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PONY (Guards of Folsom #3) by SJD Peterson Review and EXCLUSIVE New Years Eve Guards of Folsom Short Story plus a Giveaway

OMG… What a way to bring in the New Year, I have died and gone to heaven, we have an exclusive New Years Eve Guards of Folsom Short Story from SJD Peterson, with a quick catch up with all the boys… *sigh* …THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

And she will be gifting one lucky reader an ebook of PONY.

But before you start scrolling down, grab a coffee and get yourself comfortable and I would like to take this opportunity to wish Jo…


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Title ~ PONY (Guards of Folsom #3)

Author ~ SJD Peterson

Publisher ~ Dreamspinner Press 

Genre ~ M/M Romance, BDSM

Release Date ~ 30th December 2013

Rating ~ 5 Stars



Guards of Folsom: Book Three
Grant Maxwell, aka Max, wakes to find his coffeepot has died in the night. Not one who can start his day without his favorite brew, he heads to the local coffee shop. Max finds something even more appealing than caffeine in the form of twenty-six-year-old hottie Aiden James. For the first time in his life, well-established, confident and respected Dom Max finds himself sputtering and unsure in the face of Aiden’s charms.
Aiden lives with three roommates, works a dead-end job, and isn’t sure where his life is heading. That is until he meets Max. Max introduces him to a foreign yet intriguing lifestyle, and they soon discover they have something more than mutual attraction in common.
A shared kink is one thing, but Aiden’s past vanilla sexual experiences as well as his fear of losing himself in Max may keep Aiden from experiencing his fantasy. Max has an obstacle of his own to overcome. He must somehow figure out how to help Aiden explore his submissive side when, for the first time in his life, he’s head over heels in love.



Monique’s Review

Love this book, love the series, love the author… that’s just a whole heap of love pouring out of me for this latest instalment in the Guards of Folsom series.

I have fallen head over heels for Max and Aiden, they are EXPLOSIVE! …which is pretty much what happened to my ovaries reading this book, their chemistry was palpable, the emotion intense and their love intimate and passionate to the point where I am sure there was steam rising from the pages… it was a slow seduction for me as a reader and SERIOUSLY FUCKING HOT! and believe me I had enough tummy tingling going on, it was making me giddy… quite possible the hottest sex I’ve had this year! … on the pages of a book of course!?!


Grant Maxwell… all 6ft of him is a Dom, controlled, a man of intelligence, who exudes confidence, not easily flustered, and at the age of 35 his life experiences able him to rationalise… yet the man behind the counter at his local coffee shop, so beautiful and mesmerising with his pale green eyes has turned this once calm and restrained    professional psychiatrist into a gibbering wreck, all of a fluster and as nervous as a virgin bride on her wedding night… or as Max puts it, “as nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo”

After ten years of controlling other men, their movements, their pleasure, at times their very breath, he couldn’t even pick out a goddamn shirt to wear. “Oh, Aiden, what have you done to me?”

Aiden, is not a flirt, in fact he is not very good at the whole dating and sex thing, he’s shy, and a little timid, not socially withdrawn but definitely not an extrovert… But with Max his inner flirt seems to have jumped up waving “hello”, joined the party and found a life of it’s own, because he was teasing Max into a frustrated frenzy on the point of melt down and loving every minute of it!

“I am usually very much in control, but you are shredding my grip on it very quickly.” He opened the passenger car door. “Now get in before I lose it and rip your clothes off right here and now.”

Instead of doing as Max instructed, Aiden moved up close and ran a single finger down Max’s torso along his breastbone to the top of his waistband as he stared at Max from under long curling lashes. “Not really much of a deterrent, Max,” he murmured seductively.

Finding out Max was a Dom most definitely piqued his interest, he had no experience with the lifestyle it wasn’t even something he had consciously thought of in the past but that bit of knowledge set his body on fire, the thought of being controlled, especially by Max was sending his curiosity straight to his groin and straight onto the internet… where he discovers his fantasy… Pony Play …and when Max discovers that little gem of information, after picking his tongue up off the floor, because you guessed it, Max loves to ride a Pony… and he is determined to fulfil that fantasy!

Max was completely and utterly smitten with Aiden, and his own amazement of the fact was such an overwhelming realisation for him, to be so much in awe of another man, his whole being consumed… and it wasn’t just Max, because cupid had surely been out with those arrows, as Aiden was just as enthralled as Max. He wanted the control and dominance, his body and mind craving and needing Max to take charge… not really knowing where those feelings had emerged from but Max had opened his eyes to a new world and he was inquisitive, almost greedy wanting to experience it all, the lifestyle, the kink, he was fascinated and like a sponge he wanted to soak it all up and I loved watching Aiden’s enthusiasm and delight at the new sensations he was experiencing, and the sincerity of it, made all the more powerful because of what he was feeling for Max, and Max’s love and pride was so full in his heart at Aiden’s natural submission, his need to please and his intrinsic and ultimate trust so freely given, for him it was humbling. 

