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Pre-Release Day Review & Giveaway: A Reason To Breathe by CP Smith

A Reason to breath cover

Title: A Reason To Breathe

Author: C.P. Smith

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Expected Release Date: January 21, 2014

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Love at first sight was never so dangerous.
Jack Gunnison has a problem, well, two actually, one is 5'5" and the other...a Killer.
Jennifer Stewart needs a change after losing her husband and sending her daughter off to college.

Moving to the high country of Colorado to restart her life and, follow her dreams, Jenn gets more than she bargained for when she attracts the eye of a killer.

Together, Jack and Jenn must figure out his identity, before he strikes again.

Mature readers only due to erotic content and language.



Lisa’s Review



“Welcome to Colorado, Jennifer, you asked for it, you got it, now what are you going to do with it?”



A Reason to Breathe is the debut novel by author C.P. Smith. I am unable to express in words how much I truly loved this book. You take a sexy hot and possessive alpha male and you throw in a sassy and sweet woman who gives him a run for his money and what you get is a FREAKING FANTASTIC novel. Upon finishing this book I not only had the biggest smile on my face but I also wanted to hunt down C.P. Smith and do this…..

hug gif

To be honest, I kind of still want to attack hug this author. Just kidding…um…maybe just a little hug. *wink, wink* I won’t promise that my review will remain free of gushing, but I will try. So here goes nothing….



“You made time for a woman like Jenn, if you didn’t, someone else would.”


Thirty-nine year old Jennifer Stewart is on a mission to fulfill her dream of living in the mountains. Being widowed eighteen months earlier and now with a daughter off to college, Jenn has nothing holding her back from pursuing what she wants. She settles on Crested Butte, Colorado and takes a job as an entertainment reporter for the Gunnison Times, finally putting her journalism degree to some use. After four months of settling in and living a peaceful existence of small mountain town life, all hell breaks loose in Gunnison County when two women are found murdered. Jenn’s investigative tendencies have her seeking out information in an attempt to get a story. That lands her right in the path of the sexy county Sheriff. Oh shit!



“I am so out of my league with this guy. He should have a warning label on his back, ‘Proceed with caution; smile will dazzle you’.”


Jack Gunnison is the Sheriff of Gunnison County. He takes his job seriously and has never really found the right woman who would accept the fact that he does not work a regular 9 to 5 job. When two murders occur relatively close together, Jack is up to his eyeballs attempting to find out who is responsible. The last thing he needs is a nosey but gorgeous reporter snooping around, asking questions and interfering with his investigation. Too bad this sassy spit-fire doesn’t understand the meaning of “do as you’re told”. Seems like all Jack’s warnings for the inquisitive woman are not being heeded. Oh shit!

So ensues the game where Mr. Bossy Jack keeps telling Jenn to stay out of the investigation and the determined Jenn keeps tuning him out. Soon enough Jenn is deeply immersed in trying to discover who the killer is, working together with a few of the town locals to piece together the clues. Jenn keeps running into the sexy Sheriff, each time finding herself in trouble with the law man. Despite Jenn’s infuriating ways, Jack is drawn to her sweetness and, yes, her feistiness that is all Jenn. And, when he sets his sights on her there is no way Jenn stands a chance against all that raw male sexual potency. Jack and Jenn soon find themselves building a deeper connection between them. The stakes are high when the killer seeks out Jenn as his next victim. Can Jack, Jenn and the town locals stop the killer before it is too late?

“I’m not sure I’m ready for any type of relationship, Jack.”

“Babe, you may not be ready, but that’s not going to stop me from changing your mind.”


“You scare me,” she whispered.

“”Yeah? Well join the club, ‘cause you sure as shit scare the fuck out of me.”



“Why are you so fucking stubborn?”

“Why are you so fucking bossy?” I countered.

“It’s my job,” he shouted.

“Well, it’s my job to be stubborn.”

Right from the start Jack had me swooning. He is dominating. He is persistent. He. Is. Raw. Sexy. Male. Jenn was his perfect match. She was the perfect combination of sweet and feisty. Jenn was definitely not impervious to Jack’s many charms; however, this did not stop her from standing her ground when need be. I loved it! There were so many moments that had me laughing, while other moments had me sighing happily and still others had me fanning myself. I must say that I adored the banter between Jack and Jenn. Both Jack and Jenn were old enough to accept who they are and not make any apologies for it. They both see that they have a combustible connection and don’t fight it. No stupid angsty moments to deal with. What a relief!

This book will have you on the edge of your seat with the suspense storyline and at the same time will leave you panting. In a good way. Holy hell can C.P. Smith write some sexy scenes. And the fact that Jack is all alpha male and dominating as all heck…well…..let’s just say that they shared some sizzling hot chemistry which translated to fire inducing and steamy moments.



