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Pre-Release Exclusive Excerpt, Q&A, and Giveaway: Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn


Title: Coming Home

Author: Priscilla Glenn

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance (Stand-alone)

Expected Release Date: January 21, 2014

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Leah Marino hasn’t been on a date in two years. After discovering the man she loved had manipulated and deceived her, she refuses to even entertain the idea of a relationship. Instead, she focuses her attention on taking care of her family, a role she’s assumed since the death of her mother and the one place she knows her kindness won't be taken advantage of again.

When a nostalgic trip back to her childhood home results in a chance encounter with Danny DeLuca, a smart-mouthed mechanic who’s as attractive as he is mysterious, Leah's carefully cultivated walls begin to crumble. She finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Danny, despite his unreliable behavior and mixed signals.

But Danny has a secret...

One that could shake Leah's already precarious foundation and bring her world crashing down around her. Suddenly, she's faced with an incredibly difficult decision--is she willing to risk everything for the chance at finding the love she's always wanted? Or are some obstacles just too big for the heart to overcome?


Exclusive Excerpt from Coming Home

I (Liz) am a huge fangirl of author Priscilla Glenn, and she has generously given the blog an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming release, Coming Home!  We’re very excited to share this with all of you!! 

They rode the entire way back up to Danny’s floor in silence, but the air between them seemed to sizzle and crackle with electricity. She kept sneaking fleeting glances at him, wondering if he could feel it—the current in the air that made every hair on her body stand on end. By the time the doors opened, her heart was racing, and she was struggling to keep her breathing even.

They walked to his door in silence, and she stood behind him as he fumbled awkwardly with his keys. She heard him inhale slowly, and she reached forward, bringing her hands to the sides of his waist as she pressed her lips to the back of his shoulder.

His head fell forward as the breath left him in a rush, and his hand tightened around his keys for a moment before he lifted his head and opened the door.

Danny tossed the keys onto the entryway table as he walked briskly into his apartment, and Leah took a step inside and closed the door softly behind her, leaning back against it with her eyes trained on him. He was standing a few feet ahead of her, his back to her and his head down.

“Danny,” she said gently, and his shoulders rose with a slow breath before he lifted his head, turning to face her.

They stood there, motionless, both staring at the other.

And then he moved.

With three long strides, he was suddenly in front of her, grabbing her face as he crashed his mouth to hers.

Leah’s hands slid up under his arms, gripping the backs of his shoulders and pulling him against her as her heart thundered in her chest.

It was like their first kiss all over again; the second his lips touched hers, a thousand butterflies exploded in her stomach, sending searing tingles down her spine and across her skin.

His hands left her face as he wrapped his arms around her waist, hoisting her up and causing their lips to break contact, and Leah wrapped her legs around his hips as he buried his face against the side of her neck.

“Leah,” he said roughly, pressing her back against the door before kissing the skin just below her ear, and she tilted her head to the side, giving him better access.

Her breathing quickly grew labored as he lavished her throat with attention, kissing up the column of her neck and over her chin until their mouths met again. She slid her hands up into his hair and curled them into fists. He rewarded her with a throaty moan against her mouth, and then his hands were clutching the backs of her thighs as he spun abruptly and began stumbling through his apartment.

She continued to kiss him, panting and sighing into his mouth as his fingertips dug into the flesh of her thighs. Her shoulder hit something and it crashed to the floor, but he kept his pace, staggering blindly through the living room until finally they turned into his bedroom.

Leah assumed he was taking them to the bed until her back hit the wall with a thud, and all at once she could feel how hard he was—the incredible, firm pressure between her legs.

She ripped her mouth from his and gasped, and he groaned deep in his throat.

“We have to stop,” he said, kissing down the side of her neck and over her collarbone, interspersing his kisses with little nips that lit her skin on fire and set off a steady throbbing low in her belly. Her hips moved of their own volition, rolling against his, seeking friction.

“Leah, we have to stop,” he panted, but he pressed his hips back into hers, eliciting a low moan from her lips.

“Oh God,” she breathed, tightening her legs around his hips before bringing her mouth back to his.



Q&A With Author Priscilla Glenn

1) Give us a little bit of history about the two main characters, if you don't mind. Help us get to know them just a bit in preparation for reading Coming Home.

Danny and Leah are both broken, but not in the typical “I’m destroyed and defined by the things I can’t get over” sort of way. I think one of the things that will endear them to the reader is that despite what they have both been through, they try to move on and make the best of their current situations. It’s only when their paths cross that the control they had over their lives begins to slip – and of course, that’s when things start to get good.

2) What is it about Coming Home that will allow readers to form a connection?

In my experience, the stories I truly connect with are the ones that feel real to me. The ones where I believe the characters actually exist out there somewhere, and I want to find them so I can keep watching their story unfold. Leah and Danny are those characters for me. Their fears, their desires, their flaws – there is a rawness and vulnerability to their characters which I think makes them very relatable. But at the same time, their journey together is gripping because it’s unexpected and atypical.

3) Would you describe Coming Home using only five words, please?

One thing I am not is a woman of few words, so this question is difficult, but I’ll do my best! Hmm...five words. How about: authentic, heart-warming, gut-wrenching, humorous, and sensual.

4) I know every single book an author writes must have a personal connection on some level, even the smallest thing. What would you say is your personal connection to Coming Home? Do we learn something about Priscilla Glenn in this story?

There are little tidbits of me in all of my novels. It’s not even something I consciously do - it kind of leaks out as my characters take shape and become real to me, and then when I read them back and see a bit of myself in a character, I’ll go, “Hey, me too!” as if it were a surprise to me that we had that in common. In Coming Home, I share Leah’s love of Cake Boss and The Karate Kid, and her tendency to quote movies. And Leah’s family dynamic is very similar to mine. I grew up in a loud, boisterous family (two brothers and a sister). We tortured and tormented each other relentlessly, but loved each other fiercely. At one point Leah tells Danny, “You gotta have a thick skin to roll with us,” and that is so true of my family - but they are amazing and supportive and loving and hilarious, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5) What is your favorite line in Coming Home? Or, the one that has maybe been stuck in your head since you wrote it?

(Full disclosure: A lot of my favorite lines were spoilers, so I bounced this question back to Liz, and she was kind enough to humor me :) So here’s her favorite quote!)

"I am so completely and utterly in love with you," she whispered, her voice measured, wanting him to feel the magnitude behind the simple, inadequate words.

He smiled down at her. "Then you know exactly how I feel."




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