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Interview With A Master by Jason Luke: Review, Author Interview & Giveaway

interview with a master

Title: Interview With A Master

Author: Jason Luke

Genre: BDSM Fiction

Release Date: February 7 2014

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It's the interview like no other.
It's the interview of a lifetime.
It's THE Interview with a Master.
When Jonah Noble reveals details of his life within the world of BDSM, the tale he tells is intensely erotic, profoundly sensual, and brutally honest.

This is His world. His way.

There is only one question the man will not answer…

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language)


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Becs’ Review


This one really jumped out of nowhere for me.  Last week, I’d never even heard of Jason Luke and now I’m a huge fan and I’ve even interviewed him.  Interview With A Master is the story of one dominant, Jonah Noble, telling his story over several days to a journalist intern, Leticia Fall.  After she asks him several superficial questions, Jonah demands that she conducts a ‘proper’ interview and offers her a career-making interview with America’s elusive, notorious BDSM Master.


And so we begin.  And from this moment I was completely captivated, utterly enthralled as I listened to that intoxicating voice telling his story.  We chart his metamorphosis from horny teenage virgin to the calm, collected and very commanding dominant we see before us today and I was hooked and just about ready to kneel at his feet.


Not one to allow just one way traffic, Jonah insists that, for every revelation he gives Leticia, she reciprocates with one equally as personal about herself.


I smiled thinly and shook my head. “Not yet.‘Do ut des’, Leticia.”

She frowned.

“It’s a Latin term,” I explained. “It means ‘I give that you may give’. It’s your turn to answer my questions about you. That was the agreement, yes? Our deal is based on the principle of reciprocity.”


What follows is an intoxicating and highly addictive exploration of BDSM with Jonah’s story mostly told in retrospect as his fascination with his interviewer, Leticia, grows stronger as the book progresses but there’s one question he won’t answer and you will have to wait until almost the very end of the book to find out what that is.  I’ve seen some criticism of the ending of the book, but for me it’s a brave decision by the author and one that I applaud.


I so enjoyed this sensual novel – I guess what makes it so different is that it’s BDSM told from the male POV by a male author.  That’s not something that we see very often but it’s a fascinating insight.  I was completely lost, desperate to keep turning those pages to know what was going to happen next, sadly watching the progress indicator on my Kindle creep ever close to 100%, knowing it was all about to end and I just wasn’t ready to part from Jonah.  I did think there were a lot of loose ends very close to the finish and wondered if it would all come together by the conclusion but it did and its really quite a shocking ending that took me by surprise, even though the clues were there, and had me gasping in shock.


“More than that, generally speaking, in a BDSM relationship, the submissive is the one who holds the real power.”

Leticia shook her head. “How can that be?”

“Because BDSM is based on consent,” I said. “The Master cannot exert control and power over someone who does not willingly –” I raised my finger to emphasize the point, “willingly offer themselves. A Master without a submissive is a guy. Just a guy. He needs someone who wishes to submit to him, in order to become a Master.”


This is a very frank and deliciously hot account of Jonah’s sexual proclivities.  It’s eerily atmospheric and the style is fairly reminiscent of Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire – I definitely got the same slightly haunting feeling reading this although, of course, the subject matter is very different.  Yes, this is highly titillating but it also reads like literary BDSM – it’s a thinkin’ gal’s piece of erotica.  It goes deeper than just the physical as Jonah talks at length about the psychological balance between a dom and his sub and I found myself falling for him and was a lost cause by the end of the book.  he’s a delicious dominant and yet I found him to be really quite a lonely figure and I felt sad for him.  Despite being a man who seemingly has everything and a collection of submissives at his beck and call, he’s lacking that real connection that a true couple shares and I so wanted this for him.


So this is a highly engaging, utterly compelling and thoughtful piece of fiction and I’m going to name this one a Sinfully Sexy Recommended Read


5 sensual stars


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Interview With An Author


After such a fantastic reading experience, I just had to find out a little bit more about the author so I hunted tracked him down and I’m delighted to tell you that he agreed to an interview and this is what he had to say.

Hi Jason. Welcome to Sinfully Sexy. It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our blog today.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on the success of Interview With A Master. This is the book everyone is talking about. What were your expectations when you hit the publish button and how has the reality differed?

