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Death of a Rock Star by NJ Frost ~ Review & Giveaway


Title: Death Of A Rockstar (Boy In The Band, #0.5)

Author: NJ Frost

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 25 2014

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“Troubled rock star Jamie Grimes was found dead at his London home earlier today.”

So there you have it. Jamie is dead… and it's no surprise.

A victim of his addictions - his love of drugs and his love for her.

Sylvie Smith isn’t just any girl.
She was my best friend’s girl.
No, not just his girl, she was his downfall.
She’s the last woman on earth I should want,
but the instant I set eyes on her I know.
She will be my downfall too…

Thrown together in the aftermath of Jamie’s death, Blake and Sylvie's worlds are set to collide. Are they a disaster waiting to happen or an epic love story about to begin?

Find out in this prequel novella to THE BOY IN THE BAND.




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Becs Review


Death of a Rock Star is the warm up act to the Boy in the Band, due for release this summer. 


This really was like no other rockstar novel I think I’ve ever read.  You’re not going to find a rose-tinted glow here – it’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s even really rather seedy and kinda grungy and I totally loved it.  In fact, it’s bloody brilliant!


As the title suggests, it starts with the death of a famous rock star – Jamie.  We’ve all see this before – some drug-addled celebrity’s body being wheeled out of an apartment block in a black body bag to a waiting ambulance in front of a baying pack of the world’s press, being carted off for an autopsy with the inevitable results that we all know – that their veins were clogged to Hell and back with Class A substances.  We’ve all seen the fall of the prodigiously talented at the hands of a life of excess with no one to tell them no.


What we don’t see is how the aftershocks ricochet ever outwards after such an event and this is what we are shown here in this novella.  As Jamie dies he leaves behind his girl, Sylvie, – she’s his muse and she’s a self-confessed whore who finds oblivion in fucking the way Jamie found it at the end of a hypodermic.  She’s incredibly beautiful and so very fragile and there’s a darkness here that is only lightly touched on – and it’s enough for me to be desperate to want to know more.  Sylvie works as an A&R girl for an up and coming indie record label but this confident facade is masking something deep down inside that has so far only been hinted at.


Sylvie also has complicated relationships with Chris Kavanagh, lead singer of Vertigo, another successful band and her boss, Alex Denton.  I really liked both of these guys, especially Chris who is there to catch Sylvie as she spirals out of control after Jamie’s death.


Jamie also leaves behind his best friend, Blake, who although shocked at Jamie’s death is not really surprised.   He’s watched his friend fade away from drug use in recent months and there’s a sad inevitability about the events of that day.  Blake is himself a frontman for the up and coming band, The Flood and he’s also a recovering addict, still craving that next one way ticket to oblivion only drugs can provide.  He’s also never met Sylvie – Jamie had tried very hard to prevent these two from ever meeting.  Blake sees her for the very first time at the shrine that Jamie’s doorstep has become and he at once despises her and adores her.  He blames her but she appeals to him in a way that no other woman ever has before and despite Jamie’s attempts to keep them apart, their worlds are about to collide.  He hates her yet her can’t resist her.


So this is an incredibly tantalising sneak peak at what we can expect from the upcoming Boy in the Band and I can’t freaking wait to get my hands on that one.  It’s incredibly well written with a style that grabbed my attention right from page one and held me in it’s thrall right until the bitter end.  It’s definitely a walk on the seedier side of the underbelly of the British indie rock scene, an unadulterated and bleak look at the lives of those involved.  It’s dark and angsty and I honestly couldn’t get enough of this.  I’m hooked – can’t wait for the main event in the summer.  This is such a promising debut from NJ Frost who I think is a very talented up and coming British author that we’ll be hearing a lot about in the future.


It’s very, VERY rare for me to give 5 stars to a novella – I’m often left twitching with unsatisfied desire as I always want more but this richly intoxicating prequel completely wowed me so 5 stars it is!


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Series Reading Order

0.5 – Death Of A Rock Star

1. The Boy In The Band






NJ Frost has created a truly awesome playlist for this novel that is very much representative of the current British sound – some fantastic tunes in here.






In spite of the rain, there’s a crowd milling around outside Jamie’s house and a pool of defiant candles casting their golden light into the dark. It looks like someone has scattered stars on the pavement. This is what bereft fans do. In the absence of their Gods, they erect shrines – on their bedroom walls, on a dead man’s doorstep. Someone is playing his music. It rises into the night sky like a mournful offering, an appeasement to the rock gods. Those gods are so fucking brutal. It seems they always take the best of us far too soon.

As I stand at the furthest edge of this strange spontaneous wake, watching, wondering what the hell Jamie would make of all this, my gaze catches on a girl. Her face is heart-stopping and looks about as haunted as I feel. She’s gazing down at the candles, not really seeing them I suspect, or maybe wondering like me, how the fuck they are staying alight in this slow painful rain. She’s wearing striped pyjama bottoms tucked into huge combat boots that aren’t even fastened and a black biker jacket with an image on the back that is unmistakable. I’d know that jacket anywhere. It’s Jamie’s, which means – she’s her. She’s Jamie’s mystery girl.

