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New Review: Under My Skin by JM Stone

under my skin jm stone

Title: Under My Skin (Skin Deep, '#2)

Author: JM Stone

Genre: Adult Erotic Romance

Release Date: December 18 2013

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One little piercing. That’s all Allie wanted when she dragged her best friend into Skin Deep. She never imagined that it would result in a busted lip and an engagement ring for Emma, or that it would come with a double side of six-foot plus, tattooed, sexy-as-sin, H.O.T. maleness for her! Now she’s torn because Brandon and Jackson have both let it be known that they want her. And both are used to getting what they want. But what about what Allie wants?
Brandon is hot for Allie. So is Jackson. Neither of them are willing to step aside for the other and they’re tired of Allie running. So they hatch a plan…

Add in wedding bells, a dog named Doug, and you’ve got a recipe for a good time. Or a disaster.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to HOT sexual encounters, adult situations, and language.



Lisa’s Review


4 Stars


Under My Skin is the second book in J.M. Stone’s Skin Deep series. Two very determined guys are taking matters into their own hands and going after the one woman they both want.


“…so here I am, Allison Anne McCormick, in bed with my two…boyfriends? Lovers? What the hell do I call them?”

We meet Allison, Brandon and Jackson in book one in this series. While that initial visit to a tattoo shop resulted in Emma, Allie’s best friend, finding true love, Allie got the attention of two very sexy tattooed hotties. What is a girl to do? Brandon and Jackson both want Allie and they do their best to get her to commit to more in book one. Well, the boys are tired of waiting. Allie is unable to make up her mind so they are going to throwing all their cards on the table and are going to make the decision for her. Neither man is willing to step aside so they are both willing to be with Allie. Can someone say ménage??? Are the three of them able make it work?

I really fell in love with this author’s writing style while reading book one in the series. J.M. Stone has a knack for writing some seriously sexy scenes which I love. What makes her books entertaining though, in my opinion, is how she intermixes humor and witty dialogue with the sexy times and the romance. Like its predecessor, this second book is chalk full of fun banter, hilarious incidents and hot as hell times between the sheets (or up against a wall, in the shower, on the kitchen table…you get it…wink, wink). Allie’s, Brandon’s and Jackson’s story was definitely a fun one to read and it held some very sweet and heart-warming moments. Very enjoyable and entertaining.

So, what happens with our sexy trio? Does Allie end up with both or will one of the men step back? Well….you’ll just have to read the book to find out. Won’t you?

I am definitely looking forward to more in the series.



Series Reading Order

  1. Skin Deep
  2. Under My Skin
  3. Skin to Skin – tbc


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  1. I enjoyed reading both the excerpt and review. I definitely plan to read both.
    Ginger aka robertsonreads

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