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Devon Hartford ~ Author Spotlight, Exclusive Series Reveal and Giveaway

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It’s our very great pleasure to welcome Devon Hartford to Sinfully Sexy again today and he’s got a FANTASTIC and HUGE giveaway to share with you all.


Devon is the author of the Samantha Smith new adult contemporary romance  Trilogy which is now complete and we’ve got a series spotlight and an exciting reveal of Devon’s upcoming new series which has covers which you are just going to LOVE!!


Samantha Smith Series Spotlight


fearless cover1. Fearless

Click here to read our review and an interview with Devon

Release Date: July 26 2013

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At the age of sixteen, Samantha Smith's innocence was shattered in the blink of an eye. She kept the pain to herself for three years, burying her terrible secret beneath black clothes and black makeup, afraid to tell anyone. The price for her silence was the loss of her happiness and all of her friends.

After moving from stuffy Washington D.C. to laid back San Diego, where Samantha is now a freshman at San Diego University, she is determined to find new friends and reclaim her optimistic spirit. Having thrown away her goth exterior, she hopes that her new sunny look will heal her wounds.

Dreaming of adventure, she wishes to escape the humdrum middle-class existence that has repressed her fiery nature for as long as she can remember. But her parents are pressuring her to major in Accounting because it's the safe thing to do. Samantha secretly considers ditching the business major to study Art, a choice that would horrify her parents if they ever found out.

When Samantha crosses paths with a troubled, handsome, tattoo-clad bad boy, her life spins into overdrive, and Samantha finds herself juggling more adventure than she ever dreamed possible.


reckless cover2. Reckless

Release Date: October 5 2013

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Now that Samantha Smith has confronted the demons from her dark past in FEARLESS, she’s excited to jump into adulthood with newfound confidence and friends Romeo, Madison, and Kamiko.
Samantha passionately hopes that her dreams of becoming an artist are more than girlish fancy. All she has to do for them to come true is change her major from Accounting to Art, but she fears her parents will fly off the handle when she reveals her intentions.
Christos Manos, the ultimate bad-boy boyfriend, is committed to staying by Samantha’s side, nurturing her and helping her discover her potential, no matter what obstacles are thrown in her way.
When Samantha’s life starts to unravel, Christos is the only person she can turn to for the emergency support she needs. But Christos is fighting his own dark demons, tangled secrets he’s kept hidden from the beginning.
Samantha will be tested to the limits of her resilience, and must discover how truly Fearless she can be in the name of love.
WARNING!! The steam factor in RECKLESS will be significantly steamier than it was in FEARLESS.


painless cover3. Painless

Release Date: January 30 2014

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At last! The exciting, steamy, action packed conclusion to the Story of Samantha Smith! PAINLESS follows Samantha through the remainder of her first year in college at sunny San Diego University.
Oh, and what about that hot hunk Christos Manos? When we last left him, his life balanced on the brink of disaster. What is going to happen to him?
You’ll have to read PAINLESS to find out!
Find out what happens to Samantha, Christos, Romeo, Kamiko, Madison, Jake, and everyone else in PAINLESS, the third and final volume of the series!
This book is full of surprises!!
WARNING!! Once again, the steam factor in PAINLESS is much higher than in FEARLESS (book 1), but similar to RECKLESS (book 2).


Devon wrote us a special Halloween story featuring Kamiko and Romeo – to read that click here.



Exclusive New Series Reveal

The Story of Victory Payne

We’re absolutely thrilled to exclusively reveal to you Devon’s exciting new series and will you just take a look at that gorgeous cover model!!  He is fitness model, Myles Leask and you can check out his Facebook Page here. Go give him a like and say Hi from Sinfully Sexy! 


The new series is called The Story of Victory Payne and will centre around aspiring rock musicians living in Los Angeles and is slated for a late spring release.


victory run 1

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victory run 3

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Series Synopsis



There’s only one rule in Rock & Roll:
Don’t sleep with anyone in the band.

Victory Payne is the hottest lead guitar player on the night club scene of Hollywood’s infamous Sunset Strip until she breaks rock’s cardinal rule and falls in love with her lead singer, the gorgeous and brooding Scott Walker.

Unfortunately for Victory, Scott was just using her reputation as a guitar virtuoso to help land his own solo record contract and advance his career. After Scott signs with a major label, he kicks Victory out of the band, out of his house, and out of his life forever.

Blindsided by Scott’s betrayal, Victory has to start over at the bottom. The heartbreak of two wasted years of hard work on her relationship with troublesome Scott and the band threatens to cripple her spirit. But Victory refuses to give up.
Victory never gives up.

Without a job, a place to live, or the next gig to look forward to, Victory vows to rebuild her fledgling musical career. She has her car, her guitar, and she’s ready to claw her way to success.
This time, Victory won’t let love stand in her way.

Fate has other ideas and throws a roadblock by the name of Kellan Burns in her way. Kellan is primed to claim the title of hottest lead guitar player in Los Angeles with his rugged good looks and his own guitar slung as low as his tight jeans. Kellan isn’t the kind of guy to let some upstart babe with a six string stand in his way.

Victory Payne, meet Kellan Burns.


Ladies, you will need a fire extinguisher for this one.


We can’t wait to read these – they promise to be steamier than Devon’s Samantha Series series and we really can’t resist a rock star romance!




Devon has been a frequent visitor to Sinfully Sexy over the last year and we know from experience that when he says he’s going to donate signed books, you know you’re going to get something really special.  Not only is he a great author, he’s also a really talented artist too and when Devon signs a book, you’re also getting some of his original artwork.  Take a look at the prizes he has donated this time – he’s been ‘signing’ these books for weeks.  These are very rare and absolutely original and are not to be missed.


1st Prize 3 signed books (pictured) to US, Canada, UK ONLY $125 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Prize I Romeo Mug (US, Canada, UK ONLY) $50 Amazon Gift Card ebook copies of Fearless, Reckless

3rd Prize $25 Amazon Gift card ebook copies of Fearless, Reckless

devon hartford giveaway

Each winner will also receive some Romeo bookmarks.


romeo bookmarks


For your chance to win these incredible prizes, just enter the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!!

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Author Bio

devonDevon is a California boy to the core. He grew up on sunshine and the outdoors, which happens to be his favorite place to read a good book. Before turning his attention to writing novels, Devon worked as an illustrator in Hollywood for many years, drawing and painting everything from toy designs to feature films. His love of art and the city of San Diego are scattered throughout his recently completed romantic comedy trilogy “The Story of Samantha Smith.” Hard rock music is also a passion of Devon’s, and his next series will center around aspiring rock musicians living in Los Angeles.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


* Please note the geographical restrictions to the first and second prizes


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