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Release Day Review & Giveaway: Loving Cara by Kristen Proby

Loving Cara Title: Loving Cara (Love Under The Big Sky, #1)

Author: Kristen Proby

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: January 21, 2014





In this new Love Under the Big Sky series from a USA TODAY bestselling author, Cara agrees to tutor her former classmate's nephew—and learns some lessons in love!

Josh King is an expert at running his family’s multi-million dollar ranch in Montana. (And all that outside manual labor has done wonders for sculpting his six-foot-three body, too.) But as sure footed as he is when it comes to the ranch, Josh doesn’t know anything about how to deal with an adolescent boy—so when his twelve-year-old nephew, Seth, is dropped off on his doorstep, looking scared and acting surly as hell, Josh knows he needs help in straightening him out.

Cara Donovan loves her quiet life as a teacher in her sleepy hometown, so she jumps at the chance to make a little money over the summer as a tutor. But when she learns she’ll be teaching Josh King’s nephew, Cara’s sweet summer job gets a little bit hotter. Cara tries to focus all her attention on tutoring Seth, but Josh proves to be a delicious distraction, while Josh’s memories of the shy girl he once teased in high school are nothing like the beautiful woman he’s facing now.

Can he persuade her that there’s more between them than a summer fling?



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“What I feel for you is so big, Cara. No more doubts.” He tips my chin up to look me in the eye. “You’re with me because there’s nowhere else I want you to be. Got it?”


I think I’ve probably read just about everything that Kristen Proby has ever published.  She’s one of my go-to authors for contemporary erotic romance with the perfect combination of sexy alpha heroes, sassy and strong heroines, fantastic romance and, of course, shit-hot melt-your-ereader bedroom scenes!  I’ve loved everyone of her With Me In Seattle series and was thrilled to discover that she’s now embarking on a new Under A Big Sky series set in Montana.


So meet Josh, sexy Montana rancher, single, dark haired, dark eyed with dimples to die for and, even better, he has an identical twin brother Zach who will no doubt star in his own book some time in the future.  Josh is running his parents ranch while Zach is fighting the war in Afghanistan.  His brother’s feckless wife one day just decides to dump their son Seth on the ranch in the cruellest of ways and Josh finds himself left to take care of Seth while he waits for his brother to come home from the war and Seth doesn’t want to be looked after.  He’s bitter and angry and anti-social and, despite being a bright kid, he is flunking school. Deliberately.  My heart broke for Seth and I just wanted to reach out and hug him.  Josh realises that he needs professional help and he hires local school teacher, Cara, to tutor him during the summer break.




Cara and Josh have grown up in the same town and, of course, have known each other for years but they’re about to realise that they share a burning attraction for one another.  Josh cannot keep his eyes off her!



My eyes are glued to his lips and I’m mortified to realize that I want him to kiss me.

And not just a sweet thank-you-for-teaching-my-nephew kiss, but a long, slow kiss that lasts forever and I can’t even remember to breathe.





Cara is a real sweetheart, a little bit insecure due to some bullying in high school.  She thinks herself a little too curvy but to Josh, she’s sexy as hell and he can’t get enough of her!




This was one sexy romance!  Josh and Cara’s story is definitely a feel-good romance – Josh is a hero to die for and Cara his feisty but really rather sweet heroine.  This is full of real tenderness, intensely erotic sex scenes and Kristen Proby’s trademark humour and snark.  Seth probably has the scene stealing best lines as he finally begins to come out of his shell.  As always, Kristen Proby paces this beautifully as we are allowed to experience that growing attraction between the two main protagonists and melt with them as they finally succumb to that overwhelming connection that they share and slowly fall in love. 


There’s a few stand out scenes for me which I can’t really go into detail about without spoiling the plot but it’s all incredibly visual and these characters will come to life as you read the story.  There’s an excerpt at the end of the beginning of the next book in the series, Seducing Lauren, and that really did whet my appetite – absolutely can’t wait to read that one and fall in love with Ty!


4.5 super sexy stars


Series Reading Order

  1. Seducing Lauren – due for release in August




Kristen is giving away a signed copy of Loving Cara plus 3 ebook copies.  For your chance to win, just enter the Rafflecopter below and Good Luck!!

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Author photoKRISTEN PROBY is the USA Today bestselling author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at KristenProby.com.

Links: Website: http://www.kristenproby.com/ Twitter: @handbagjunkie Facebook: www.facebook.com/booksbykristenproby Author Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/kristenproby LOVING CARA Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18115028-loving-cara



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  2. Let me try this again. What makes a character sexy to me: someone who fights for what is right and protects who they love. :)

  3. Their personality & intelligence

  4. There are many things that make a character sexy to me -- physical looks, of course, especially a nice butt and gorgeous eyes. I'm also drawn by their humor -- can't take life too seriously all the time.

  5. Compassion, as well as good humor and a little toughness. Maybe a quiet one, maybe one that changes his ways for just one woman. All sorts of things get me.

  6. Their personality! ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Kind caring, loving man.....who....is sexy and Hawt!
    Thank you for give away!

  8. A person's personality, what's deep inside of them, caring, giving, and not selfish. Thanks for the giveaway.

  9. Confidence! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  10. I'm an equal opportunity man admirer! There could be so many different things making them sexy! The giveaway!

  11. Lots of things make a man sexy to me. I fell in love with my man the minute I saw his blue eyes. I love how he loved me enough to raise my son as his own from the age of 6 on.

  12. I think dominating men are sexy, I like a man that is control! To me that is HOT!

  13. There are so many things I find sexy. His willingness to find for right, his personality, and many more.

  14. Super sexy, alpha/dominant, confident, and compassionate. He knows exactly what he wants and lets nothing stand in his way to get it ;)

  15. The way their eyes light up when they look at you, like you're their everything

  16. Alpha male, possessive, protective with a soft middle.

  17. the way a man carry`s himself the way he takes care of his family honesty in a person Confidence also

  18. To me, he has to be intelligent!

  19. When he's at his arrogant best.

  20. A sexy character is a rough guy on the outside but very sweet on the inside.

  21. Sexy characters, to me, are strong men who are brought to their knees by their love for their women. Attentive, affectionate, & a bit naughty.

  22. For me a character that can admit a mistake, fight for the right person and one that can stand up to adversity with humor and determination.

  23. Intelligence, loyalty, and honor are incredible sexy!

  24. Being s sexy, dominant, or bad boy with a kind heart, loyal

  25. strong on the outside but sweet and smart on the inside!

  26. I love characters that are strong willed, have the "don't take shit from anyone" attitudes, tough, confident, easy on the eyes (of course!) BUT ALSO passionate, loving, heart warming, charismatic. Characters that make a story so much more better, characters that you can fall in love with. Those are my favorite. One of the all time sexiest characters, in my opinion, is Gideon Cross and Liam from Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones- however, I'm always looking of new favorites. :). The role can be easily replaced!

  27. Tall, cocky, witty, smart and kind

  28. A wicked sense of humour, sweet and caring to me but acts manly to others and a beautiful smile :)

  29. A special cocktail of charm, sweetness, compassion and at least a hint of the exotic!