Everything about the man was pure unadulterated sexuality. From the way he sounded, to the way he tasted and smelled, Aiden was a heady aphrodisiac. He was a delight Max planned on sampling very, very thoroughly, a feast designed for gluttony.

With Max being a responsible Dom it’s not a lifestyle he wants to just throw Aiden into without him really understanding what it’s about and the expectations of the D/s relationship and the power plays involved, even though Max wanted to jump up and down with the excitement of finding Mr Perfect, and have endless days and nights of mad passionate sex, he reigned in the horny teenager in love and became the Dom that Aiden needed him to be, wanting Aiden to completely become immersed in what his soul was crying out for.

This book is an emotional and sexual exploration not just for Aiden but also Max, as everything that had come before, their sexual experiences and what they thought they wanted and needed from life was blown out of the water… nothing had prepared either of them for the intensity of their feelings. Max is so incredibly patient, wanting to introduce Aiden slowly to the lifestyle he knows and loves, but with his love for Aiden spiralling out of control… trying to reign it in and do what’s right, the lines between Dom/sub and lover become blurred and their emotions too strong to separate them into boxes and Aiden fears losing himself and who he is to Max and his dependency on him. 

Max was taking his responsibilities seriously, to meet the needs of his sub, and Aiden wanted that, he wanted Max to take care of him, not have to make decisions, trusting Max… but they both lost something of themselves along the way. They lost that warmth and spontaneity because of the discipline of the contract, it really made me feel quite sad and I think it’s because we got the intimate side of the relationship first without any kink.


Max and Aiden’s personalities are such that being open and honest with each other is part of who they are, there is little angst in this story and any conflict is really just internal struggle's with their own emotion and the intensity of it something unfamiliar to both of them that they don’t really understand and in Aiden’s case finds it hard to verbalise with both of them trying to find their place in a relationship.

Now, this is a BDSM novel and the title is Pony, and yes, we do get the fantasy played out in all it’s glorious hotness… but not until the end… AMAZING epilogue!!! …and to be honest, initially this book is really them getting to know each other, an erotically charged, deliciously slow torment with a smorgasbord of sex and emotion that I was intent on savouring every minute of… leaving me a wrung out puddle of lust on the floor by the end of it!

I love this author… seriously, I could become stalkerish, and the whole fan girl thing now seems tame in comparison. I have author crush… big time!!! SJD Peterson has totally wrapped the characters from this series around my heart, PUP, TAGTEAM and now PONY have all been excellent… and all 5 HUGE stars of wonderful and I love that we get a little glimpse of where they are up to in each book, because I am so emotionally invested in these characters, I will hang on to any snippet of information, every time I finish one of her books I feel bereft, like I have lost a part of me, like saying goodbye to friends that you want to keep by your side and can’t bare to be parted from, I think I have the whole pleasure pain going on with this series! She is an incredibly talented writer and I thank the day I picked up Plan B and fell in love with Danny and Lance (because I loved the cover… just goes to show, book cover and all that!) from there on in, Jo has just totally wowed me with her style of writing, she manages to get just the right mix of hilarity, love and drama, filling it with emotion… and the sex, not forgetting the sex, cause that’s sizzling and off the charts on the hotness factor! … did I mention I love SJD Peterson???

What a fabulous book for me to finish 2013 on… if you haven’t read this series, seriously, I can’t recommend it enough.


Series Reading Order

Book 1 ~ PUP ~

Book 2 ~ TAG TEAM ~

Book 3 ~ PONY

Book 4 ~ ROPED ~ Date to be confirmed


Guards of Folsom 1

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Exclusive New Year’s Eve Guards of Folsom Short Story

by SJD Peterson


“Max!” Mason shouted and launched himself at Max who caught him easily and wrapped Mason in his arms.

“Happy New Year, Mason,” Max responded happily and kissed Mason on the top of his head. “How are you?”

“I’m great,” Mason smiled brightly as Max set him back on his feet. “I’ve missed you. How have you been?”

“I’ve been wonderful, but even better now seeing your smile.”

Next to Bobby and Rig, Mason couldn’t think of another person he’d rather bring the New Years in with than Max. Max had been so invaluable in helping Mason get back on his feet, gave him the encouragement and the will to get out of bed each morning after Charles and Gregory had passed away. Without him, Mason didn’t know if he’d have come as far as he had. And to see Aiden standing next to Max caused Mason’s heart to swell even further. If anyone deserved to be happy in love it was Max.

“Hi Aiden,” Mason said meekly with a wave and pushed into Rig’s side. Mason was starting to deal with his social anxiety but still had a hard time with strangers and people he didn’t know well. Rig wrapped an arm around Mason and held him tight, the anxiety that had begun to spark dissipated with Rig’s touch.

“Hi Mason,” Aiden responded and then greeted Bobby and Rig.

Aiden and Max were both dressed in black tuxes and besides Tackett and Micah, Mason didn’t think he’d ever seen a more handsome couple; although, Mason would always be partial to Max.