"You with me baby, cause there's no turning back after this, no way, once I slip into that sweet heat of yours, you're mine, do you hear me? You. Are. Fucking. Mine."

Well now! Like I indicated previously. There are some hot scenes between Jack and Jenn!

Moving on….

While C.P. Smith has written a wonderful suspense plotline that kept me guessing, the heart of this story for me is the romance between Jack and Jenn. For Jenn, Jack was her chance at finding love once again. For Jack, Jenn was the woman who finally managed to both challenge him and accept him for who he was. Pure sweetness that made my heart ache with joy.

“Twenty years, not once in twenty years have I ever met a woman who tied my stomach in knots, and you stomped into my life four days ago, and just the thought of you, Christ…you’re my kryptonite, Jenn….You’re a danger to me, because when you’re around, I can’t see anything else,” he answered hoarsely.


“Cause honest to god, after all the shit I’ve seen in my lifetime, you’re the closest thing to perfect I’ve found. So stop fighting me and let me protect your fucking light.”


Christ, I sound like a goddamned Hallmark card at the thought of possessing her heart. Fuck.

All in all, A Reason to Breathe is a MUST READ book. I found myself often stopping while I was reading this book to simply take in how much I was loving every word. I love books that make me feel this way. I know that some comparisons are being made between Kristen Ashley and C.P. Smith. While I do think this book had a “KA vibe”, I feel like this author stands out on her own and has developed a unique writing style that is enthralling. Full of wonderfully written secondary characters, a hero in hot pursuit, a heroine who is not going to make it easy and moments that will simply melt you – this book had it all. A brilliant book. I am now a super fan of this author. I can’t wait for more.





We’re really excited about the release of A Reason To Breathe and to whet your appetites, here’s a little taste of what’s to come.  We think you’re going to LOVE this book!



“You scared of me?” he whispered, looking into my eyes.

“Yes,” barely came out, but I nodded with the word.

“Let’s see if we can change that?”

And just like the last three times he kissed me, I didn’t stand a chance. He went slower this time; keeping his eyes locked on mine as he lowered his head infinitesimally, and my heartbeat picked up. Right before his lips touched mine, he smiled, and then his eyes lowered to my lips and he leaned in, and then nipped my bottom lip. I moaned as the shock of it went straight through me like an electrical current. Jack’s eyes darkened at my reaction and he whispered, “Jesus.” I didn’t need any more prompting; I threw my hands in his hair, wrapped my legs around his waist and went straight for his mouth. His hand grabbed my hair and he pulled, holding me back. He looked down at me with a face full of need, and I felt that run through me and up the amps of electrical current coursing through me. Jack moved to my exposed neck and kissed his was up to my ear, and then nipped my lobe. I shuddered, and he growled in my ear, “You like my teeth?”

“Please,” came from my mouth even though I’d never been bitten, the evidence pulsing between my legs suggested that I did, in fact, like his teeth. Nipping and biting his way down my neck, I was a trembling mess when he came back to my mouth. “Jack—“ was all I got out when he slammed his mouth over mine.

Leaning into me, I found myself flat on the countertop, and my hips arched up to feel the pressure of his body on mine. Jack’s free hand moved down my side and lifted the hem of my shirt. Then with light fingers, caressed my side from my ribs to my hip, causing a shiver. Jack ripped his mouth from me and put his forehead to mine.

“If I don’t stop now, I’ll be buried deep in you till morning.”

“Right now I can’t think of a reason to stop you.”

“Baby, do not tempt me. I’m trying to be honorable here.”

“Jack, I haven’t had sex in sixteen months,” I whimpered. God, I sounded pathetic, begging him when I knew I shouldn’t be jumping into bed with this man.

“Jesus,” Jack replied conflicted.

His mouth said no, but his body rubbed against mine and I felt a building in my core. I groaned and bucked my hips, and he rubbed again.

“Jack, more,” I begged, and his face grew darker, hungrier. His hand moved up to my breast; his thumb and finger found my nipple, and then he pinched and pulled, as I whispered, “Yes.” He ripped my shirt up, and pulled my bra down, attaching his mouth to my breast. He sucked my nipple deep and then used his teeth; the friction and his mouth building me higher and I felt a building orgasm between my legs.

“Jack, please.” I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed this. Then with more pressure, and a hard pinch on my nipple, Jack threw me over the plateau and into bliss saying, “Let go, Baby, I got you, you’re safe with me.” I tensed when it hit me, holding my breath as the warmth ran over my body, and then relaxing as it swept through me like no drug could. Jerking with the aftershocks, Jack’s eyes were watching as I fell over into sexual heaven. “Fuck,” Jack groaned and then he lowered his head to my ear. “Gotta tell you, Sweetness, you’re every man’s wet dream. I can’t wait to watch your face when I’m deep inside you.”





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