Before the hype that surrounded the book I really had no expectation. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how good the book was until a number of bloggers started messaging me and the whole project seemed to take on a life of its own. I did expect to be able to publish the book and then take a break and spend some time thinking about what to write next. The reality has been very different. The social media commitments have been endless, and so at the time of answering this I still haven’t had time to work out what to do next.

I just want you to know much I loved and adored the book. To me, it’s such a special read. Can you tell us a little bit about where the inspiration for the story came from?

The characters and events are a combination of real life experiences and fiction. The inspiration came from aspects of my own past and some people I knew quite well. When I threw these characters together I was curious to see what story might develop.

How long has it been since the idea for the book first came into your head and how difficult has it been to translate those ideas into a book that everyone wants to read?

The idea came to me and the very next day I started writing. Three weeks later the book was published.

I think this is the burning question everyone wants to know the answer to – how much of Jonah Noble is based on you?

A lot. I believe that is why I found the book so easy to write, because I knew this guy pretty well! A lot of who Jonah is, what he thinks, and some of his experiences are my own. However I must point out that the book is a work of fiction ultimately and it is a story.

To me, Jonah really did cut a very lonely figure despite being surrounded by wealth and people. Do you think the life of a dominant is a lonely one?

I think that would depend on the person. I don’t think you need to be a loner to be a dominant person, nor do I think being a dominant person makes you a loner.

Who did you find harder to write – Jonah or Leticia?

Both these characters were easy to write. In fact the hardest parts of the book to write were the fictionalised scenes.

I felt completely enthralled by the novel as I read it and I couldn’t put it down. I wondered how writing it impacted on you personally.

Writing this book was a joy. An absolute joy. Before ‘Interview with a Master’ I wrote two zombie novels and they were murder. I was constantly checking facts and information, which made the writing process painfully slow. The problem was I didn’t know my subject well enough. When I sat down to write ‘Interview with a Master’ I realised how different it is to write when you are confident about the characters and their actions.

Without giving away any spoilers, looking back at the whole novel, which parts did you find the hardest to write and what came the easiest?

The ending was by far the hardest part to write. I spent a lot of time writing and re-writing the last couple of scenes, and what I came up with ultimately was rubbish. It was only when I edited and cut huge chunks of text from the ending that it actually started to work. The easiest parts of the book were quite simply every time Jonah opened his mouth. I found his dialogue very easy to write.

And your favourite scene of the whole book?

My favourite scene is one involving Leticia and Jonah in the training room. It involves a pair of handcuffs, a key, and some erotic tension. That scene was great fun.

I remember it well!!

What do you want your readers to get out of reading Interview With A Master? Is there a message in there you want them to hear?

No. I want readers to be entertained I want readers to put the book down at the end and I hope they feel something for the characters or for the story. If anyone takes any message from the book and relates it to circumstances in their own life then I am pleased. But my goal was to entertain.

Although it’s not actually mentioned by name, there’s a few veiled references to Fifty Shades? Have you read that trilogy and, if so, how do you feel about it as an example of BDSM fiction?

I have not read the books.

Did you read a lot of BDSM and erotic romances before you wrote this and which do you think are the finest examples of the genre?

I haven’t read any. Sorry. I read action books.

What writers, books, or ideas have most influenced you – today and growing up?

I enjoyed reading the old action/ adventure authors of the 1960’s and 70’s.

Did you listen to music as you wrote this and, if so, which songs seemed most important to you and the story at the time?

I cannot write and have any noise in the background I wish I could. But the fact is I am so easily distracted. I am generally looking for any excuse to get out of the office and stop work for the day. I might be simple, but I just can’t concentrate with background noise. However, I can tell you that the song running around in my head when I was working on the last scenes of the book was the song ‘With or Without You’ by U2.

What are your plans for your next novel? Are you working on one right now?

No. Right now my plan is to try to get away from the computer for 6 weeks.

Can’t say I blame you!

Can you describe a typical day’s writing for us? Do you stick to a schedule? Do you have any strange habits you are prepared to share with us?

It is not uncommon for me to start early and finish late. I generally like to start early in the morning and would normally aim to write 2000 words a day. All my plans went out the window when I wrote ‘Interview with a Master’ because I was writing up to 6000 words a day and the story wouldn’t stop. I don’t think I have any strange habits but I do like to burn incense while I am writing.

Any advice for aspiring authors?

I don’t think I am qualified to give advice on writing. I think the best thing a prospective author can do is to get their advice from a proven bestseller. I would suggest reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King.

Thanks for speaking to us today – it’s been our pleasure.


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