“It’s freezing out here. We better get inside,” Bobby said and wrapped an arm around Mason sandwiching him between Bobby and Rig. A place Mason felt most at ease.

The main section of the club was closed for the night, Blake content with having a private party in his newly renovated private club. Stepping through the door, Mason tightened his hold on Bobby and Rig’s hands.

The club was decorated with colorful streamers, flashing lights and the twenty or so people standing around were decked out in fancy party hats. Some were blowing their noise makers over the roar of the crowd and thumping techno music.

“I…I don’t know if I can,” Mason whispered to Rig.

Rig led them over to a quiet corner. “Take a deep breath and focus on me,” Rig instructed turning to meet Mason’s eyes. “You can do this, baby. These are our friends and they care about you.”

“We can even sit here in the back and watch if you’d rather,” Bobby offered as he ran a soothing hand down Mason’s back.

1509106_640812092650411_221194980_nMason looked around Rig to the crowd beyond. He spotted Max and Aiden talking with Ty and Blake, all of them smiling and laughing. Tackett and Micah were standing at the bar. Tackett’s hand was resting possessively on Micah’s backside as he wiggled it. A large grin stretched across Micah’s face as he looked at Tackett. Tek was standing at the other end of the bar, next to Jamie who was laughing at something Tek was saying to him. Mason also spotted Vincent and Riley who had waited on he and his Dom’s.

Everyone here tonight were their friends or at least friends of Bobby and Rig. They knew Bobby and Rig respected them. Everyone also knew what Mason’s difficulties were. Next to being home with Bobby and Rig, the Guards of Folsom was the only other place Mason felt as if he belonged.

You can do this. He knew the signs to watch for and if one of his panic attacks started to creep up on him, Bobby and Rig would be next to him to talk him down.

Mason reached up and adjusted Rig’s bow tie and met his Dom’s concern filled eyes. “You’re right. I can do this.” He patted Bobby’s hip. “As long as I have you two I can do anything.”

“Damn right you can,” Rig growled and kissed Mason breathless. “You can rule the fucking world.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Mason chuckled.

“How about just ruling our world then?” Bobby asked against Mason’s ear.

“Deal,” Mason said confidently.

His courage waned a few times during the night, but each time Mason began to feel the tell-tale signs of an impending panic attack, Bobby and Rig—somehow sensing it—had either pulled Mason to a quiet area or wrapped him in their strong arms and chased away the unease. Still, by the time midnight approached Mason had reached the end of what he could endure socially; stretched his limits. He just wanted to go home, snuggle up with his lovers and look forward to the New Year.

1535535_640812089317078_1553529025_nThe music went silent and with it, so did everyone in the club as Blake and Ty walked onto the stage. At the same time, servers dressed in white tux coats with tails, red bow ties and matching briefs, began passing out flutes of champagne.

Everyone that is except Micah, who had been dancing with Tackett right next to Mason and Rig. Micah leaned over and whispered to Mason, “How you doing Boo Boo?”

Mason rolled his eyes at the new nickname Micah had given him, but he still smiled. Micah always made him smile. “I’m good”

Micah winked at him before turning his attentions to the server, taking two flutes from the tray and handed one to Tackett.

“Thank you,” Mason said as Rig handed him some champagne and then he smiled at Bobby who joined them.

“Friends,” Blake started and held up his glass. “Thank you all for being here to bring in the new year with Ty and I. It’s because of each and every one of you that has made the Guards of Folsom a success. A place where we can all come together in a safe environment and enjoy the company of friends.

“And have some kinky fun,” Ty added.

Everyone cheered and Blake hugged a laughing Ty.

“We're so blessed to be where we are right now,” Blake said once again addressing the crowd. “To share in this adventure called life and be allowed to dream bigger dreams, more importantly, to pursue them together. Here's to the promise of a new year and lots more kinky fun!

Mason watched as people around him raised their glasses, some clapping, others whistling and cheering. The overall feel of the club as the countdown to midnight began was one of jubilance. Mason soaked in the warmth of his lovers and the happy vibes radiating through the club.

“Happy New Year!” A chorus of voices as the clock struck midnight.

Mason kissed both Bobby and Rig as confetti floated down around them, Auld Lang Syne playing through the speakers. It hadn’t been all that long ago that Mason hadn’t had the will to go on, didn’t think he’d ever see a new year or feel happy again. But, with Bobby and Rig at his side, his friends around him, and a confidence he’d never experienced before. Mason was looking forward to a very bright future. He raised his glass to the ceiling and as a tear rolled down his cheek—a happy tear—he wished his friends, his lovers and his angels watching over him, a Happy New Year.

May 2014 bring you all nothing but health and happiness.


About SJD Peterson



SJD Peterson, better known as Jo, hails from Michigan. Not the best place to live for someone who hates the cold and snow. When not reading or writing, Jo can be found close to the heater checking out NHL stats and watching the Red Wings kick a little butt. Can't cook, misses the clothes hamper nine out of ten tries, but is handy with power tools.

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