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Double Blind (Special Delivery #2) by Heidi Cullinan ~ Pre-Release Review, Excerpt and Giveaway

Heidi is back here with us on the 5th April for the Pre-Release Review of Tough Love, the third book in the Special Delivery series. And you our lovely readers, get the chance to ASK THE AUTHOR, yes YOU will be interviewing Heidi. We will just be putting a selection of your questions referencing you, together for the lovely lady herself.

Do you have a burning question you always wanted to ask about her books? characters? or even about Heidi herself?

All you need to do is leave a question for Heidi in the comments section below, plus we are giving away 5 eBooks of either Special Delivery or Double Blind.


Double Blind (Special Delivery #2) by Heidi Cullinan


Title ~ Double Blind (Special Delivery #2)

Author ~ Heidi Cullinan

Publisher ~ Samhain Publishing

Genre ~ M/M Erotic Romance, BDSM and M/M/M/M.

Release Date ~ 4th March 2014

Rating ~ 4 Stars



Know when to show your hand…and when to hedge your bets.

Randy Jensen can’t stand to just sit by and watch as a mysterious man throws money away on the roulette wheel, especially since Randy’s got his own bet going as to the reason this guy is making every play like it’s his last day on earth. The man’s dark desperation hits Randy right in the gut. Half of him warns that getting involved is a sucker’s bet, and the other half scrambles for a reason—any reason—to save the man’s soul.
Ethan Ellison has no idea what he’s going to do with himself once his last dollar is gone—until Randy whirls into his life with a heart-stealing smile and a poker player’s gaze that sees too much.
Randy draws Ethan into a series of wagers that leads to a scorching kiss by midnight, but he isn’t the only one with an interest in Ethan’s vulnerability. Soon they’re both taking risks that not only play fast and loose with the law, but with the biggest prize of all: their hearts.

Warning: This story contains high-stakes poker, gangsters with a weakness for kittens, foursomes, and kinky consensual sex.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.


Monique’s Review

We all have authors that we tend to gravitate to, those that you know will always deliver and Heidi Cullinan, for me, is one of those authors, with Special Delivery the first book in this series being my favourite book from her. Whilst Double Blind didn’t quite wow me in the same way, there is one thing for sure that made this book a winner in my starry eyes and his name is Randy. Heidi’s characterisation of that man is just superb. She managed to turn a man that I didn’t particularly care much for in the first book, and to be honest, only really tolerated because his affection for Sam and Mitch was so apparent… into a man I am completely smitten with, actually head over heels… I love him! He’s the star of the show as far as I’m concerned and everything about him shines. Even the close relationship he maintains with Sam and Mitch and subsequently the four of them… HELL YES!!! Lots of Kinky fuckery to be had in this book, gave me the warm and fuzzies rather than the prickly annoyance I felt towards him previously.


I suppose in Special Delivery I got the impression that Randy was shallow and selfish but there is so much more to him. He’s a thinker, he analyses, he’s perceptive and see’s and feel’s so much more than even he wants to admit to himself. He is actually a very selfless person who thrives off the challenge rather than the conquest, he’s tactile and warm and definitely not the cold hard person he portrays. Yes, he’s a bad boy… it oozes from him, cocky and arrogant are part of his charm and he certainly doesn’t try to hide it, as Randy has no filter to his mouth or his imagination. He makes no apologies either for his love of fucking and his hedonistic lifestyle, totally contradicting the childlike vulnerability we get to see more of in this book, he certainly had my emotions conflicting all over the place, wanting to get down and dirty with him one minute and wrap him up in my motherly arms the next whilst at the same time having me in hysterics with his sarcastic wit, humour and inner monologue… there is definitely nothing one dimensional about Randy… I’m smitten, totally!!! I mentioned that already didn’t I?!

Ethan is a different character all together, he’s not as dynamic as Randy and certainly doesn’t have his charisma and I did sit and wonder if perhaps Randy was the most incessant of the two when the book was being formulated in Heidi's head. That makes Ethan sound flat in comparison, when in truth that’s not really the case he just has a different personality, in my eyes, not as animated. But I think that’s because when we first meet Ethan he is at the very lowest point anyone could possibly get in their lives, where the consequences of your actions no longer hold any meaning, where the turn of a wheel decides your fate.