My heart is ricocheting around like crazy. With anger and I’m ashamed to admit, with crazy lust. For a moment I regret that my cock decided to behave on the way over here. I wish I’d fucked the nameless model senseless just like I needed. Maybe I wouldn’t be aching now at the sight of my dead friend’s girl. No, not his girl, his fucking downfall – I have to remember that. Seeing her now though, for the first time, I understand. I thought Jamie was crazy for letting a girl get to him like she did. Now I get it. She’s that kind of beautiful. The kind of beautiful you’d die for.


Coming Soon…………

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Title: The Boy In The Band(Boy In The Band, #1)

Author: NJ Frost

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: Summer 2014

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Let me introduce us...

Sylvie Smith – that’s me. Head A&R girl at Artemis Records. Girl about town, with a thing for boys in bands. I have the perfect job – if you like to fuck up-and-coming rock stars, which I do, probably more often than I should. I have a crazy beautiful life and it’s more than a little complicated right now.

Blake Nelson – my current nemesis. Frontman for The Flood, the band I’m in the process of getting signed. The guy I’m obsessively thinking about NOT fucking, pretty much all the time. Why? Well he may be to die for, but he hates me and I hate him right back. He thinks I destroyed his best friend. The ghosts of our pasts are such vicious things. They don’t stop me from wanting him though. Wanting boys like him is in my blood.

Chris Kavanagh – my long term fuck-buddy. Lead singer of Vertigo, the band who just cleaned up at The Brits. Chris Kavanagh, playboy of the rock world, who just got voted sixth sexiest man on the planet. Chris Kavanagh who told me that love was for suckers. Well hell, it seems he only went and got suckered himself. By who? I’ll give you one guess.

This is the thing. Love just isn’t for me. I’m fine with my fucking. I’m never going to fall in love. EVER. I’m not going to let Chris Kavanagh wear me down, nor give Blake Nelson the satisfaction of seeing that I want him. I don’t have to explain myself, or change myself for anyone.

Blake Nelson is just THE BOY IN THE BAND. My day job. I’m not going to let him turn my world upside down with those lethal eyes, the ‘fuck me’ voice or his devastating smile.

You know what they say about best laid plans. So aren’t you just a little bit intrigued, like me, to see how all this plays out?





I start to skip down the front steps of my building, but I’m stopped in my tracks by the sight of the hunched figure seated there on the bottom step. It’s Blake.

He’s resting his elbows on his knees staring intently at the pavement. I step around him to stand in front of him, hands on my hips. I’m slightly rattled and a little disturbed to see him here.

“How the fuck did you know where I live?”

He looks up at me, his gaze weighty and sad. His face is clouded with the same desolate look I saw in the dressing room of The Vine.

“I followed you.” He says quietly, not meeting my eye.

“Nice Blake. Real nice. I have to say I’m kind of hoping you are done with the whole band business, because I’m having grave doubts about my safety right now.”

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous! I’m not going to hurt you.” He holds my glare, his eyes flaming with indignation.

“You stalked me!”

“I followed you home.”

“I’m failing to see the difference. More to the point, why would you follow me home? You hate my fucking guts. That’s what’s worrying me.”

“I don’t hate you. I just wanted…” His voice trails off, “Fuck, I don’t know what I wanted.”

Before I know what’s happening he’s up on his feet in front of me. Towering over me, head bent, his eyes locked on my lips.

“I just wanted to... to fucking taste you.” He whispers so quietly I barely hear him.

Oh. My. God. My heart feels like it has just skyrocketed taking my stomach along with it.

“I want to taste every fucking square inch of you… But I can’t.” He adds roughly.

My eyes are locked on his lips now too. They are so perfect. So full of wicked promise.

“You can’t?” I mean to be stern with him, but my voice inflects upwards into a question.

“I can’t.”

“You can’t.” I’m firmer this time, shaking my head.

His eyes meet mine blazing fiercely. My heart is racing. This attraction between us is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Not even with Jamie. It’s crazy. Completely and utterly fucking crazy. The sensation of spinning wildly out of control is terrifying. Blake and I are on the verge of breaking all kinds of rules here. His stupid ground rules. My rules. The rules that are keeping my shattered heart safe.

I gave in and broke the rules with Jamie and the weight of that nearly crushed me. It did crush him. Never again. I swore. Never again. I just know that breaking them with Blake would be catastrophic. I don’t even want to think about where it all might end up.

But I can’t pull my eyes away from his. It’s like a car crash happening in slow motion. His head dips lower and lower until his mouth is only a breath away from mine. I can almost taste him. My lips part involuntarily. Then he stops and rests his forehead on mine.

“Fuck.” He exhales, squeezing his eyes shut. “I promised.”

I back away from him. A feeling of dread clouds darkly in my veins. I don’t have to ask. I just know. He steps back too and pins me with those lethal eyes of his.

“I promised him I’d never touch you. No matter fucking what, I was never to touch you.”




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Author Bio

NJ is an avid reader and obsessive writer, fuelled for the most part by chocolate and coffee.

During her postgraduate studies in English Lit NJ became a contemporary romance junkie and finally found her calling. A twisted romantic at heart, she loves nothing more than losing herself in a good book with lots of passion and angst. She’s always at the mercy of one book boyfriend or another, so creating her own book boyfriends and torturing them has been a wicked dream come true… but she may have lost her heart to her victims in the process.

Although she enjoys the darker side of romance NJ loves a ‘Happy Ever After’ and is eagerly pursuing her own.

THE BOY IN THE BAND, NJ’s full length follow-up to DEATH OF A ROCK STAR is due for release Summer 2014.

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