Was Chase heading for one of these dance clubs? It wasn’t hard to conjure an image of his toned, powerful body moving to pounding music and I had to swallow past the sudden dryness in my throat.

But he calmly bypassed all the lines, weaving though staggering people without so much as a glance at anyone. Several women, and a few men, shouted come-ons or invitations his way, but he ignored them. His lazy stride had once again picked up pace and I sensed we were nearing his destination.

Maybe if I could solve this one Chase Preston mystery, the man would lose the intense hold he seemed to have on me. I’d never met someone who so sexually agitated me in my entire life. I’d be glad to have him fade into the realm of just another annoying employer.

Another sudden turn caught me off-guard. Chase had ducked between two buildings with clubs that appeared to be closed for the evening. Their windows were dark and no music echoed from within.

I skidded to a halt and peeked around the corner, fingers clinging to the rough brick as I checked to see if the coast was clear for me to follow him down the alley.
Chase had stopped only a few feet in front of me. My stomach lurched and my heart climbed into my throat, perhaps thinking it would make for an easier escape from punishment if I was caught. But his back was still to me, and I released a silent sigh of relief.

Enough of the light from the street filtered into the mouth of the alley for me to see Chase clearly. He had stopped to put on his suit coat and was adjusting the lapels to make them lie flat. Ahead of him about ten feet, a single dim bulb bolted to the gray brick wall illuminated a battered red metal door.

For a bright red door planted in a drab grey wall, it was strangely inconspicuous. You wouldn’t know it was there if you weren’t looking. Yet, Chase was obviously heading right for it. Was this one of the underground clubs Eli had mentioned? I could feel myself sweating in nervousness. What was beyond this door? What would I learn about Chase if I followed him?

As I watched, Chase reached into his jacket and pulled something out. It only took me a second to recognize it. The black Phantom mask I’d seen him with that other night. I wondered if it was the same exact one. It had gotten a little crushed between us that night in his kitchen. Did he have a bunch of them? That’d be weird as shit.

Chase lifted the mask to his face, pulling the two long black silk ribbons back and tying them securely behind his head. With his back still facing me, I imagined what he looked like now, in his black suit with the mask obscuring nearly three quarters of his handsome face – covering the disfiguring scar that kept him out of the public eye.

His blue eyes would still be blazing out of the eye holes, and his devilish mouth with its full lower lip, was probably smirking. No doubt a lock of his nearly black hair tumbled over his smooth forehead for a slightly disheveled look. It was a heart-stopping image. I nearly moaned aloud, but managed to swallow the sound at the last second. I was being an idiot.

Mask in place, Chase crossed the distance between him and the red door, pulled it open, and disappeared inside.



Series Reading Order


Book #1 ~ Being Chase ~ Macky's Review 


Book #2 ~ Following Chase ~ Released 17th March 2014


About J.J. Scotts



J.J. Scotts began writing fiction as a hobby during college. She loves writing romance stories and has taken an interest in writing m/m romance.

Other than writing and having a rather dull job, J.J. likes to go hiking and rock climbing. She lives happily with her loving husband, friendly dogs, and lazy cat in sunny California.

email her at: 

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