Randy’s killer intuition kicks in and he can see the lost and lonely soul within Ethan, probably because it’s something he recognises as part of himself. And this is where Randy excels, his strength of character is what holds them all together, Sam and Mitch included. He’s like the repair man that comes in and fixes everything making it all better, the glue that holds them all together using that charm of his to his best advantage… even when on the inside he himself feels like falling apart, resigned to the loneliness of his own fate… the tears of a clown!

But there is one man who’s perception, intuition and manipulation even out smarts my Randy… Crabtree a mobster with a nefarious reputation that happens to have a penchant for kinky sex and kittens, showed his true colours. His part in the story, the sale of the Casino, Ethan's elevation to manager and the subsequent unravelling of the plot, the finale as it were, was a blinder, and at the end of the day this book is all about love… lot’s of it, Sam and Mitch are overflowing with it, Randy is like a love sick teenager that has just discovered it, Ethan has realised the reality and enormity of it and Crabtree… well, he’s basking in it all… oh and kinky sex, lot’s of that too!

The only part that didn’t work for me in this book was the poker… a bit like Sam, I’m rubbish at cards, totally goes over my head and I don’t understand it, I’m not manipulative enough to bluff and hate gambling, not for morality reasons, but just because I hate the uncertainty of gambling, I would rather have money in my hand than put it’s ownership at the hands of fate. I think I must be the only person who has been to Vegas and didn’t gamble a penny! So while Randy was teaching Ethan the game of poker which is a continuous thread throughout the book, I must admit I switched off because it’s like talking a foreign language to my head… which isn’t a criticism of the book, because there were parts of the poker tuition that had me hooked especially as Randy is so passionate about a game that has been such a big part of his life, it’s just the technicalities I don’t understand.

That being said, this book is amazing and it was great to see Sam and Mitch again too… we even got some of Mitch’s dirty talk and that just gives me tummy flutters big time! I am totally enthralled with this series and Heidi’s writing as always is exemplary, she never fails in my eyes to give me as a reader a bloody good read!!!

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Excerpt from Double Blind

Quick as lightning, Randy shoved his own cards forward into the muck. “I fold.”

“You can’t fold when we’ve all called.” Louis turned over his cards, which as promised were ace and king, both diamonds, then pointed at Randy. “Dealer, I demand to see his hand.”

“They were nothing.” Randy’s voice was sharp, partly from panic at being found out, partly from trying not to throw up over throwing a fucking straight into the muck on the river. “2 and 10 offsuit, okay? It was embarrassing.”

Louis glared, clearly suspecting something, and Randy was ready to pull out the 10 and whatever card was next to it so long as it wasn’t another goddamned 9, but Kevin saved him by laying down his treasured aces and whispering, “I won.”

Everyone turned to him, Louis too. “What?”

“I won.” Kevin laughed, wheezed, then fumbled in his pocket and withdrew an inhaler. After he got his air back, he slapped his hand on the rail and hooted. “Oh my God, I won.”

They all cheered him, and Randy gave him a chagrined smile, ducking his head to hide his real delight when Louis swore, picked up his remaining, paltry chips, and left the table.

Randy’s joy was short-lived, however, because the next thing he knew, Ethan hauled him up from his chair and away from the table. Randy followed, bewildered, as he was led out of the room, down the hall and around a corner into the shadows, where Ethan backed him to the wall and bore down on him like a sexy avenging angel.

“You had a straight. I thought at first I must have been wrong, until you said you had a 2. You didn’t. You had a 9 and 10, and you had a straight. Which beats three of a kind.” Ethan hesitated. “Right?”

Randy shushed him then glanced up the hall to make sure Louis hadn’t been around to hear. “Keep it down, Slick. Yes, I did have a straight, and yes, it does beat three of a kind.” He sighed. “Look. All I wanted was to clean out Louis, and if you must know, I wanted it to go to Kevin. I had no idea I’d pull a goddamned straight out of my ass.”

“You could have cleaned Louis out by winning, but you threw the game. Why?”

Randy shrugged. “I can win anytime. Kevin’s going back to Burbank to tell everybody in his cubicle how he won at the Golden Nugget. Sometimes the pot isn’t the money.”

Ethan stared at him with an intense, searing look for a long moment before he spoke. “What time is it?”

Randy pulled his phone out of his pocket and peeked at the time. “11:40.”

“Good.” Ethan grabbed Randy’s face and pressed his mouth down on Randy’s own.

