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Back to You (Second Chances #1) by Leighton Rose ~ Review and Giveaway


Title ~ Back to You (Second Chances #1)

Author ~ Leighton Rose

Genre ~ M/M Romance

Published ~ 3rd January 2014

Rating ~ 4 Stars



When two stubborn boys fall in love there are bound to be fights, but when those fights become the norm and there are more bad times than good, is love enough of a reason to stay?
Alex Parker thinks the best way to save himself and his boyfriend, Tyler Matthews, from any more pain is to leave him and his hometown behind. He finally settles down in Texas and as they both try to move on, it seems like a lost cause.
A tragic turn of events causes Alex to drop everything and head back to Nebraska where he winds up face-to-face with Tyler for the first time since he left two years ago. The spark of attraction is still there, but will these two now grown men be able to overcome the years of guilt, hurt, and broken trust without breaking the bonds of friendship they’ve formed during their time apart in order to get their second chance at love? Only time will tell if their hearts can find their way back to each other.



Tina’s Review



Every time a book of a new author pops up I look forward to reading it. When the cover is also as intriguing as this one, I’m even more curious. On top of this, the premise grabbed my attention. I’m a sucker for hurt / comfort and second chances romances.

Back To You takes place in a little town in Nebraska. The main characters Alex and Tyler have been together for two years. Their relationship teeters on the brink, though. They still love each other but the good times seem to be gone. Alex can’t bear their increasing disputes anymore and leaves Tyler, his hometown and his family behind. He tries to move on and begins a new life somewhere in Texas. Tyler never has gotten over Alex, even after two years he still misses him badly. When Riley, a new guy comes to town, Tyler hopes that he might be the one who can help him to start a new life.

Of all things the death of Tyler’s beloved Grammy Bea brings Alex back to Nebraska. The attraction is still there but Tyler and Alex, have both moved on. Tyler has hooked up with Riley and Alex brings Donnie, his best friend with benefits along. Not the best constellation to take the second chance and get back together. They have to overcome guilt, hurt and broken trust without breaking the bonds of friendship they have formed during their time apart.

Sometimes there is a second chance. You just need to grab it with both hands and don't let it slip away. It may be your last…

The prologue is amazing and heartbreakingly written, which grabbed my attention pretty fast,  pulling at my heartstrings instantly. Both guys are so in love and so broken at the same time… When Alex won’t change his mind over the break up and is determined to go through with it, despite his love for Tyler, Tyler’s devastation touched me deeply.

"I know we fight and argue and we hurt each other, but I also know that what we have is real and I'm not giving up on it. Alex, I love you so much and if you love me like you say you do, you won't run away from me, away from us. Love doesn't run; it stays and fights for what’s right. It's tough and it doesn't give up…Leaving is taking the easy way out, and I know you. You never take the easy way. You're stubborn, pig-headed and you fight for what you want. Don't you want me anymore? Don't you love me?"

OMG, I could have beat the shit out of Alex for hurting them both so much.

The only weak point for me was that I never found out what those two fought about. What was so bad that Alex didn’t see a chance to fix his relationship with Tyler? What happened that was so beyond repair? Okay, they were both very young and their youth did make their separation believable. A few more details would have been nice.

The supporting characters are just as loveable and wonderful as the main couple. Riley and Donnie are just wonderful guys. They did nothing wrong. To fall in love with someone whose heart wasn’t really available wasn’t their fault, right? And both show true caring and more maturity than either Tyler or Alex really ever maintained. By the way, there is no cheating involved. Both MC's are single before they get together with other people, and they are not together with their “friends with benefits” before coming back together.

Overall, the writing style was entertaining and the story was touching. The author really reminded me that life can be bitter, it can be harsh and unfair, but at the same time it showed me that it's never too late to hope for a second chance. I’ll definitely look forward to more stories from Leighton Rose - hopefully the next one will be Riley and Donnie’s story! They deserve some happiness, don’t they?

Recommended to readers who are in the mood for deep emotions and don’t fear more than a little angst. Leighton Rose is definitely an author to watch out for!

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About Leighton Rose




Leighton Rose is a 30 year old single mother to a 6 year old little monster. She’s lived in the southeast corner of Nebraska her entire life. When she isn’t working her full-time time job, she enjoys watching movies and her favorite television shows which include Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals. She also reads a lot of romance novels and spends far too much time playing Candy Crush on Facebook!
She started out writing fan fiction and has recently begun the journey to writing original fiction. She loves a little heartache in her stories but believes wholeheartedly that true love will always win in the end.

e-mail her at




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