All thoughts of thrown straights fled as the sharp taste of Ethan filled Randy’s mouth, and several brain cells melted as well as Ethan drew on Randy’s bottom lip before stealing deep inside. He could no more stop the groan rumbling in the back of his throat than he could keep his hands from sliding around Ethan’s hips to the fine slope of his ass. He drew in a long, deep breath of Ethan, then thrust his tongue against the one claiming his mouth, giving as good as he got.

When they finally pulled apart, resting their foreheads together, both of them were gasping.

“Jesus Christ, Slick.” Randy dug his fingers into Ethan’s ass. “Please tell me we’re fucking later.”

“That depends.” Ethan ran his fingers weakly down Randy’s chest as he paused for more air. “You were going to throw our bet, weren’t you?”

Randy shrugged. “Already had the pot I was after. Figured I could get a cheaper kiss out of you after midnight. But you were right. This was better.”

Ethan tipped Randy’s face up and looked him in the eye. “Don’t do it again.” There was a tightness in Ethan’s face, and no small amount of pain. “Don’t tell me we’re playing for one thing and then play for something else without telling me. I’ll fuck you in bed, but not if you’re fucking with my head out of it.”

Randy wanted to argue he hadn’t been fucking with him, that he was too caught up in enjoying Ethan’s company to try and play the siren, but then he got lost in the hollow shadows of Ethan’s gaze. Jesus fuck, but that guy did a real number on you, didn’t he?

Randy held up his hands. “Was never what I meant, Slick. But I swear—I won’t.”

The pained edge eased in Ethan’s gray eyes, and after a beat, he gave a reluctant smile and touched Randy’s face, making Randy’s cock swell happily in his jeans.

Oh Jesus, Randy thought, more blood rushing south as he read the heat in Ethan’s expression. He fished in his pocket and pulled out a hundred-dollar chip. “I can’t afford another thousand-dollar kiss unless I get to an ATM, but I’m curious to see what this will buy me.”

A long, slender hand cupped Randy’s balls as a hot mouth closed, featherlight and open-mouthed, over his own. It was over almost as quickly as it started, and Randy was damn glad he was pressed against the wall as Ethan pulled away, because otherwise he’d have fallen over.

Ethan took the chip and ran it lightly down the bridge of Randy’s nose. “I want to go play poker,” he said in the same tone another man would use to say, “I want to fuck you.”

“Then let’s go play poker.” Randy stayed against the wall and watched Ethan head toward the poker room. When Randy thought he could walk straight or at least come close enough to count, he pushed off the wall and followed.

Mandy took one look at him and lifted her eyebrows into her hairline. “And here I thought I was going to have to warn your boy you can be a little hard to handle.”

“Oh no. He doesn’t need any warnings.” Randy ran a hand through his hair.

Mandy laughed. “Need a drink?”


“I’ll send Carol over with a Dirty Whiskey for you.” Mandy patted his arm. “On the house.”

Randy drifted over to the table, where Ethan had already seated himself in Louis’s empty chair. He’d also changed in his video-poker winnings and his bribe and kiss tokens for a modest pile of ten, five and dollar chips. He smiled when Randy sat beside him, and Randy settled in as comfortably as he could with his dick screaming in his pants.

“All right, Slick.” Randy’s voice was almost steady. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”



Series Reading order

Special Delivery  ~

Double Blind ~ Due for release ~ 4th March 2014 ~

Tough Love ~ Due for release ~ 8th April 2014 ~


About Heidi Cullinan

Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just aren't enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching television with her husband and ten-year-old daughter. Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and is proud to be from the first midwestern state with full marriage equality.

Find out more about Heidi, including her social networks, at




Heidi is back here with us on the 5th April for the Pre-Release Review of Tough Love, the third book in the Special Delivery series. And you our lovely readers, get the chance to ASK THE AUTHOR, yes YOU will be interviewing Heidi. We will just be putting a selection of your questions referencing you, together for the lovely lady herself.

Do you have a burning question you always wanted to ask about her books? characters? or even about Heidi herself?

All you need to do is leave a question for Heidi in the comments section below, plus we are giving away 5 eBooks of either Special Delivery or Double Blind.

By leaving a question in the comments and entering the Rafflecopter below you will be entered into the draw for your chance to win one of 5 copies of Double Blind or Special Delivery if you haven’t read the first book in the series.


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